Updated 11.06.2023

Rage Account

Rage account is an easy way to pay for products at Rage. Essentially, it uses mobile money transfer technology to complete transactions. 

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Online transactions have become the norm of the day, especially for people that reside in urban settlements. Rage, one of the leading south African retail companies that take pride in ensuring South Africans get the best clothing and footwear through online purchases has come up with Rage Accounts that ease such transactions. The company was founded in 1996 and is currently being managed by Jeff Gochin as the Chief Executive officer.

Requirements for Opening a Rage Account in South Africa

To open a Rage Account in South Africa, you must first meet the following requirements. To begin with, you must be:

  • A bona fide citizen of South Africa with a valid national identification Number. 
  • Between the ages of 18 – 65 years. 
  • Eligible to apply for a rage account in south Africa if your minimal monthly allowance is not less than 1000 rand. 
  • In possession of a mobile number that is registered under your national identification number.

How to Open a Rage Account in South Africa

There are basically two main ways of opening and owning a working rage Account in South Africa. 

Use of Short Message Service- SMS

For South Africans that do not own smartphones, you can easily open a Rage account by the use of the short message service. This method is efficient and very easy to use. You will be required to type your:

  • Identification card number followed by the star symbol *, 
  • First name* then surname* and finally your,
  • Monthly income allowances or salary then,
  • Send it to 47489. (ID no*First name*Surname*monthly income then send to 47489). 

The SMS method gives room for immediate feedback.

Use of the Internet (online application)

For South Africans that live in urban settlements, this seems to be the best available option to get a Rage account for transactional purposes. One would be required to own a South African ID, have monthly income or allowance, a legally registered phone number, and a Rage staff clock number for those that are applying for in-store services. You can easily access these services by logging into  and filling in the blank spaces that are provided. You will get your feedback immediately.

Methods of Payment for South African Rage Accounts

Once your application has been verified and approved, you will immediately be listed in the credit bureau. What is even more interesting is that Rage does not blacklist its members for late payments. If one fails to pay for a sequence of payments, one is termed a bad payer. Here are some of the payment methods that are easily accepted by the Rage company for their South African customers.

Bank Transfers

For South Africans that love to use their bank accounts, you can easily use your bank Accounts to pay for your Rage accounts. Those that use the ABSA bank, for example, can use a dedicated account number with a cheque account as the account type.

Use of Visa Cards and MasterCard 

Why struggle to go to the bank or look for the nearest Rage branch if you can get easy access to the visa cards and master cards that you could use for efficient funding of your Rage accounts in the comfort of your home? Once you open a rage account, the company will immediately send you your visa or MasterCard depending on your preferences. These cards come in handy as they are simple and secure to use. Moreover, you have access to your account number at your fingertips. It is however worth noting that these cards are the sole property of the Rage company and they, therefore, have full rights to revoke your ownership if you go against their company policies.

Importance of Owning a Rage account in South Africa

Getting yourself a Rage account as a South African will come with very many benefits, some of which include:

Home Delivery of Your Products 

Once you order your products online, Rage company takes all the responsibilities of ensuring that your goods get delivered to wherever you please, whether it is at home or at your workplace. You are therefore assured of saving transportation fees.

No Hidden Fees /Zero Service Fee/Zero Interests

Rage accounts do not have any hidden fees and have zero interest in their products. You, therefore, get quality products at the best possible market prices.

25% Promotion Discounts 

Once you have a rage account in South Africa, you are able to get your hands on the best discount deals on products like shoes and clothing. This ensures that you save on your spending but you still get the best products.

Payment Statements

Through their payment receipts via SMS and online, as a South African, you are assured of transparency and accountability. One gets monthly statements either online or via SMS.

Voucher Redemption

Rage accounts give their clients a chance to redeem their vouchers for products they have a taste for.

Claims and Easy Exchange of Products 

In case your products get spoilt on the way, you have a window period of seven working days to file a complaint. 

For South Africans, I would highly recommend that you get yourself a Rage account for the best footwear and clothing services online. All you require is your South African identification card, a record of your monthly allowance, and a legally registered phone number. You will enjoy unlimited services once your application has been approved. These include services that have no hidden fee thus full transparency. The company also issues receipts and you can easily access all this in the comfort of your home. A revolutionary online shopping platform that ensures you get your best products at the best rest and over the shortest period possible.