Updated 15.05.2023

How To Send A Vodacom Please Call Me

A Vodcom Please Call Me is a highly popular service which lets Vodacom users send a message to another user requesting that they call them back. This can be particularly helpful if someone has run out of airtime credit or unable to make a call but still needs to speak to someone. We will look at how this service works and show you exactly how to do it.

More recently the Vodcom Please Call Me service has been in the news after the legal battle between Vodacom and Nkosana Makate, the inventor of the Please Call Me service. The two parties have been unable to agree on a fair compensation amount since the Constitutional Court ruled in Makate’s favour in 2016. Vodacom has offered Makate R47 million, but he insists he is owed 5% of the revenue generated from the service, which he puts at around R9 billion. The Pretoria High Court found that Vodacom’s offer was unfair and sent the matter back to the CEO, Shameel Joosub, to make a new determination. Vodacom is now appealing that decision.

Vodacom is one of the largest mobile communications companies in South Africa and offer a wide range of products and services to both consumers and businesses in South Africa. Everything from mobile phones and airtime contracts through to cellphone insurance and infrastructure.

Vodacom Please Call Me

What is Vodacom Please Call Me

The Vodacom Please Call Me feature is a service offered by Vodacom, a South African mobile communications company. This service allows Vodacom users to send a free message to another Vodacom customer asking them to call back. It can be particularly useful in certain situations where a customer has run out of airtime or is unable to make a call but needs to get in touch with someone.

How to send a Vodacom Please Call Me message

Here’s how to send a Vodacom please call me message:

  1. Dial *140* followed by the recipient’s phone number. For example, 140RecipientPhoneNumber#
  2. Press send
  3. The recipient will then receive an SMS stating that the sender is asking for a call back. The message typically says something like “Please Call Me. Thank you”.

Other USSD Codes

There are a number of other useful USSD codes that Vodacom users can use for other features:

  1. *111#: Vodacom’s self-service portal. It allows you to access a variety of services like account balance, data balance, recharge airtime, etc.
  2. *135#: Customer care line, for any queries or issues with your Vodacom service.
  3. *136#: For checking your balance.
  4. 13502# : For recharging airtime.
  5. 135082# : To load a data bundle.
  6. 140RecipientPhoneNumber#: “Please Call Me” service.
  7. 111501#: To check voicemail messages.
  8. 111502#: To listen to voicemail messages.
  9. 135501#: To check your own number.
  10. 1116#: To buy bundles (including data bundles).
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