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What is the Amazon Prime South Africa Price

Do you love online content? Would you like to know how much Amazon Prime costs in South Africa? Would you like to know if it is worth the money? This article will help you put all of your concerns to rest. Read on to learn more about this product in South Africa.

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Amazon Prime Membership is a subscription package from Amazon that includes various services within it. These services are Prime Videos, Prime Delivery, Prime Music, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, Amazon Photos, Prime-exclusive deals, Prime Day, Prime Rx, and Prime Try Before You Buy. Their features are explained in this article’s “Amazon Prime Membership Benefits” section.

Amazon Prime Membership Plans

The Plans for an Amazon Prime Membership are as follows:

  • Paying for every month separately is available as Prime Monthly, which is $14.99 (R 241).
  • Paying for every year is available as Prime Annual plan at $139 (R 2 224) for the whole year.
  • Prime Student Monthly is a students’ discount plan that costs $7.49 (R 120) each month.
  • The last plan, the Qualified Gov. Assistance plan, goes for $6.99 (R 112) each month.

All plans begin after a 30-day trial period. You get to try out their services for free during the trial period. To begin the trial period, you need to add payment information to your Amazon account using an active bank account.

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

All Amazon Prime member is entitled to several benefits. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy for every category of Amazon prime.  

Prime Videos 

Amazon Prime Videos is the most popular service from Amazon in South Africa. It is a streaming service for movies, TV series, and shows. Prime Videos can be paid for exclusively, unlike the other services. Before paying for this service specifically, consider all the other services. You might be better off paying for an Amazon Prime Membership as a whole than paying for Amazon Prime Videos exclusively. Nevertheless, here are some features of Amazon Prime Videos to help you decide:

  • Amazon Prime Videos can be paid for exclusively. A subscription costs $8.99 (R 144.46) each month.
  • The streaming platform has more than 200 original series titles.
  • It has an outstanding selection of children’s shows.
  • It includes exclusive titles you can buy or pay to rent.
  • It also includes channels from popular production houses like Showtime, HBO, Paramount+, AMC+, PGA Tour, NBA League Pass, Boomerang, and PBS KIDS plus many others. These are available for subscription. You can add them on to your Prime Video subscription and pay for them collectively.
  • X-Ray is an Amazon only feature that gives you in app access to information about the title you are watching. This feature was added after Amazon Prime Videos acquired IMDb. It makes it easier to learn more about the cast and plot or even to skip to different scenes of the movie, series or show.
  • The streaming quality can go up to 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) with HDR (High Dynamic Range).
  • Streaming content from Amazon Prime Videos can be done using the Prime Video app on mobile devices and smart TVs, or the Amazon fire stick 4k that attaches to your tv.

Prime Delivery

Prime Delivery service provides free shipping for Amazon Prime members. It mostly operates in the US where many people buy on Amazon. Although, select countries worldwide can enjoy free shipping for purchases that meet certain requirements. South Africa is an eligible country. To use this feature, select “FREE AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping” at the checkout.

Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music service adds songs and podcasts to your Amazon Prime Membership. Prime Music has curated playlists of over 2 million songs and millions of podcasts.

Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading service includes:

  • Boundless access to a rotating library of ebooks plus audiobooks
  • Access to magazines and comics.
  • Access every month to an editor’s pick of 1 pre-release ebook.

Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming service incorporates free games and one free Twitch channel subscription to your Prime Membership each month. Some of their popular games include:

  • Far Cry 4,
  • WRC 8,
  • Escape from Monkey Island, and
  • Across the grooves.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos service gives you cloud storage for an unlimited number of photos and a maximum of 5 GB for videos.

Prime Exclusive Deals

Amazon Prime Exclusive Deals gives only members the best deals on a selection of items.

Prime Day

Similar to Black Friday deals, Amazon Prime Day offers two days a year in which discounts on products are offered to members.

Prime Rx

Amazon Prime Rx is an Amazon Prime membership service that provides exclusive access to 60,000 pharmacies for prescription discounts. You get to compare prices between your closest member pharmacies and save money by buying from the cheapest ones. The prescriptions get delivered to you for free if you buy prescriptions above $1 (R 16.07) within a two-day period. Supported pharmacies include:

  • Giant Eagle,
  • CVS, 
  • Sav-on Pharmacy,
  • Winn-Dixie Pharmacy,
  • Duane Reade, 
  • Walgreens,
  • Rite Aid,
  • Safeway,
  • Meijer,
  • H-E-B,
  • Harris Teeter Pharmacy,
  • Osco Drug,
  • Kroger,
  • Costco Wholesale,
  • Medicine Shoppe,
  • Hannaford Food and Drug,
  • Weis Pharmacy, 
  • Smith’s Food and Drug,
  • Family Pharmacy, 
  • Schnucks Pharmacy,
  • Fred Meyer Pharmacy,
  • Giant Pharmacy,
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy,
  • Fry’s Pharmacy, 
  • Giant Discount Pharmacy,
  • Vons Pharmacy,
  • Kinney Drugs,
  • Food City Pharmacy,
  • Ingles Pharmacy,
  • Shop Rite Pharmacy, and
  • Wegmans Pharmacy.

Prime Try Before You Buy

Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy lets you try up to 6 fashion items simultaneously under specific terms and conditions within a limited period. You have an option to buy all or some of them afterward and return the ones you don’t like. These could be shoes, jewelry, or clothing for men, women, or children.


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