Updated 11.05.2021

Supersonic Air Fibre Launches in South Africa

Supersonic Air Fibre, which is an alternative to cabled fibre, has been launched by mobile telecommunication company MTN in South Africa and Supersonic has declared it the unprecedented commercial installation of a new wireless broadband solution. Supersonic AirFibre’s foremost inauguration has taken place in Honeydew, Mamelodi, Soweto, and Fairlands. Afterward, other areas would acquire coverage. Supersonic Fibre is known as the unmatched ISP in South Africa. Its AirFibre service is cost-effective and available to remote and previously inaccessible places. 

Supersonic Air Fibre makes an offer for privileged customers to have fibre-like connectivity at prices similar to standard fibre with unclosed and steady download and upload speed ranging between 5Mbps and 100Mbps. Convenient package deals by the company provide customers the speed needed for their use e.g. 2 to 5 Mbps, 5 to 10 Mbps, 10 to 20 Mbps, 20 to 50 Mbps, 40 to 100Mbps respectively. It is an effective quality radio tech that enables transference of data on MTN’s existent open spectrum frequencies which holds down the cost to better work for customers. The A4-sized antenna will be installed on customers’ places i.e. home, that will communicate with the radio on MTN mobile tower and those radios are linked to internet and fiber backhaul.

MTN Supersonic Managing Director Calvin Collett says, “The use of open spectrum frequencies potentially has the risk of incurring interference, however, this technology is designed to cancel out that interference using specialized algorithms.” According to him, it not only helps to close the digital divide but also a cost-effective solution. People in South Africa usually get uncapped wireless services at a high cost but now Supersonic Air Fibre service is ready to facilitate the customers at prices lower than customary fibre.

Calvin Collett mentions, “The unfortunate reality is that while virtually all urban areas in the world are covered by a mobile broadband network, worrying gaps in connectivity and internet access persists outside of the cities and in rural areas.” Notably, fibre rollouts were limited to major urban areas but MTN has reallocated frequency bands which in past were assigned for 2G service. It is perpetually heading now to new mobile technologies e.g. third-generation technology (UMTS) and fourth-generation technology (LTE).

By February 2021, the interest-gauging site for the AirFibre service launched by ISP has calculated 20,000+ expressions of interest and the target is to link together 60000+ homes within the full coming year. Collett reveals that after May 2021 some other areas will get coverage e.g. Greater Johannesburg, Durban, George, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town (including the Winelands area), Rustenburg, most of the East London, and most of Port Elizabeth.

Potential customers can easily be inspired by looking at coverage maps of the zones e.g. Greater Pretoria– Silverton and Mamelodi, Central Gauteng– Midrand, Woodmead, and Sunninghill, Johannesburg West– Roodepoort, Fairlands, and Randpark and Soweto, and check that Supersonic AirFibre service is available in big parts of these areas. Supersonic AirFibre is indubitably an evolving new age technological trend with open spectrum solution which will eventually encompass the country in near future.

Find out more about Unlimted Air Fibre at Supersonic

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