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Get Urgent Cash Loans No Credit Check in South Africa

There are hundreds of urgent cash loans with no credit score lenders throughout South Africa. If you don’t have a good credit score, you still stand a chance to take out an unsecured loan with one or multiple lenders. However, applying for a short-term loan or payday loan with many lenders can negatively affect your credit rating if you default on the monthly payment. Besides, these same day loans are good, but they attract high-interest rates or fees which costs you a lot of money in the long run.

But with the current economic crises, underemployment and emergency cases arising from time to time, South Africans with a poor credit score still need urgent loans with no credit check to solve a few emergency cases. That is why many mushrooming critical loan and payday lenders in the country help you settle unpaid bills or unexpected expenses.

How to Get a Loan with No Credit History?

Getting a personal loan with a bad or no credit score is tough but still possible. However, it would help if you did some things before settling to take an urgent no-credit loan.

First off, you need to do proper research of all urgent no credit lenders in South Africa and compare your chosen ones. Check their interest rates, loan term and the additional fees charged. This will help you pick a lender with fair interest rates and loan repayment terms that suit you best. Interest rates for instant cash loans are significantly higher as they are often unsecured loans.

After the research, you can now choose your best lender and start your application process. Fill out the personal details required of you either via their online application or on their app on your phone. Ensure that you give out the correct information about yourself and a second contact person lest your loan gets declined. In most cases for these types of loans, urgent no credit lenders ask for your employment history and contacts of two or more people you are related to. If the lender approves your loan request, they send the money to your account or mobile money wallet in a few hours or minutes after loan approval.

Things to Consider Before Taking Urgent Cash Loans

As earlier mentioned, urgent cash loans attract high interest rates and are expensive to borrow. So, before you take the loan, ensure that you have considered other options, check to see if you can use an alternative loan product such as a secured loan. You should never use a payday loan to pay off outstanding debt, instead you should  what debt consolidation options might be available to you.

Ensure that you can settle the debt on time to avoid any late payment penalties and accumulated interest rates. If you miss a payment a lender will often try to contact you via telephone or email.

Apply for only one or two urgent loans. Multiple urgent loan applications can destroy your credit score and make it tough for you to get loans from other lenders where you default payment.

Borrow as little as you can for emergency cases only. Applicants should avoid borrowing for leisure activities since urgent loans are expensive, and you end up paying back a lot of money in the long run.

No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval South Africa

Applying for instant loans in South Africa is easy and fast. Many leading financial firms have a loan application on mobile apps that you can easily access on your android smartphone. So, when you have an emergency case that you need to solve in hours, go to your phone play store and download a creditor bank’s app. Most direct lenders will pay out the same business day. Read the instructions and loan agreement before applying for the loan. It is wise to avoid credit firms with excessive interest rates.

You can download as many borrowing apps as you wish and borrow from all of them at the same time. But, note that not all online credit firms will approve your application because of some factors such as providing wrong information. 

Various quick cash loans have different payment periods. Some are repayable after 7, 14 or 30 days, while others give their borrowers two months repayment period to settle the debt but with a much higher interest rate and fees for late payments depending on the type of loan and loan offers.

Besides mobile apps, some urgent credit firms have easily navigable sites that allow you to borrow online loans directly from the website. Provided you have a computer, smartphone, tablet and good internet connection, you can log into their websites and apply for the loan amount you want. Some will need you to upload your ID and probably a payslip before approving your loan.

Best Lenders That Offer No-Credit Loans

There are many urgent cash loan lenders without credit checks in South Africa. Most of them are online lenders and some banks offering these financial products. Some well-known lenders include FNB bank, ULend bank, Protea loans, Pawn shops and retirement accounts. 

Where to Get Urgent Cash Loans

The following lenders are some of the most trustworthy companies out there. Try contacting them to inquire how they can provide you with cash loans that require no credit checks. It is usually smaller loans services which offer these types of loans rather than the larger commercial banks such as Standard Bank.

Beware of dubious lenders online. Some may seem to give you a helping hand with an online loan, only to get your money or information and contact details that’s personal and sensitive.

Alternatives to Short Term Loans

Although an instant payday loan can be convenient in emergencies, try to find other alternatives before settling for one of these quick loans. There are several quick funding alternatives you can look at.

Contact family and Friends for a soft loan: If you have a bad credit score and cannot borrow from your bank, you can ask any trusted friends or family to lend you some money. If you are lucky to get some, ensure that you return the money within the stipulated or agreed date. Soft loans from loved ones are interest-free and don’t accrue penalties when defaulted. So, they are much better than urgent loans from online lenders or credit firms.

Credit Unions

Before rushing for urgent loans with no credit check that attract high interest rates, you can try out credit unions. Suppose you can qualify despite your bad credit record because some consider several factors. Loans from credit unions have lower interest rates and longer payment periods compared to urgent loans providers.

Credit Card

If you have a credit card, you can use it to settle emergency bills. Although it is not a long-term solution, it makes a better alternative for escaping high-interest urgent loans. It will be difficult applying for a new credit card with poor credit history. However, you still have to pay for the money used in due time.

Contact Your Bank

Bank loans have a lower interest rate compared to urgent loan creditors. So, you can try to talk to your bank to see if they can increase your credit limit, extend your payment due date or come up with a new payment plan that works effectively for you.

Get a Co-signer

Before applying for the urgent loan, consider getting a co-signer to co-sign a loan for you from a bank with lower interest rates. After borrowing with a co-signer, ensure that you pay the loan back as per the agreement. If you pay on time, your credit score will improve, and you probably get a better interest rate next time you take another loan.

Sign up for the COVID-19 financial relief option: The government of South Africa has set some relief funds for all citizens that are badly affected by the pandemic. In collaboration with some lenders, you can access some money to settle urgent bills. If this is your case, you can consider this option before going for urgent cash loans.

Pros and Cons of Urgent Cash Loans with No Credit Checks

Urgent cash loans have various benefits and disadvantages. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, considering that no other person or bank would loan you emergency cash. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages.


Fast: If you face an emergency that needs to be solved in a few hours, then urgent cash loans are the way to go for fast access to cash. They have a quick and easy online application form, and you receive money to your bank account in a few minutes or hours after application.

No credit check loans: The fact that the urgent cash loan lenders don’t check your credit profile score for loan approvals gives you a chance of obtaining a loan even with a bad credit history (see more about bad credit loans).

No paperwork: Most of the time, urgent loan apps only require you to fill up your name, ID, address and phone number. The lenders don’t ask any payment history such as six months bank statement or source of income.

No Collateral: Most urgent loans with no credit check are unsecured loans and don’t need you to pledge any assets or collateral. So, you don’t have to worry about losing anything out of auction when you default payment.

Secure: Urgent loans with no credit check lenders are licensed and regulated companies by the South Africa National Credit Regulator. That means you are trading with a legal body that has a right to take you to court if you default payment and end up with bad debt.

Spend on your terms: there are no restrictions on how you should spend the urgent cash loan. You can use it to settle your utility bills, go out with friends and even pay school fees. 


High-interest rates: Urgent cash loans with no credit check attract high interest rates and late fees if you don’t make your monthly repayments on time. Sometimes you may end up paying almost double what you originally borrowed with the high loan repayments.

Debt cycles: Because urgent loans without credit checks are easy and fast to get, they become tempting and trap you in a continuous process of debt. Some people consider them as part of their monthly salary because they are always taking loans. However, urgent loans are short-term solutions for emergency cases and cannot help you settle your long-term debts.

Damage your credit rating: Urgent loans for bad credits can break your credit ratings more if you don’t settle your debt on time. Bad credit ratings show lenders that have an irresponsible borrowing habit, and you can’t get trusted to pay back your debts.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, South Africa has faced major economic setbacks, with many citizens losing their jobs or becoming underemployed. People have lost control of their finances and fallen into debt since they can no longer pay their bills on time because of the COVID-19 financial crisis. This has led to the mushrooming of many online urgent loan lenders with no credit check. So, you can easily borrow using your mobile phone and get access to funds in minutes or a few hours. Before you take out a loan, make sure you have a plan so you can make the payments on time. Remember to do your own research and you should check the customer reviews to ensure you borrow from a reliable lender with good customer service.

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