Updated 11.06.2023

Pondo Hairstyles in South Africa

Your hair is a vital part of your overall looks. A bad hairdo can water down even the trendiest of outfits. Therefore, you must ensure your hairstyle is not only appropriate for the shape of your face but also trendy. This can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

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A hairstyle puts across a strong statement about your style and personality. It also influences how people receive or perceive you. One of the trendiest hairstyles taking South Africa by storm in 2022 is the Pondo hairstyle. Emerging as one of South Africa’s hottest hairdos, ladies across ages, from stay-at-home mums to college students, businesswomen to celebs, have embraced the Pondo hairstyle. The style exudes power and confidence.

The versatility of the Pondo hairstyle is broad. It ranges from high buns and braided ponytails to afro puff ponytails, giving you numerous options for your style. Typically, the style includes an elaborate braid that falls into a long ponytail, giving a new meaning to creativity, sophistication, and beauty. This article compiles some of the trendiest Pondo hairstyles in South Africa in 2022.

Bantu Knots

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If you are looking for a traditional look, braided Bantu knots are the way to go. This look is perfect for traditional events but may still be rocked at work. Bantu knot originated from the isiZulu people of South Africa but has since been embraced by a diverse population. To achieve this look, you’ll need hair extensions and perhaps some hair beads to enhance the look. You then section your hair into small parts and twist them. The twisted hair is then tied around to form a spiraled knot. Next, you can leave some sections of the hair hanging in front and add beads at the ends of the hair. Finally, you can lay down your edges using styling gel to complete the look.

Double Afro bun

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The double afro bun is a simple, fun look for outgoing individuals who are young at heart. It gives a playful look which is also ideal for kids. The double afro bun combines the glamour afro puffs with the fun buns giving you an instant facelift and youthful look. To achieve this look, part your natural hair into two sections and tie them up in double pussy cat style. After that, ensure that the pussy cat buns are balanced equally. Then, introduce your afro puffs to your pussy cat buns and secure them in place to get a modern-day pussycat look.

Top Knot Side Swoop

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If you are looking for class and sophistication, add some glamour to your hairstyle with a top knot swoop ponytail. This gorgeous Pondo hairstyle includes a long ponytail tied in a twist on top of the head while a section of your front hair is swept to the side, highlighting the unique features of your face. The top knot side swoop hairstyle is one of the hottest long Pondo hairstyles in South Africa. You may add metallic strings to your top knot to enhance the look. Other than this, you can also wear this style on braided hair. People love a good braided hairdo, with a good reason. Braided hair is widely accepted due to its versatility and super easy-to-maintain nature.

Afro Moment

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The afro moment Pondo hairstyle is what you need when you have a busy schedule and hardly any time for complicated hairdos. It is a sleek hairstyle that can be worn within seconds. You can wear your natural hair proudly without any extensions to exude the complete African woman vibes. Not only does this style make a bold statement, but it also frames your face flawlessly, giving you a radiant glow. To achieve this look, comb your side and back hair towards the middle and secure it with pins. Then, comb out the rest of the hair to stand out in its full glory. You may also include some golden clasps instead of the pins to enhance your boss lady look.

Nutty Puffs

Nutty puffs are a bold hairstyle for the braver, more fashion-conscious women. It features multiple long ponytails that end in big afro puffs. These long puffs intensify the beauty of natural hair and afro, while the big afro puffs at the end of the ponytails add flair to the look. You cannot go wrong with this Pondo hairstyle.

The Classic Pony

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The classic pony is another easy-to-achieve Pondo hairstyle. Essentially, you hold your hair neatly in a top knot atop your head while the rest is left cascading down your back in a neat pony. The classic pony gives you a fierce and elegant look. You may need to use some styling gel to smooth down your hair into a sleek pony and give your baby hairs a playful look. You may also braid your natural hair on the top and allow the remaining hair to drop down your shoulders from your top knot ponytail.

Crowned In Dreads

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Crowned dreads Pondo hairstyle offers a majestic look for women who are obsessed with big buns. This style is easy on the eye as well as it is easy to achieve. It’s possible to wear it within minutes. This Pondo hairstyle is ideal for a businesswoman who wants to take charge and stand out in the boardroom. Add flair to the look by holding your dreadlocks up high in a big bun and smooth down your edges with some styling gel.

Whether you have short or long hair, Pondo hairstyles will make you look even more stunning. It is preferred by women who want to show off their culture and sense of style as it provides a sophisticated, creative, and fashion-forward look. However, it is crucial to note that this style may damage your hairline resulting in thinning or hair loss if tightly done. Be sure not to tie it too tightly to reduce the pressure on your scalp. You should also avoid overusing it. 

Now you know. You can wear any of these Pondo hairstyles and pull any look you wish. Consult your beautician and have any of these styles.