Updated 09.02.2022

Yoco Card Machines Review

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about Yoco card machines. Yoco card machines have become increasingly popular payment gateway in recent years for accepting card payment and online payments. The company has come up with an affordable card payment concept, which is an easy alternative for South Africans to use from previously just being able to accept cash from the customer.

Quick and reliable payment options are a must in every business. Small, medium and large businesses can use Yoco’s payment machines to accept credit cards and debit card. Furthermore, their smart device can be used by businesses that are mobile or on the go with a built-in SIM card.

Yoco is a reliable brand that is loved by thousands of local business owners. Let’s take a look at some of the devices they have and what they offer.

Yoco card machine

Types of Yoco card machines

A business owner has the option to choose between three card machines. These machines are extremely affordable with prices ranging between R299 and R799. Each of the devices comes with its own specialties and benefits.

Yoco Go – Price R299 once-off

Yoco Go card machines are perfect for first-time business users. The device works by connecting any smartphone via Bluetooth to the Yoco app. Thereafter, customers can insert, swipe or tap their card to make a payment. The money takes two business days to reflect in the merchant’s account.

Some of the perks of the Yoco Go is that it’s affordable, fast and lightweight to carry around. The battery life on this device can last a full day with just one charge. Merchants can also manage sales performances through the app. An in depth analysis of sales history and product popularity is fully available at no additional cost. Lastly, businesses can also send out digital receipts to customers.

Merchants can also view a card machine fees calculator on the Yoco website. Fees are dependent on how much money is processed each month on the machine. Typically, fee prices are between 2.95%-2.6% (excluding VAT).

Perks of the Yoco Go card machine

  • Connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Easy to carry around mobile card machine
  • Manage sales, products popularity and sales history for free
  • Affordable card machine
  • Full day battery life
  • Secure and easy payment
  • Fees decrease as transaction volumes increase

Disadvantages of the Yoco Go Card machine

  • Transaction fee is not fixed
  • Funds may take up to two business days to reflect in account

Who should get the Yoco Go card machine?

The Yoco go is a great speed point machine to own if you have a small business. This includes

  • Part time businesses
  • Businesses that are on the go
  • Pop-up businesses (at markets etc.)
  • Delivery servicemen
  • Home industries

Yoco Neo – Price R749 once-off

Yoco Neo is the perfect card machine for businesses looking to grow. The Yoco Neo doesn’t require a smartphone or Bluetooth connection. It has a built-in SIM card that automatically connects via 3G once turned on.

The speed point device is also ready to accept card payments as soon as it’s powered on. Clients have the option to tap, swipe or insert their card to make payment. It accepts all major card payments.

Businesses and merchants can enjoy free and unlimited 3G data with the device. Furthermore, the device has an on-screen sales feature. Merchants will be able to easily view 48 hours of sales history on the display.

Users can also download the Yoco app for free for an in depth sales summary. Staff and sales performances can also be monitored through the app. Lastly; users can print receipts via a Bluetooth printer.

As previously mentioned, businesses can make use of the free fees calculator. This will enable them to view how much fees will need to be paid.

Perks of the Yoco Neo

  • Free, unlimited 3G connection
  • Connects as soon as it’s switched on
  • Fast  payment and reliable
  • 48 Hour on-screen sales history
  • Long life battery
  • Always has signal
  • Easy to use and set-up


  • Unfixed service fees
  • Funds can take up to 48 hours to reflect

Who should get the Yoco Neo card machine?

The Yoco Neo is a great standalone card machine for small to medium-sized businesses. Its unlimited 3G connection will allow businesses to accept payment even during power outages.

Yoco Khumo- Price R799 once-off

Yoco Khumo is one of the latest Yoco card machines available on the market. It has unlimited 4G data, along with WiFi connectivity.  Thus, allowing merchants to get paid in less than 3 seconds. The Yoco Khumo is a great investment for any business.

Users can power on the device, sign-up (on the device) and accept payments instantaneously. The latest Yoco card machine also boasts a full HD touchscreen. It has swipe, touch and pinch functionality; similar to a smartphone. Its capabilities offer a smooth and effortless experience to users.

Furthermore, merchants can opt to use the free built in 4G or transact via WiFi. This new innovation doesn’t require any Bluetooth connectivity or smart devices to operate. It automatically has an ultra-fast processor built into the device, making it very efficient.

Another cool feature that has been added to the Yoco Khumi is custom notes. This allows businesses to add a personalized note to every sale. Customers can also get their receipts emailed or SMS’ed to them directly. Unlike other Yoco card machines, the Khumo also allows customers to enter a tip amount directly on the card machine.

With regards to fee prices, users can expect to pay the standard fee prices. This can be anywhere between 2.95%- 2.6% (depending on how much is processed each month).

Perks of the Yoco Khumo card machine

  • Unlimited free 4G connection
  • WiFi connection capabilities
  • Quick set-up and transactions
  • Full HD screen
  • Add on custom notes
  • Send clients receipts via email or SMS
  • Get paid tips in one go

Disadvantages of the Yoco Khumo

  • More expensive
  • Fees are income determined
  • Does not pair with the Yoco POS
  • Unable to manage staff and products

Who should get the Yoco Khumo card machine?

The Yoco Khumo is excellent for all business owners and entrepreneurs. It has wonderful new capabilities that can benefit all business owners. If you’re looking for something fast and easy to use, then the Khumo would be a great fit.

All about the Yoco app

The Yoco app allows users to manage their businesses for free through the app. The app allows users to create sales, see transaction history and track business performance. Furthermore, it gives users free access to Yoco Link, Yoco Vouchers, and more payment tools.

Merchants love the app because sales are all captured in one place, the Yoco Business Portal Platform. It can be used to manage staff access and send invoices via email or WhatsApp. They can also send payment links through the app and receive payments online. Not only in this helpful for merchants, but also provides a great customer experience for processing payments via the Yoco Gateway.

The Yoco app is available on all smartphones and can be downloaded on the app store. It’s also compatible with all smart devices. The interface is very user friendly and has a free point of sale available with the Yoco Neo and Yoco Go. Unfortunately, the POS does not currently pair with the Yoco Khumo.

Advantages of the Yoco app

  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Easy inventory management
  • SMS or email digital receipts
  • Sends out a notification when a sale is made
  • Confirmation is sent once money is in bank account
  • Compiles recons instantly

How to order a Yoco card machine

Ordering a Yoco card machine is a pretty quick and simple process. Firstly, you will need to log on to Next, select one of the Yoco card machines that you’re interested in and click on the “Buy Now” button. This will redirect you to another page where you can sign-up. Once you’ve signed up you will need to send the following information:

  1. Your banking details
  2. Your delivery address
  3. A copy of your ID

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes around three working days. Yoco has also gone the extra mile by delivering for free anywhere in South Africa. However, if you need the device urgently you can opt to purchase the device in-store. Stockists of the Yoco card machines include Incredible Connection, Cellucity and Hi Store. You can also contact Yoco directly via their website

Conclusion- Which is the best Yoco Card machine?

After much deliberation, it’s safe to say that Yoco card machines are excellent value for money.  They provide a great alternative to being able to only receive payment via cash or having to give customers your bank account details. However, they each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, choosing which one is the best might be challenging.

Every business is different and each comes with its own priorities.  For this reason, it’s all about looking at what your business requires. If you need an affordable and basic payment transaction, then the Yoco Go would be ideal. It’s priced at R299, which is very budget-friendly. This device might be perfect for smaller businesses.

However, if you’re looking for something a little smarter, the Yoco Khumo would be perfect. It has all the perks that are relevant to growing businesses. Lastly, it’s also worth the money because of the unlimited free 4G data.

The Yoco Neo is also a good machine, however, it might not be all that worth it. For a couple of bucks more, you can get the Yoco Khumo which is new and improved. However, the Yoco Neo certainly is a promising device that does everything you need. It just might not be as fast to the Yoco Khumo.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that all of the Yoco card machines are very reliable. They offer a wide range of devices that are all affordable and have excellent capabilities.

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