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RSAWeb Review

The need for a reliable, affordable, and trusted web service provider in South Africa has increased significantly in the recent past, as more South Africans increase consumption of digital services. As such, RSAWeb has stepped up to fill this gap by providing high-quality web solutions. Here is a detailed review, unpacking what RSAWeb is, its services, customer review, how to contact them, and any other important information you should know about RSAWeb.

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Who is RSAWeb?

RSAWeb is an internet service provider with over 19 years of experience in the digital service space. The company offers a range of digital services such as fiber to the home, mobile data management, enterprise connectivity, and cloud infrastructure to assist clients to succeed online through the strategic use of technology to grow revenue, lower cost, and manage risks.

RSAWeb has made a significant financial investment in infrastructure in South Africa and internationally. It has data centers in Cape Town and Johannesburg and Point of Presence (POP) in the USA, Europe, and London.

RSAWeb Services

RSAWeb offers a wide range of services to cater to the needs of different classes of clients, including homes, small and medium enterprises, and large enterprises. Here is what the company offers in each of its customer categories.

Your Home

In this client category, the company offers two types of products. These are:

Fiber to the home (FTTH): this package offers seamless and buffer-free video streaming capabilities, fast download and upload speeds, clear and dependable connection, lag-free gaming experience, reliable VoIP for making uninterrupted internet calls. Currently, the FTTH packages are available starting from R99, which is a good deal given that you get to enjoy all the benefits of high-speed internet even at peak hours. Other benefits:

  • Free set-up
  • Free router
  • Referral and sign up bonus
  • Free mobile data
  • Credit bonus for switching to RSAWeb
  • Free Wi-Fi assessment

Fixed LTE: this package does not need a landline connection. All you need is a sim card and a router. Connect the sim card to the router and turn the router on. It has extensive coverage to allow multiple users to enjoy internet connectivity without compromising internet speeds. First, however, you have to buy a router. You can top up your fixed LTE with as little as 1GB for R10.

Small & Medium Enterprises

RSAWeb offers several digital solutions for small and medium enterprises. Some of these solutions include:

Connectivity solutions: this package ensures you use the internet and call over the internet at an affordable price. This package has multiple options, including fiber to the business, fixed LTE, business mobile data, SD-WAN, VPLS/MPLS, and Microwave.

Cloud solutions: this package allows you to own a fast and secure virtual data center with infinite scalability. You can expect:

  • Virtual data center
  • Multi-cloud hyperscale
  • Data management

Mobile solutions: RSAWeb mobile solutions enhance the mobile capabilities of a business. These solutions are mobile data solutions and mobile management portals. These solutions allow you to save on time and date, improve mobile security in your business transactions, give you better control over data, and compatibility with multiple networks, i.e., MTN, Vodacom, and Global SIM.

Security solutions: this package allows you to protect your business and client data. RSAWebSecurity solutions include essential services such as back-up, data management, and data recovery. These services are offered through multiple solutions like:

  • Fortigate
  • Cloudflare
  • Veeam
  • Back-up and disaster recovery

Large Enterprise

RSAWeb offers reliable connectivity solutions, cloud solutions, mobile solutions, security solutions, and IoT and Lorawan solutions to large businesses.

Customer Review

According to Whtop, customers have different opinions about RSAWeb depending on the quality of service they receive. Here are some of what clients had to say about the RSAWeb digital solutions:

According to this client, RSAWeb offers unmatched customer service. In the client’s words, “I’ve been with RSAWEB for nearly 3 years and what always comes to mind is that it is such a wonderful customer service-centric company, the service has only been getting better and better in the past 2 years, especially through Covid, so that speaks volumes. RSAWEB is the best internet provider by far vs. others I’ve used before in South Africa.”

This client also expressed customer satisfaction in these words, “Fantastic experience all the way from pre-sales all the way through the delivery of the service. Excellent product information provided, great communication throughout the process, complete transparency, and realistic ETA’s provided by the Enterprise support and engineering teams when we raise any change requests or technical support tickets. RSAWeb is our go-to provider for all future projects.”

Good customer service isn’t the only thing clients commend RSAWeb for upholding. They also celebrate the company’s professionalism as expressed by this client, “Not experienced such a professional service in a long, long time. Thank you to Wesley. A true asset to your company. Wesley, keep up the great work.”

How to Contact RSAWeb

To contact RSAWeb for home and residential issues or products, use:

  • Service desk support: Mon to Fri 06:00 – 00:00; Sat to Sun 06:00 – 22:00
  • Email:
  • Mobile no: 0874700000
  • Sales: Mon to Fri 07:00 – 21:00; Sat to Sun 08:00 – 16:00
  • Email:
  • Mobile no: 0874700000

To contact RSAWeb for SME & Enterprise issues or products, use:

  • SOC support: Mon to Fri 07:00 – 18:00
  • Email:
  • Mobile no: 0874700500
  • SME & Enterprise Sales: Mon to Fri 08:00 – 17:00;
  • SME sales email:
  • Enterprise sales email:
  • Mobile no: 0874700000


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