Updated 07.11.2022

Vodacom Voicemail Number

Are you trying to find Vodacom’s voicemail line? That might essentially signify one of two things. You probably want to track down the phone number you dial on Vodacom in South Africa to hear your voicemails. Or perhaps you’re trying to find your voicemail service’s phone number. Whatever the case may be, we’ll provide you with all the details you need right here.

We will also share with you a service Vodacom provides that allows you to turn your voicemails into an SMS. 

What Is The Vodacom Mailbox Number

These are the Vodacom voicemail numbers to call if you want to listen to your voicemail messages on Vodacom:

  1. You can access your voicemail by dialing 134 on your Vodacom phone. The first Vodacom voicemail number option is that one.
  2. Alternatively, you can call 082 14 and then your phone number’s last nine digits (your number without the initial 0).

What Is Your Voicemail Password?

You can use the default password, which is 1111 if you are ever asked for the Vodacom voice mailbox password. If you’ve previously changed your password, you’ll need to enter the one you just created.

How do You See Your Complete Vodacom Voicemail Number?

Finding your Vodacom voicemail number is quite simple. Maybe that is what you have been seeking. In that situation, you must dial *#61#. Your phone number will be shown. It will begin with +278214xxxxxxxxx, with the xs standing in for your phone number’s final nine digits.

Why Is Having A Voicemail So Important?

In South Africa, voicemail is a popular feature. In essence, this service could save your life. There are numerous occasions when you won’t be able to take calls. You might be attending a meeting. Alternatively, you can simply feel off.

Having calls sent to voicemail, however, allows individuals to leave you voicemails that you can listen to at a later time. That’s crucial for businesspeople in particular. You don’t want to turn away consumers just because you were taking care of other customers when they called.

You can configure your phone to send calls to voicemail after a predetermined number of rings to prevent that from happening. Messages may then be left there in that manner. After that, returning any incoming calls to your phone will just take a few seconds.

Can You Turn Your Voicemail Into An SMS?

How many times in the last year have you retrieved a voicemail? It appears that voicemail listening is fast becoming obsolete, just like consumer video cameras.

But that doesn’t imply you should disregard every voicemail that individuals obstinately keep leaving you. With Vodacom’s Voicemail 2 SMS service, every English-language audible voice message you get is converted to an SMS so you can choose when to read it.

The R19 monthly fee for Voicemail 2 SMS will be charged to your phone account on a recurring basis. Voicemail 2 SMS is available to all Vodacom Contract and Top Up users with active Voicemail service. 

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