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Who is Sandile Shezi?

Sandile Shezi is a South African Forex trading expert. Born in Umlazi, South Durban, South Africa, the self-made millionaire forex trader has curbed a name for himself. He is a graduate of the Durban University of Technology, from where he obtained a National Diploma in Public Relations and Applied Communications.

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Sandile is well known after making headlines in the Forex trade industry. What started as a risk after he used his university college fees paid off handsomely and propelled him into the world of millionaires in his twenties. What’s more, he did not think twice about quitting school to focus on Forex trading, a move that paid off handsomely in the end. By the time he was 23, the young Sandile was already a millionaire and owner of his company known as Global Forex Institute.

But Sandile is not all about making money and Forex trading. He is involved in the community, especially when it comes to uplifting the lives of the poor and underprivileged in society. He does this through his foundation known as The Sandile Shezi Foundation, whose goal is to deal with health, financial, and educational challenges for the less privileged in society. He also trains interested young people in the basics of forex trading through his company. Below are some interesting facts about Shezi that you will be interested in knowing.

He is A Man of Humble Beginnings

It may be easy to assume that Sandile had a privileged background because of how he lives today. However, all the luxury he enjoys today is a result;t of sheer hard and smart work. The younger millionaire has always been clear about being from humble beginnings. He grew up in one of the dusty neighborhoods in Southern Durban, showing that he was not from a rich background. It has been reported that he even hawked muffins at the age of 12 years to earn a little extra pocket money. He incorporated clothes selling into this business and pushed on despite being ridiculed by other kids his age. He may have learned more about running a business from these younger years.

He is a Third-Year University Dropout

After taking chances with his academic funds and with no surety of ever getting proceeds for his investments, Sandile further dropped out of school to focus on his forex trading after seeing a bit of success and profits flowing in. All this was done behind his parents’ back, but fortunately for him, Forex paid off, and he became an overnight millionaire success. Although the parents were angry, his success was something big.

He later went back to school, graduated, and even went further to join Harvard for his Global leadership program. He is also a big champion and advocate of younger people not doing what he did. The risk is too large and the forex market too volatile for one to quit school with so much uncertainty.

He Focuses on Forex as a Business

Besides being an excellent forex trader, the smart young man has transformed the forex world by setting up different training centers through his Global Forex Institute. He has established extra training and trading centers, placing himself as one of the best in the field. His company is one of the largest Forex institutes in South Africa. The company is based in Kwazulu Nata, Umhlanga area. His journey to becoming a millionaire was very deliberate as he put in the work and was closely mentored by a seasoned Forex trader named George Van der Riet.

The two partnered, and the company was formed. It is, therefore, not surprising that Sandile was able to make such massive strides at such a young age with the support of such a seasoned trader. Global Forex Institute’s approach has always been to bring affordable forex training to the masses, a strategy that seems to work like magic. The company’s transparency has also helped its growth since they post its trading results on the company’s website for all to see. With the company’s focus on education, it has managed to bag several awards, including 2014’s Africa Expo Forex Award for the Best Training and Education Provider.

The company’s efforts are considered community work since the training does not attract any charges or fees. The goal is to help create employment and hopefully assist with later income-earning.

Besides his business life, the young man also loves the finer things in life. He has several luxury vehicles to his name and enjoys flying drones. Not much is known about his love life or family.


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