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Top 7 Health Insurance Companies in South Africa

While talks for a national health insurance fund are ongoing, South Africa’s private health insurance scene is very much alive and kicking. The National Health Insurance (NHI) is going to take many years to implement, and in the meantime, those of us who are employed in this beautiful country need to do everything we can to keep out of the overworked public hospitals and support the private sector.

Investing in a health insurance plan that really pays out for everything you think it covers is crucial. It better you should first learn about some essential points before picking a health insurance plan.

In this article, we’re going to list South Africa’s best health insurance companies. These providers’ policies are both reliable and affordable. We’ll describe the types of plans they have available, what they cover, and what they cost. We’ll also provide some comprehensive contact details.

Here are our favorite South African health insurance providers, and why we like them.

Momentum Health


Momentum offers 6 health insurance packages that range from wonderfully affordable at under R500 per month to pricey at upwards of R10 000 a month.

There’s something here for everyone: on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you can get unlimited coverage for private hospital visits where all the essentials such as specialist visits, rehabilitation and emergency caesareans are covered. There’s also care for common serious, ongoing conditions, doctor’s visits, prescribed medications and emergency evacuations. The premium package includes ongoing hospital care with no annual limit for many conditions, a long list of covered chronic conditions, plus eye and dental care.

One of the most wonderful aspects of taking out health insurance with Momentum is that you have access to free, 24/7 medical advice. And you can earn rewards – including up to R3000 per month – by taking part in their incentive program. You can easily compare their packages online.

Discovery Health


There are 23 plans to pick from at Discovery – an enormous amount (according to the website, it’s the widest range of plans available on the market). Don’t feel overwhelmed: packages are highly tailored. There’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

All plans offer unlimited hospital cover. They also help out with chronic disease management, but certain plans cover a wider range of conditions than others. Then there are plans that cover screening and prevention, plans that allow you extra daily cover or optometry and dentistry expenses, traveling plans and plans tailored around maternity and early childhood. Prices range from just under R1000 to upwards of R7000.

On some accounts, you get to enjoy a savings plan: any unused funds can be spent on daily expenses. You can also get a well-priced gap cover via Discovery.

Bonitas Medical Aid


According to the website, Bonitas has “the largest GP and specialist network in South Africa”. They also offer thirteen different plans. These range in price from just over R1000 to upwards of R7000. Nearly all plans include a “baby advice line” where you can obtain free medical advice for kids under the age of 3. Bonitas’ plans are divided into 4 categories.

Their Traditional category gives you set limits for a variety of expenses, including hospital, GP, optometrist and dental visits. Expenses like paramedical assistance, medication, hearing aids, blood tests, x-rays, contraception, maternity, baby care, chronic care and preventative care may also be covered, depending on the plan.

Their Savings category is similar, but you get an additional, set amount to use on out-of-hospital expenses. The priciest plan in this category may also cover expenses like prostheses, mental health hospitalization, terminal care and cancer or HIV treatment.

If you pick a plan from the Hospital category, you pay for your own daily expenses but are covered when you visit the hospital. The priciest plan here pays out for nearly everything you’d need from a hospital, including small child care, terminal care, rehabilitation, organ transplants and cancer treatment.

The Income-based plan is highly variable: you can tailor it to suit your financial situation. It pays out for expenses accumulated both in and out of the hospital but won’t pay for maternity care.



Medihelp simply offers 4 plans. The prices are variable depending on what you want out of your plan, but each one starts at a ridiculously affordable price. Everything on the website is wonderfully straightforward. It’s easy to navigate your options and make up your mind.

Their most basic plan – the student plan – starts at just under R600 and covers day-to-day expenses plus chronic illnesses and hospital visits. You get extra – including screenings and pregnancy care – for an additional price. The comprehensive plan starts at under R3000 and covers GP and specialist visits, dental and optometry care, plus hospital expenses and maternity and baby care. There’s also a hospital plan which does cover limited daily expenses on top of hospital costs, and a savings plan where your savings account covers day-to-day expenses.

Medihelp has a wonderful, free online platform that helps members stay healthy. Here, you can view your health data, sign up for free for certain sporting events, enter a weight-loss program or enjoy a pregnancy and baby program.



According to its website, Medshield is “one of South Africa’s largest, fastest-growing and most established medical aid schemes.”

They have seven highly varied plans to pick from. These range from under R2000 to around R6000.

Here’s the rundown: the PremiumPlus plan is ideal for families with average to good health – hospital expenses are covered, and you get a savings account for paying for daily medical expenses. The MediSaver plan is similar but has an out-of-hospital maternity addition. The mediocre plan offers unlimited hospital cover, but you cover daily expenses yourself, so it’s ideal if you don’t need to see a medical care provider frequently. MediBonus is for those who require comprehensive medical cover; MediPlus is similar but less comprehensive. MediValue is an excellent basic option: you get complete cover for emergencies or hospital procedures, with limited cover for daily needs. MediPhila is for those who are concerned about racking up substantial medical expenses.

There’s a handy needs analysis tool on the website, as well as a contribution calculator.

Health Squared SA

Health Squared

This company has over 80 years of healthcare experience. They offer 10 different packages, which range from around R1000 to R8000 in price.

There’s a lot of variety to the packages. The least expensive one is still excellent: it covers 29 chronic conditions, hospital expenses, maternity and oncology, plus day-to-day needs. Their priciest option will also payout for 12 more chronic conditions, preventative care and clinic nurse visits, and includes a generous medical savings account. Most of the packages are arranged around your family’s size and needs.



Fedhealth offers seven packages which range from around R1000 to around R10 000. Happily, four of these plans are under R2000. Their most basic plan covers the costs of some screenings, hospital visits, 26 chronic conditions, and basic contraceptives, maternal and baby care. The priciest plan covers 68 chronic diseases, some vaccinations, loads of different screening options and high payout percentages. There are also some wonderful maternity options on the flexiFED 2 and 3 plans.

All packages include a MediTaxi service that will transport you to follow-up treatments (in certain locations) and an advice line for pediatric questions. Fedhealth boasts excellent customer service stats: according to their website, their claim turnaround is 5 days, their average call waiting time is 8 seconds, and 90% of queries are resolved within the first call.

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