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Where to Find Cars For Sale in South Africa

Finding a car for sale is more of a sport to car enthusiasts than it is a search. However, for most South Africans, a car search is driven by function, safety, affordability, ease of maintenance, fuel consumption, and longevity. The average car user is concerned about getting from one point to another comfortably and safely. But where do you find cars for sale in South Africa?

Typically, car buyers in South Africa fall into two categories: New car buyers and Used car buyers. Each category has a set of qualities that appeal to its customers. Arguably, most people searching for used cars focus on affordability, while new car buyers look for a driving experience. Fortunately, South African Car dealers sell products that suit every buyer’s needs. So, where do you find cars in South Africa?

Find Used Cars for Sale in South Africa

There are two popular ways of finding used cars in South Africa. One is by walking into a car dealership, and two is by looking at online used car sites.

Used car dealership South Africa

Used car dealers often sell two car classes. These are locally used cars and imported or new, used cars. Locally used cars are vehicles with a South African registration title and have been used in the country for a specific period. On the other hand, new, used cars are imported vehicles from Asian, Western or Arabian countries. Most imported used cars in South Africa come from Japan.

List of Used Car Dealers and Online Sites in South Africa

To find a car, visit any of the car dealers or used car sites listed here.

# Atterbury Motors

Atterbury Motors is a used car dealer based in Pretoria. According to the dealer, all their cars undergo strict Dekra testing to ensure they fit their purpose. Additionally, cosmetic and mechanical repairs are performed on the cars.

The dealer is bound by the consumer protection act and guarantees genuine mileage of the cars. In case your car develops issues six months from the delivery date, you can seek redress following the laid down process. If need be, the dealer will replace your vehicle. However, if your car needs a few repairs, Atterbury will fix the problem and claim in your place, following the set terms and conditions.

You can call the company on 087 008 9998 or visit them at their physical address:

520 Fred Nicholson St,
Wonderboom South, 
Pretoria, 0031

Website: Atterbury Motors

# Eerste Geluk Motors

Eerste Geluk Motors (EGM) offers in-store shopping to their clients. The company is located in Bloemfontein, Freestate. It deals in used cars with a keen interest in responsible business. In an effort to stand out in the market, the car dealer’s moves are guided by the need to benefit the consumer and create a satisfied, loyal clientele. With this, the company hopes to become a business leader in South Africa’s car dealership market.

EGM also helps her clients to sell their cars. In case you want to upgrade to a better car, you can value your car and request a trade-in. The company will link you with a vehicle worth your previous car’s value. They will also handle all the paperwork involved.

You can call the company on 051 448 0055 or visit them at their physical address:

90 Oliver Tambo Rd,
Bloemfontein Central,
Bloemfontein, 9301

Website: Eerste Geluk Motors


VM Motor offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable car splits across 130 brands. Most of the car prices displayed by the dealer don’t change. Essentially, what you see is what you get. In addition to this, the dealer offers vehicle finance with ABSA and MFC.

You can call the company on 067 947 8240 or visit them at their physical address:

94 Albertina Sisulu Road
Bezuidenhout Valley,
Johannesburg 2094

Website: VM Motor

# Cars.co.za

Cars.co.za is an online car dealership selling used cars. The website has an easy user interface and well-organized pages for customers to search and find their favourite car. You can search by make or model, price, area, and status. The site also displays the popular car brands on their platform for you to consider.

# Autotrader.co.za

Autotrader.co.za is an online auto platform offering a wide range of services. The auto dealer allows you to sell a car, buy a car, value your car and receive other crucial auto services. The site also posts car reviews that could come in handy when deciding on the right car to buy.

# Gumtree.co.za

Gumtree.co.za is a South African e-commerce platform offering a wide range of products, including cars. On this site, you will find popular car brands and less known brands. The site’s home page is split into rows that correspond to the products sold on the platform. Each row is broken-down into mini-columns that are classified by category. There is also a row dedicated to the current car deals.

When you click on “cars,” you will be redirected to a page dedicated to cars for sale. Cars on this page are categorized by brand. In a bid to make your work easier, the site lists the popular car brands in South Africa.

When you search for a car, you can filter out the vehicle based on its make, model, area, price, body type, car colour, maximum car year, and seller.

New Cars for Sale in South Africa

New car dealers in South Africa are committed to providing the best deals in the market. Some of the notable dealers include:

# Heycarter.co.za

Heycarter.co.za is an online car broker offering new cars through a partnership with Mitsubishi Motors and Renault dealerships. Buying a car through this site is as easy as choosing your ideal vehicle, applying for car financing, and getting your car.

# Newcardeals.co.za

Newcardeals.co.za is an online car broker with an easy-to-use website. On the left side of the car dealer’s website is a well-organized list of car brands displayed by the car symbol. When you click on the symbol, you will be taken to a page dedicated to that particular car brand. Below that section is a search segment where you can find a demo vehicle using car make, price, model, and region. There is another search feature straight in front of your face with a red highlight. Here you can search a car using the car make, model, price, “order by name,” and additional keywords. Right below this is a list of top new car deals available to you.

With these car dealerships, finding a car in South Africa should be easy. However, it is prudent for you to do your due diligence to find a car worth your money.


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