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Security Shutters – Where to Buy in South Africa

The popularity of security shutters has increased in the recent past as more property owners look for better ways to secure their premises against theft. If you are thinking about installing security shutters in your property but you do not know where to buy the right security shutters in South Africa, read on to learn where to get high-quality, strong, and aesthetically appealing shutters for your property.

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What is a Security Shutter?

Security shutters are strong door or window barriers that limit access into a building. There are different types of security shutters, some of which inhibit the flow of outdoor light and air into a building. There are also those, like security grilles, that secure doors and windows without stopping the flow of natural light and air into the building.

The most common form of security shutter is the security roller shutter. There are different types of security roller shutters: interior, exterior, manual, automatic, built-in, built-on, aluminum, and transparent. All these types of security shutters are available for commercial and residential installation. However, before you purchase any security shutter, you need to know your specific needs.

Where to Purchase Security Shutters in South Africa

You can purchase security shutters online and offline. You have to do your due diligence to find the most appropriate security shutter for your needs in each case. When assessing a security shutter supplier, it is prudent to look at their experience, track record, lead time, guarantee and warranty offers, and product’s safety features. You should also assess each supplier’s product by determining its material, functionality, design, and color, and finally, cost. Each of these components will get you closer to finding the right security shutter for your home. Here are some of the places where you will find good-quality security shutters in SA.

House of Supreme Johannesburg

House of Supreme offers high-quality and strong aluminum and wooden security shutters that fit your overall home design well. In addition, the company offers different types of security shutters for your windows, doors, and exterior space. These shutters include:

  • Hinged shutters: by design, hinged shutters are supposed to remain closed. However, it has movable blades that you can tilt to let in light or achieve privacy. It is ideal for standard windows.
  • Sliding shutters: if you need additional privacy in a room, you should go for sliding shutters. You can use these shutters for dividing or covering an opening. They are easy to operate and take little space to adjust.
  • Bi-fold shutters: this shutter design is ideal for covering doorways and dividing a room. It can be folded easily to create an expansive open space and an uninterrupted view of the outdoor space.
  • Shaped shutters: this product is good for windows. Ordinarily, windows present a challenge when choosing functional and aesthetically pleasing window treatments. However, with shaped shutters, you can get a customized security shutter solution that fits seamlessly into the lines of your window.

To talk to the House of Supreme about any of their security shutter products, call +27114627096 or email The company is also available in different parts of the country. Click here to find out the contact information of their office in your region.


Trellidor is a South African firm specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of window burglar proofing and security gates. The company has a wide range of security shutter configurations. The design and format you choose will depend on several factors, including the shape and size of your opening – window, and door. Even so, the most common security shutter formats offered by Trellidor include French and hinged doors and windows. Here are the shutter configurations available at Trellidor.


  • Bi-fold door shutters
  • French doors
  • Floating bi-fold door shutters
  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors


  • Bi-fold window shutters – this is ideal for bigger windows
  • A single hinged window shutter
  • Floating bi-fold window shutters – this is ideal for smaller windows
  • French window shutters, where two shutters lock in the middle
  • Sliding window shutters

Trellidor has a franchise network across the country. You can contact the main office at +27(0) 861 873 554 367 or by email at For a one-on-one consultation, you can also walk into the company’s head office at 20 Aberdare Drive, Phoenix Industrial Park, Durban, South Africa.

Blockhouse Shutters

Blockhouse is a South African security shutter manufacturer offering all-purpose, all-weather, strong, secure, and aesthetically-pleasing products. Each of these products is made to last using premium aluminum coated in Qualicoat ratified powder coating. Their simple yet classic and versatile design makes them ideal security shutters for anyone seeking to secure all window and door openings without compromising on light and airflow into the house. The Block House offers internal shutters and external shutters at a pocket-friendly price.

To contact Block Shutters for consultations or to book an appointment, call +27878202202. If you have a sale inquiry, email or factory and customer services email You can also visit Block House shutters at their head office at 27 John Van Niekerk St, Atlantis Industrial, Cape Town, 7349.

American Shutters

The American Shutter offers high-quality, safe, and long-lasting security shutters that guarantee your privacy and control over lighting. These shutters provide your home with enough security. Once installed, you do not have to fit in burglar bars. The company offers customized shutters to fit openings of different shapes and sizes. They are also available in a wide variety of designs and finishes. To back the quality of these products, the company offers a 5-year warranty.

Contact American Shutter through their nationwide mobile number 0872382123 or email the company through Walk into their head office at 84 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, for an in-person meeting.

Other than these companies, you can buy security shutters at:

With this guide, you should be able to find yourself the right security shutters for your home. Remember to do your due diligence before buying any security shutters.


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