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Top 7 Fuel Rewards Programs in South Africa 2023

In the current era, one of the most important changes that impact almost everyone’s life is the change in fuel prices. Public transport user or privately-owned transport – all of us are affected by the change in fuel costs or by the cost of the tickets. In a scenario of ever-increasing fuel costs, it is naturally a wise idea to subscribe to fuel rewards programs since they save your pocket from a hole.

In this article, we will present a list of seven of the best fuel rewards programs that exist in South Africa in no particular order.

# Sasol and ABSA Rewards

Sasol Absa Rewards

Are you an ABSA client who also owns a transactional account or a credit card?

Well, if that is the case, then you will be rewarded for every time you get your petrol filled at a Sasol Fuel Station. Your usage decides what tier you are in and the tier you are currently in decides the percentage of reward you are eligible for. It can differ from 0.50% to a whopping 20% (see table below). Needless to mention, there is a fee levied because there isn’t any such thing as a free lunch. ABSA charges a fee of 23.20 rand every month or 278.40 rand per annum to be a part of the reward programme.

TierScore rangeEarn rate: debit cardEarn rate: credit card
10 – 4790.50%1.00%
2480 – 5790.65%1.50%
3580 – 6790.75%2.50%
4680 – 7792.00%6.50%

How the offer works:

  • Remember to swipe your ABSA Card when you fill up or make purchases at Sasol to earn cash rewards. You will also increase your earning rate just by using your credit card.

Terms and conditions:

  • Excludes bill payments, pre-paid airtime, and electricity and lotto purchases.
  • You will only earn cash rewards on the first R3,000 that you spend at Sasol.
Sasol locator:

# Shell V+ Rewards Scheme

Shell V+ Rewards Scheme

Shell is launching a new rewards scheme after ending its partnership with Clicks Clubcard (Clicks have moved on to do a deal with the larger Engen network). However, Shell’s new rewards scheme offers 50% more to customers than the previous Clicks deal (15 cents per liter as opposed to the previous 10 cents with Clicks).

How the offer works:

  • Collect your  “V+” card at a service station, then register it online. After that, every litre of fuel rewards you with a 15c credit to that card as long as it is presented during the purchase.

# BP or Shell and Discovery Insure

Discovery Insure Fuel Rewards

If you have your vehicle covered under insurance, then you will qualify for this reward scheme. Additionally, you have to be a member of the classic, essential or purple plans to benefit from this plan. Members who fulfill both these criteria will receive a cash-back of anywhere from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 50% of the amount spent on fuel, provided they are filled up at a Shell or British Petroleum or BP-owned fuel outlet.

This reward programme also comes with a maximum limit per month of 1600 rand. For any amount you spent over this, no refunds or rewards will be awarded.

# Total and Dis-chem Rewards

Dischem Rewards Program

This association between Dis-chem and Total lets you earn ten points for every litre of fuel that has been purchased.

Encashing these points will give you a good 0.10 rand for every litre that was purchased. Amongst all the major fuel retailers in the country, it is Total that has the lowest number of fuel stations.

# FNB eBucks and Engen

FNB eBucks Rewards

If you are a member of the FNB’s reward scheme or that of eBucks, then every time you will use your FNB card or RMB card, you will be able to earn certain points as rewards. In addition, you will also be rewarded eBucks if you will be using the cards at an outlet owned by eBucks or its partner. Another fuel station that is tied to eBucks is Engen, which will also award you points. Each time a member fills up fuel, he earns at least 0.10 rand to a maximum of 4 rands for every litre bought. This is also based on the limit that is specific to their FNB account or RMB account.

You could also pay for the fuel that you purchase using eBucks. To date, more than 10 million rands have been paid via eBucks for fuel purchased. If you are a client of FNB or RMB cards and you also possess qualifying credit or debit cards, you will be naturally added to the eBucks scheme. The good news under this scheme is that, apart from the fee that is levied for the credit or debit card, there are no additional fees to be a part of this reward programme.

# Pick n Pay SmartShopper and BP

Pick n Pay SmartShopper Fuel Rewards and BP

Sometime around last year, Pick n Pay smart shopper introduced this fuel reward scheme in coalition with the British Petroleum. Just having a registered SmartShopper card and getting it swiped every time you pay for your fuel is enough to get you qualified for this programme. For every litre of fuel that you purchase, you are awarded 10 smart shopper points or in monetary terms, it is equal to 0.10 rand.

At the moment, the smart shopper points that one gains as a reward for purchasing fuels can only be utilised at Pick n Pay stores. But, there are plans being made to let them be used at British Petroleum-owned convenience stores too, in due course of time.

# Caltex and Standard Bank Ucount

Caltex - UCount Rewards - Standard Bank

Are you a Standard Bank client who has the Ucount fuel reward scheme activated?

If yes, then you can earn cashback on every litre of fuel that you purchase. The cashback can be anywhere from 0.20 rand and can go up to 5 rands for every litre of fuel filled at Caltex. It also depends on certain other criteria like the type of card you own and what is the amount that you normally spend on fuel every month. The fee of 24 rands per month or 288 rands per annum that is otherwise levied is waived off for those who are clients of the standard bank in order to activate this scheme. It is also worthy to note that the rewards of this scheme are not restricted to just fuel.

These are some of the fuel reward programs that are touted to be the country’s best and advantageous schemes. Hope you benefit from them. Do not let the hike in fuel prices limit your movements.

Happy driving and traveling!

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