Updated 30.05.2021

Wish Online Store Makes a Deal With the SA Post Office

Wish online store or e-commerce platform in San Francisco was founded by Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang in 2010 and Context-logic Inc. in San Francisco operates the company. Wish allows potential customers to browse and buy things of their use and choice from third-party sellers.

South African Post Office is a State-owned enterprise. Since it was founded in October 1991, SA Post Office is serving South Africans and delivering items swiftly and effectively, and growing in performance day by day.

Wish is now in partnership with the South African Post Office and this association proves to be advantageous for customers who order through the Wish web application. Wish aims to deliver products 50% faster. Services concerning delivery confirmation and parcel tracking visibility are of great help to customers who wait to collect bundled shipments for various types of things. For the items ready for collection, customers are notified through SMS.

Best way to track items or parcels customers just need to go to the company’s website. Open order history and locate your item. First click order details and then item details. Then you will find your item’s tracking history and expected date of arrival. From the seller to the post office packages can be tracked easily as you can trace the exact location of your parcel just by entering the package’s tracking number.

From the dispatch to delivery customers would be able to track their Wish items and this is due to the improvement of the tracking system for international packages. Head of logistics at the Post Office Mr. Sekano Kgalanyane confirms this sort of development in the system. Sekano Kgalanyane also mentions that an application that informs customers through text messages is fully automated and at every step, customers are continuously made aware of the things whenever they are ready for collection.

Sekano Kgalanyane reveals the ground reality by saying that the assurance for every parcel to reach its destination quickly is made inevitable by the joint venture of 1000 plus outlets and vehicles across South Africa. “We are confident that we will be able to provide a faster, high-quality service to customers throughout South African Post.” Kgalanyane also adds.

Wish has on its platform approximately 500,000 merchants cataloged. They all sell products in wide ranges at lower prices. Their products include fashion items i.e. makeup, home decor accessories, jewelry, gadgets and automotive, etc. A unique item e.g. rotating makeup reading glasses is also a Wish product.

Vice-president of operations at Wish Thomas Chuang says that the company is seeking to make the business more democratic and we are struggling to make e-commerce within one’s means and approachable to every privileged customer. Chuang is hopeful about the business in the South Africa market. He is also optimistic about the partnership with the South African Post Office that helps provide time to deliver products 50% faster. Chuang remarked, “This is critical to ensuring a positive customer experience and satisfaction and will enable us to better serve our customers in this market.”

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