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Truworths Account Review

Truworths Account is a credit facility offered by Truworths International Ltd, a holding company that invests in apparel and fashion retailers. It is offered under the Truworths retailer. Truworths International Ltd started out in 1917 as Truworths business and has since grown to include several retail brands including Daniel Hechter, Inwear, Truworths Man, Truworths Jewellery, LTD kids, Identity, Truworths Elements, Young Designers Emporium, Ginger Mary, Uzzi, Hey Betty, Earthaddict, Earthchild, Naartjie, Loads of Living, Office London and Context.

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You can use a Truworths Account to shop at Truworths or any of their retail brands. Additionally, if you have an account at any of these brands you can shop at Truworths. This is just one of the exclusive benefits that come with a Truworths Account. More benefits are outlined in this article together with the nature of the credit offered by this account and how to get one. Apart from South Africa, Truworths international Ltd has presence in Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mauritius, Lesotho and Swaziland in Africa. Overseas, it has retail stores in UK, Germany and Republic of Ireland.

Features of a Truworths Account

A Truworths Account has the following features:

  • It is a revolving loan facility. This means the terms of the loan are not fixed. You can repay the loan and get another one approved over a short period of time.
  • It has a variable interest rate. Despite the fact that each credit purchase plan has its interest stated during the agreement, the interest changes depending on how much you owe, how frequently you make repayments and how early you make a complete pay off. Every time the interest rate on your account changes, you will be informed 30 business days prior to its effective date.
  • Has an annual service fee payment.
  • Upon opening your Truworths Account, you will be charged an initiation fee.
  • The maximum credit limit or account limit is determined by Truworths after an assessment of your affordability. As you use your account, the account limit will change from time to time. This increase or decrease will be based on your credit history and how often you use it for purchases.
  • It comes with a credit card called my Card. my Card can be used as one of your payment options to make purchases on credit at Truworths or at other Truworths International Ltd stores.
  • There is a monthly statement of your account sent to your postal address each month. The statement shows how much you owe on the date it is sent, how much monthly instalment you are supposed to pay towards the loan, the interest rate, the next instalment and the date for this instalment.
  • If you don’t pay at least 90% of the instalment within 30 days after the due date, you will be in default of the loan.
  • You may be required to pay premiums for Account balance Protection Insurance (ABP-C). In case you have an insurance that can list Truworths as one of the payees in case they suffer a loss from your account, you can use that as a substitute for ABP-C.

Benefits of a Truworths Account

You will reap the following benefits from your Truworths account.

  • Credit purchases are useful when you don’t have the ability to buy from cash
  • A R1000 shopping voucher when your account application is approved. Keep in mind that the R1000 bonus can only be spent on specific items
  • You can request Truworths to increase your account limit in case you need to make emergency purchases. You can also request additional cards for family members
  • Truworths discounts the interest on your credit purchase or waives it completely if you pay in within 6 months of your purchase (your credit term)
  • You can set instalments to be repaid using a debit order
  • If you pay the service fee, your Account will have Fraud Protection. In case someone else makes an unauthorized purchase using your account, you will not be liable
  • You will be kept up to date with the latest fashion trends and special promotions
  • Gift delivery service

Drawbacks of a Truworths Account

A Truworths Account comes with the following drawbacks:

  • Having the credit purchase option available to you can sometimes lead to frivolous spending. Credit creates the illusion that you are getting free money. If you don’t manage it properly you might slip unexpectedly into debt following credit purchases
  • The credit facility is limited to retail stores within the Truworths International Ltd group.  Your choice is further limited due to the fact that all of them deal mostly only in apparel and house products made of fabric. However, there is good prospect for new future products since Truworths International Ltd stores sell cell phones on contract
  • Payments you make to the account do not directly offset the amount you owe. They first pay off the interest, then the service fee and any other Truworths Account costs before paying off your instalment
  • You will be penalised using a transaction based fee if a cheque you write bounces or if a debit order you approved fails due to lack of funds in your account
  • There is an annual account service fee of R32

Truworths Account Application

You can apply for a Truworths Account on their official site or SMS your initials, surname and ID number to 30997. You will be required to submit the following information to be used to decide your limit:

  • Your South African ID if you’re a citizen or a passport with a permit if you’re a non-citizen staying in the country.
  • Proof of income if you’re employed. If you’re not employed you should be getting a student’s allowance.
  • Proof of your current residence.

Truworths Account Customer Review

According to various online review sites, clients have expressed their opinion on the products and services offered by Truworths. According to complaintsboard, clients had to say:

Bvg Vsion

“I have had my account with Truworths for quite a lengthy period now. This month they happily placed me in their list of slow payers, when more often than not I pay more than the minimum and this time for an over sight, for the very first time ever, I was R50 short on payment.

Really what kind of service is this, I noted the error and also rectified it almost immediately, but playing the power hungry firm they are, they ignored my claims and has. This is disgusting.

Desired outcome: That the slow payment status is change.”

Naledidimpho of Johannesburg

“On the 28 January, I paid my account with my ID card since I lost my Truworths card on December. I paid R650. On the 5th of February someone at vaal mall used my account and again on 6th February around 10 am someone in crester mall used my account. I don’t know how but it happened. Today being 10th of February I received an sms saying I must pay R880 on 05 March, which I don’t know. I pay my account the amount of R650 every month since 28 January and I was about to go and pay myR650 for end of February 2022. Please help Phinah mabyana.

Desired outcome: I will be happy if you guys help to catch this thief, or the person who did this faud.”

According to, clients had this to say about Truworths:


“Awesome qaulity and best delivery service you can get. #customer for life!!!”


“Truworths at Ballito offers amazing service! Denise one of beauty consultants is very friendly & helpful”

According to, clients had this to say about Truworths:

Rochelle D

“Truworths Zevenwatch Mall: Great experience…the manager went the extra….extra mile to assist me(myself)today at Zevenwatch Mall store…after the terrible, disgisting service my husband received Monday day and Tuesday just my exchanging the every same T-shirt for a smaller size…I want to take all 3 thisrts back and close acct but after today service in Zevenwatch excellent…keep up the good with manager and staff….Bell vie Voortrekker close or doors and go for customer training and how to work with people Cause you as staff with manager have no cus.”

Gillian S

“Truworths Bedford Center – AWESOME: The staff at this store are so helpful and friendly. Always come straight up to me when I walk in asking if they can assist. We’ll done and making it a great shopping experience.”

Truworths Contact Details

You can contact Truworths and get your issues addressed. Use these contact information to reach the company and speak to their regarding your Truworths account application:


Truworths account offers an easier channel for you to pay for your fashion purchases with different retailers. The store’s credit card, also known as Truworths account, allows eligible customers to access credit. The credit amount starts at R250 with budget plans of up to 12 months. The company gives R1000 fashion voucher to people who open new accounts. To crown it all, Truworths account holders can shop across several brands using one account. Account holders can buy cellphones, jewelry and fashion products in select stores.


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