Updated 06.04.2023

Most Valuable South African Stamps

Every collector is looking for the most valuable South African stamps. Read on as we look into stamps with the best return.

Are you into stamp collecting and have wondered which are the most valuable stamps in South Africa? If this sounds like you, then you will love the idea of exploring the available options. Some of these stamps are not necessarily rare but have gained value for some reason. Most stamp collectors would give anything to have some of these as part of their collection, albeit for prestige. Keep reading to uncover a few of the most valuable stamps in South Africa and why.

Valuable South African Stamps

Understanding Stamp Terms

Before we get into the actual stamps, it is best to know the terms around the stamp-collecting world. The most common words are:

  • SG – This is the Stanley Gibbons catalog code. It is followed by numbers that have no significant meaning. The letters after it is, however, more symbolic.
  • SGO – This is na official stamp that was often utilized by government organizations only
  • SGD – This was used to show the definitive nature of the stamp. For example, it would refer to the daily postage stamp that everyone utilized. Such was very common because they were sold daily.
  • Mint – Refers to stamps in the best condition due to not being used.

List of the Best/ Most Valued STamps in South Africa

There are several stamps in South AFrica worth keeping. These are appreciated for various reasons and include:

Union King’s Head 5/-Inverted Watermark

This has to be the most valuable of all stamps in South Africa. It is an old and rare stamp, printed back in 1913. It currently goes for R1 200 000.

SOUTH AFRICA 1928 SGO5ac/a Official

The stamp is quite pricey and valued. It also rates among the old stamps in the region, having been printed back in 1928, and may range from R100,000

SOUTH AFRICA 1947 SGO25var Official

The stamp was printed in 1947 and currently retails at R86,000.

SOUTH AFRICA 1969 SG285aa Mint 2c Pouring Gold error yellow omitted

This is also a pretty old stamp, having been printed in 1969. Its current recommended price is R80,000.

TRANSVAAL WOLMARAN 1900 SG5 Mint 3d purple and green type L3 handstamp

The stamp is one of the oldest, printed in 1900. Its current value or selling price is R80,000.


 This stamp was first printed in 1874. It costs about R36,000, which is its average value.

SOUTH AFRICA 1967 SGD62c Postage Due

The stamp dates back to 1967. It is estimated to have a value of 32,000.

GRIQUALAND 1877 SG3w Mint watermark inverted

This stamp is valued at R30,000. It was first printed in 1877.

ORANGE FREE STATE 1882 SGF14 Postal Fiscal

The print goes back to 1822. Its average value today is estimated at R28,000

SOUTH AFRICA 1930 SG42b Mint

The cute print on this stamp dates back to 1930. The stamp is currently valued at R28000.

SOUTH AFRICA 1930 SGO16/c Official

This stamp is valued at R27500. It was first printed in 1930.


 With an estimated value and recommended selling price of R25,000, this unique stamp has a unique print that dates back to 1905.

SOUTH AFRICA 1935 SGO29 var Official

This is a 1935 print with an estimated value/ selling price of R25,000 today.

 SOUTH AFRICA 1930 SGO16/b var Official

The stamp print was first released in 1930. Its current selling price or value is 22,000.

SOUTH AFRICA 1930 SGO19c Official

The stamp’s print is from 1930. It currently sells or is valued at 22,000 rands.


This is an old stamp from 1902. It is currently valued at R22,000.

SOUTH AFRICA 1937 SGO33a Official

This gem is from 1937. It is currently valued or comes at a recommended price of R19,500.

SOUTH AFRICA 1947 SGO36b var Official

The stamp was first printed in 1947. Its current value is R19500.

SOUTH AFRICA 1944 SGO33a Official

The stamp is from 1944 and is valued at a current selling price of 18300.


The stamp dates back to 1905. Its current selling price value is R17,200

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 1855 SG8b Mint Perkins Bacon deep dark green pair

This is an older stamp dating back to 1855. It has a current selling price of R17200

The NEW REPUBLIC 1886-87 SG9 Mint

This stamp dates back to the 1886/87 period. Its current price is R15,000


 The stamp is from 1882. Its currently valued at a selling price of 14900

SOUTH AFRICA 1930 SGO13da Official

This stamp dates back to 1930. It has a current value of R14800

SOUTH AFRICA 1926 SGO4 Official

The 1926 stamp currently retails at R14800

SOUTH AFRICA 1935 SGO29 Official

The stamp dates back to 1935 and currently retails at R14800

SOUTH AFRICA 1939 SGD26/a Postage Due

The stamp dates back to 1939 and has a retail value of R13700

SOUTH AFRICA 1930 SGO12e Official

This stamp dates back to 1930 and has a value of R12600

Should you Invest in Stamps?

People keep stamps or gather them for different reasons. The first category is people who collect stamps as a hobby. The second category of stamp lovers collects stamps as an investment and for financial gain.

Investment-grade stamps are bought and collected by investors who want to profit from the venture. However, the collectible stamp category is purely done as a hobby.

Generally, very few stamps increase in value over time. This may not be an issue for those collecting stamps as a hobby. However, investors are keen to know what works best for their investment.

They’ll study the trends carefully and only put their money where the profit is. As such, stamp investors will focus on several things, namely:

  • How rare the stamp is. (The rare a stamp is, the higher its value)
  • Stamps with mistakes. Surprisingly these tend to have quite a significant value to them.
  •  The condition of the stamp (stamps that are in the best condition possible are likely to cost a lot more than tattered ones)

Is it Worth Investing in Stamps

Well, this is a matter of preference. Most collectors are doing it as a hobby and are not keen on making money out of it. However, it makes more sense to take advantage of the profits, especially if you spend a considerable amount of time researching the stamps, then you can as well make some money out of it.

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