Updated 31.07.2023

Sanlam Reality Review

Sanlam Reality is a lifestyle program that is meant to reward and benefit its members seamlessly. It is particularly beneficial to those who regularly use Sanlam products including general insurance, healthcare, credit, life insurance, and investment management among others.

Sanlam Reality

To achieve this, the program has a bunch of subscription options:

  1. Reality Plus which costs R 275 a month (VAT included) for a Single and R 345 a month (VAT included) for a Family membership.
  2. Reality Core costs R 125 per month (VAT included) for a Single and R 160 per month (VAT included) for a Family membership.
  3. Reality Club which costs R 57 (including VAT) for a monthly subscription.

Each subscription has three tiers, bronze silver, and gold levels. Throughout the year, members get awarded points that categorize their accounts into one of the three tiers. A Bronze tier is between 0 to 29 999 points for a Single membership and between 0 and 49 999 for a Family membership. A Silver tier, on the other hand, is between 30 000 to 59 999 points for a Single membership and between 50 000 and 99 999 for a Family membership. Lastly, a gold tier is between 60 000 points and above for a Single membership and between 100 000 points and above for a Family membership.

Additionally, Sanlam also has reward programs that customers who use their products are added to. These programs include Wealth Bonus Lifestyle benefits, Reality Access for Sanlam Group Risk, and Reality Access for Fedhealth. These reward programs qualify members for certain benefits alongside the three membership options available.

Benefits of Sanlam Reality

  1. Annual Car Inspection

All Reality Plus, Reality Core, and Reality Club members can enjoy a car inspection once a year at either Tyres & More or Tiger Wheel & Tyre shops at a discounted price of R 95. Only a vehicle belonging to the member can get this discount. Additionally, the member’s account will earn tier points following this inspection.

  1. Sanlam Money Saver credit card

Sanlam Money Saver credit card is a credit card that can be used to get credit card loans and save at the same time. It is available to all Sanlam Reality members. With Wealth Bonus Lifestyle, members can save 2.5% in a Wealth Bonus account. Furthermore, using the credit card at partnered stores can earn you 2.5% more in your Wealth Bonus Account. If you are not interested in saving, you can also opt for a credit card minus the savings account.

  1. Discount Coupons

Each month, discount coupons are only available to members of Reality Club and Reality Access for Sanlam Group Risk. The coupons can be used to discount groceries at Shoprite or Checkers stores anywhere in the country. There are about 35 different coupons to choose from. Nevertheless, these cannot all be used on one item. You can only use a maximum of 5 coupons for the same item. All your coupons will redeem monthly as per your subscription.

To access discount coupons, dial *134*20019#. Under this USSD code, all the discount coupon options can be accessed, including the bar code number that you will need to redeem your coupon. Use the barcode at your checkout to apply the coupon.

  1. Showmax Streaming Benefit

New Sanlam Reality members will get a 14-day free trial on the Showmax streaming platform. In addition, each of the 3 membership options gets Showmax vouchers. Reality Plus members get 5-month vouchers, Reality Core members get 4-month ones and Reality Club members get 3-month ones. However, these vouchers only apply to the standard Showmax plan.

  1. Booking Numetro Movie Tickets and Buying Refreshments

Reality members can book tickets and buy refreshments for Numetro Cinemas online through their accounts. This is done by buying vouchers. Reality Plus members can purchase up to 30 2D or 3D tickets online each month. Reality Core members can only purchase 20 while Reality Club and Wealth Bonus Lifestyle members can purchase 10. The same number of refreshments can also be purchased with each subscription option respectively.

Any more tickets or refreshments can only be bought at the cinemas and concession stands or through other online platforms. The purchases are also non-refundable. Cinemas in Bedford, Parkview, Woodlands, and Worcester were also not included at the time this article was written. 

  1. Sanlam Group ENTERTAINER

Using the Sanlam ENTERTAINER app, members can also get offers and discounts when they purchase food and drinks, visit attractions, buy from retail and fashion stores, or even pay at fitness centers.

  1. Discount with RSAWEB

Reality Plus, Reality Core, Reality Club, and Wealth Bonus Lifestyle benefit members can get discounts on their RSAWEB home fiber payments.

  1. Cash Rewards and Discounts at JustGym and Planet Fitness Gym 

Reality members with an active gym membership at planet fitness can get cash rewards and discounts. How much your gym payments are discounted depends on the Sanlam services you use whether in insurance, credit, or even retirement benefits.

When joining Planet Fitness Gym or JustGym through Sanlam, you will pay a once-off R 1 500 activation fee and an R 150 tag fee, regardless of whether or not you already have both memberships. Consequently, you can get up to 20% off your gym payment every month provided both of your subscriptions are active.

  1. Cheaper Studies with Online Education by Boston

Through a partnership with Online Education by Boston, Sanlam Reality members get a free platform for grade 8 to 12 supplementary schooling, a free platform for social and emotional learning, and a discounted platform for grades 10 to 12 replacement schooling.

To access one, two, or all of these platforms you must also be registered with Online Education by Boston. They are accessed through the Bolton online portal. The lessons offered are in accordance with the Curriculum Policy Assessment Statements (CAPS) of South Africa’s curriculum.

  1.  Emergency Medical Services

Sanlam Reality has also partnered with FMS from Adcorp to provide Reality Access for Sanlam Group Access with emergency medical response services. FMS may also arrange for family members to visit an admitted member. Additionally, FMS may arrange transport back from a hospital after discharge.

During an emergency, FMS will provide immediate advice and information on call while they dispatch emergency assistance to your residence. Depending on the nature of the emergency, FMS will transport the afflicted person to a health facility by road or air. At the facility, FMS will guarantee up to R 2 000 to avoid delayed medical intervention. The guaranteed sum is refundable for a period of 30 days after the incident.

  1. Assault, Trauma, and HIV Assistance

Reality Club and Reality Access for Sanlam Group members can get on-phone counseling, face-to-face consultancy, medical advice, purchase of medication, and professional referral. Through a round-the-clock helpline, a member who is involved in exposure to HIV, assault, or physical trauma of any other kind will be provided with the appropriate assistance. Overall, the maximum allocation from this benefit towards medical intervention is R10 000. Then in the case of an assault, the maximum allocation is R 5 000.

  1. Funeral and Burial Support

Reality Access for Sanlam Group members can get funeral and burial support with Sanlam Reality. It applies to the primary insured, their qualifying spouse, or their dependent child. The benefit will cater for the transportation of the deceased and one family member, the night’s accommodation of one family member, guidance on claims procedures, legal advice concerning succession, and advice on general matters relating to funeral arrangements for the deceased.

  1. Legal Assistance

Limited legal assistance is available to Reality Club and Reality Access for Sanlam Group members. The benefit includes 24/7 on-phone legal advice, service of a standard legal dossier, and one direct legal consultation per incident for incidences deemed appropriate by the consultant.

  1.  Road Transportation Discounts

Tempest Car Hire services provide discount rates to Reality Plus and Reality Core members. In addition, an administration fee of R 90 will also apply. Only 30 days in a year can be used to book for the car hire services though.

Alternatively, Intercape Bus allows Reality Club members a discount of up to 50% on a ticket or a capped discount of R 375, whichever is less. In case the members have Wealth Bonus Lifestyle, they can get 20% off per ticket capped at R 150 when they buy 2 tickets.

Reality Plus and Reality Core Members can benefit from up to 30% discounts on Uber trips to and from OR Tambo, Port Elizabeth, Lanseria, King Shaka, and Cape Town International Airports. Although, the discount is only available from 10 pm to 4 am at the time this article was written. 

  1. Flights

Reality Plus members can get up to a 25% discount on a Fly Emirates ticket in accordance with their tier. Only account members of family members in the Family option can use this benefit while booking flights. However, flights to Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Mauritius, and the Seychelles cannot take advantage of this discount.

For FlySafair flights, Reality Plus and Reality Core members can get up to 30% and 20% discounts respectively for a maximum, or 10 single tickets a year for both single and family memberships. Wealth Bonus Lifestyle members can also get 10% off on FlySafair flight tickets. All these discounts will depend on the member’s tier.

  1. Hotel and Accommodation

For accommodations at Protea Hotels by Marriott, Reality Plus and Reality Core members can get discounts of up to 30% and 20% respectively depending on their tier. Zabula Lodge is however not included. 

Reality Plus members on the Bronze, Silver, or Gold tier can benefit from access to Bidvest lounges for 2 visits, 4 visits, and 10 visits respectively for a Single membership option account and 6 visits, 14 visits, and 30 visits respectively for a Family membership option. The access is limited to 1 hour in international lounges and 90 minutes in domestic lounges.

  1. International Travel Insurance

Reality Access for Fedhealth members can get free travel insurance when traveling out of the country. The insurance covers emergency medical interventions and any expenses they cause. Keep in mind that the insurance is subject to Sanlam’s terms and conditions. If a claim is to be successful, it should adhere to these terms.

  1. Pet Insurance

For those on Fedhealth Medical Scheme, pet accident insurance is available if they subscribe to the Reality Access membership option. The insurance covers up to R 5 000 per year of Reality Membership for each Fedhealth Medical Scheme member’s household. It covers injuries from car accidents, electrocution, burns, snake bite, surgical or endoscopic removal of swallowed objects, allergic reactions to bites and stings, fractures, broken bones, wound treatments, and injurious trauma to the tendons or ligaments. In addition, these subscriptions can get you up to 50% discount on pet insurance if you qualify.

  1. Sanlam Life Cover

Reality Plus members can get up to a 30% discount on the first R 3 000 premium payment for life cover or the first R 1 500 on any other risk-benefit.

  1. Help with Taxes and Personal Finance

All reality members can get help filing their tax returns through Taxtim management of personal finance through Wealth Sense.


Sanlam Reality gives users who are invested in various financial and insurance products an ecosystem that could help save money while making everyday tasks simpler, safer, and easier. Even so, if you find several of the benefits it has to offer useful in your everyday tasks, it could also be a useful tool for you.