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Things to Sell to Make Money

Having a side hustle is essential for those looking to bring in an extra income. There are so many things to sell to make money.  People can opt to sell old items, creations, or just random appliances sitting on their shelves. All it really takes is some brainstorming and a plan.

In this article, we take a look at some potential ideas of things to sell. The best part is that it doesn’t even require much effort! Continue reading to find out more.

Finding the right platform

Firstly, it’s vital to find the right platform where you can sell items. With that said, there are so many online marketplaces that have great potential.

 It’s all about finding a place that caters to your niche. For instance, if you’re interested in selling art, then try joining an art marketplace. This will help you get in contact with clients interested in purchasing art.

Best Marketplace Platforms in South Africa

Here are some of the best marketplaces to sell items online.

– Facebook Market Place

Facebook marketplace is one of the go-to platforms for millions of sellers across the globe. Here, people can discover just about anything! The best thing about the Facebook marketplace is that it’s completely free. All you will need is a Facebook account and you can start selling.

Sellers can easily connect with potential clients when using the Facebook marketplace. This makes selling items a whole lot easier.


– TakeALot

TakeALot is one of the biggest South African e-commerce websites. Buyers and sellers can find specific items with the click of a mouse. Sellers will first need to register with TakeALot before becoming a vendor. The downside to using TakeALot is that there are fees and charges that might apply.

Visit TakeALot

– Gumtree

Gumtree is another popular selling platform. Here, buyers can create an advert to sell their items. However, it might take some time for sellers to see traction. This is mainly due to the fact that adverts perform better when they are boosted.

Visit Gumtree

– BigOrBuy

BidOrBuy is the perfect platform to sell second-hand items on. People who use this platform often are on a budget.

Visit BidOrBuy

– Instagram

Instagram is a buyer and seller’s paradise. Sellers can create a page showcasing their products. Furthermore, they can link products directly to their website.

Visit Instagram

Best Things to Sell to Make Money

Now that we’ve discussed the best marketplaces we can dive into the main topic of discussion. Here are some of the best things to sell to make money.

– Candles

Candles are extremely low-cost to make. All you really need is some wax, essential oil/ fragrance, coloring, and containers. In addition, the production process is rather quick and less time-consuming.

Try creating candles for different spaces, such as the office, the bedroom, and the lounge.

– Old books

Selling old books is another excellent way to make some extra money. There are so many of us who have dozens of old books just sitting on the shelves. These books can go to good use by finding new shelves to sit on.

– Video Games

Most people don’t know what do once they’ve completed a game. Our advice, sell it! There are plenty of gaming stores that accept second-hand games. You might not get the full retail price on the game; however, it’s extra cash.  

– Art

Artists are always looking to showcase their pieces. The best way to do so is to create unique pieces and advertises them. Remember, art isn’t always a painting- it can be photographs, sculptures, or even decorative pieces.

– Bath and Body products

There is a huge scope for bath and body products. This niche is something that most people enjoy purchasing. This is mainly because it has to do with relaxation and rejuvenation.  You can create an entire line of products using ingredients that you have at home. Most bath and body products are all-natural and generally inexpensive to produce.

Try creating body scrubs, bath bombs, and lotions.

– Second-hand Newborn Items

If you have a kid, chances are that you’re still sitting with some newborn items. Cots, cribs, prams, and car seats are relatively expensive. Therefore, you can easily sell these pre-loved items to parents who are on a budget.

– Personalized planners

Create your very own personalized planners using an online design platform. Thereafter, advertise them and sell them to those interested. The best thing about this idea is that you do not need stock on hand. Production can take place after getting an order.

– Cooking meals

In today’s times, most people are way too busy to prepare home-cooked meals. There is a huge scope in the industry for home-cooked meals. Furthermore, you can set out a menu each week and take orders each day. With that said, all you really need is some cooking skills, a kitchen, and ingredients.

– Baking

If you have a talent for baking then you can sell your baking to make money. You can opt to either take special orders or bake cakes and advertise them. It’s best to create a WhatsApp group with customers to keep them updated on cakes available.

– Purses

If you have a collection of purses that you no longer use, sell them!

– Sell old clothes

Pre-loved items are becoming increasingly popular because they’re so affordable. You can start a network of buying and selling old clothes that are in good condition. Buy old clothing from friends and family and resell it at a higher profit. This way, everyone wins!

– Appliances that you don’t use

It’s safe to say that we all have at least one appliance that we own but do not use. If you would like to generate some money, then dig deep in your cupboard. There is bound to be an appliance that you can sell online.

– Kids toys

Parents constantly purchase new toys for their children. However, toys can be pricey. If you’re sitting with some old toys, then clean them up and sell them.

– Flower arrangements

Most people purchase flower arrangements for special occasions and celebrations. You can start making your own flower arrangements for clients. All you need is some skills and a good idea for flowers.  

– Old Phones

There’s nothing worse than sitting with an old phone. Most phones are quite expensive, even if they’re second-hand. With that said, if you have an old phone you can quickly sell it online. Besides, someone else can make good use of it!

– Unwanted gifts

Not everyone knows how to gift the perfect present. Fortunately, you can still accept the gift, only for a different purpose. Selling unwanted gifts is actually a lot more common than expected.

– Wedding dress/ suit

Wedding dresses and suits cost an arm and a leg. With that said, brides and grooms often look for second-hand dresses and suits. This is mainly because second-hand items are a lot more affordable. Therefore, if you have a wedding dress/ suit in your closet you can easily sell it.

– Gift cards

If you’re stuck with gift cards that you don’t need, then perhaps try selling them. Besides, it’s always better to have cash than a gift card. If you would like, you can sell the gift card for a little less than the value. This way, buyers feel like they are getting a good deal.

– Recipe book

If you’re a pro in the kitchen then compile your own recipe book. This way, those around you can enjoy your food by preparing it themselves. You can always opt for a digital recipe book instead of a hard copy.

– Beverages

Beverages are an important aspect of just about any gathering. You can sell beverages such as homemade juices/ ice-teas/ coffee etc. Start the journey by first practicing and experimenting with different flavors.  

– Used cars

Start selling cars if you have a relatively high capital saved. You can simply buy secondhand cars and resell them for a profit. Furthermore, you can advertise online and get instant responses.

– Jewelry

You can always opt to earn some money by making your own custom jewelry. Think out of the box and produce jewelry for different genders and ages.


There are a variety of items that can be sold for money. However, it’s always important to determine what you would like to sell. This way, you will have a better understanding of what you need. Furthermore, it’s important to factor in costs and expenses beforehand.

If you will be producing the item then ensure that you can keep up with production.  All successful businesses need to have a proper supply and demand chain.

The most important thing is to get creative and sell items that are of good quality. Set out terms and conditions so that clients know what to expect too. This way, both the buyer and the seller will have some form of protection.

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