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Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing in South Africa

Where can you buy plus size clothing in South Africa?

plus size clothing

Are you fed up with South Africa’s limited selection of fashionable plus-size apparel stores? No matter your size, it’s time to liberate yourself from the limitations of beauty standards imposed by society and appreciate your individual style. In this article, you will take a tour of South Africa’s greatest plus-size fashion hotspots where empowerment, diversity, and cutting-edge choices converge.

Shopping for plus-sized clothes is frequently a stressful experience. This is because many stores fail to provide products that meet the demands for curvy women. However, certain companies and online retailers have distinguished themselves as symbols of inclusivity by providing a wide selection of stylish and reasonably priced alternatives for all body types. These retailers understand that fashion transcends size restrictions. The list covers everything from dresses and tops to swimwear and activewear.

Get ready to embrace a new era of fashion that celebrates and elevates women of all sizes as you say goodbye to the restrictions and annoyances of traditional shopping experiences. Explore the world of plus-size fashion in South Africa, where only your personal preferences and sense of expression are constrained. Prepare to investigate, discover, and transform your wardrobe confidently and stylishly.

Belle Wholesale

For its dedication to diversity and the empowerment of women of all sizes, Belle Online Store stands out. Belle Wholesale, which was established in 2015, strives to defy conventional beauty standards and provide a huge selection of reasonably priced clothing and accessories. The brand boasts more than 37k Instagram followers. It features stunning women wear of all sizes including clothes that align to the latest trends.

Each week, the company introduces 1000 new outfits to give customers something new to look forward to. When they do, they provide fashionable options that are frequently disregarded by other manufacturers. These options are tailored exclusively to cater to plus size and curvy body shapes. Trustpilot and Sitejabber customer reviews for the store are largely favorable.

Asos Plus -Size

For years, ASOS (As Seen On Screen) has consistently offered the plus-size fashion market with ultra-trendy designs and on-the-go items at affordable prices. When other purchasing options have failed to deliver, ASOS’s inventory comes in handy. Examples include a pair of chunky wide-width friendly boots, a garment with a midriff cutout, or plus-size pajamas.

Among their most trendy plus size designs are the Curve Mesh Tie Cardigan, Curve Double-Breasted Pajamas Set, and Curve 90 Denier Super Stretch Recycled Blend Tights.

Leading South African online fashion company carries a large selection of plus-size women’s apparel. To meet the varied fashion requirements of curvy ladies, their plus size line comprises dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, activewear, and swimwear. provides plus-size ladies with access to a wide selection of fashionable options by featuring a mix of regional and international brands. is a well-known online retailer for plus-size clothing in South Africa, offering convenient shipping choices, simple returns, and a size range that extends to 5XL.

Lee Bex

An online plus-size apparel retailer in South Africa by the name of Lee Bex has earned a reputation as the greatest place to shop for plus-size clothing. By addressing the absence of fashionable and age-appropriate clothing options for plus-size women in the nation, Rebecca Garande and Thickleeyonce’s brand, which was founded in 2016, has made tremendous gains in the local fashion sector.

Lee Bex stands out as a paradise for plus-size customers thanks to its dedication to providing clothing for all body types and ages without sacrificing fabric quality or style. Positive brand reviews have been gathered from pleased customers, representing their enjoyable and rewarding shopping experiences. This is especially important for younger ladies who frequently struggle to locate the appropriate fits and stylish items in a market that mostly favors smaller sizes.

Rebecca Garande, who comes from a corporate rather than a fashion industry background, saw an opportunity to close the plus-size market gap. Her work with the well-known influencer and content producer Thickleeyonce gives the business a valuable creative viewpoint. Their complementary roles help make Lee Bex successful.

Lee Bex keeps up with fashion trends by conducting research through a variety of channels, such as the internet and the media. Although the brand is most known for its dresses and skirts, it has previously dabbled in denim. However, because of the difficulties in producing jeans, the emphasis has mainly been on dresses and skirts. That said, the company is still open to broadening its product selection in the future, possibly by introducing more casual clothing like jeans and t-shirts.


Shopping used to be a nightmare for Plus Fab’s owner, Ouma Tema. Anytime she saw something she wanted, it wasn’t offered in her size, and the pieces looked like they belonged to a “grandma.” So she created her own plus-size clothing business, which she initially sold from the trunk of her car. Today, The Space sells her designs in their retail and online stores. Noeleen Maholowna-Sanqu, Rosie Motene, and Anele Mdoda are among her remarkable list of famous clientele – that should be enough to convince you to check out this plus-size clothing designer.

Mango Violeta

Mango’s Violeta line features all the trendy looks for which the company is renowned but in larger sizes (European sizes 42 to 54, which correspond to South African sizes 16 to 26). Pick from stylish dresses, tees, jeans, tailored suits, and matching accessories. It is a one-stop shop for all things stunning and understands that there is no size limit to fashion. Additionally, Mango Violeta now offers it for sale online at Superbalist.

In conclusion

South Africa is embracing the plus-size fashion revolution, with online retailers and businesses committed to offering fashionable and inclusive options for women of all sizes. The era of little options and poorly fitted clothing is over. The companies described in this article, along with numerous others, aim at meeting the fashion demands of curvy women by providing a vast selection of fashionable and reasonably priced clothes.

Supporting inclusive brands helps to boost the increasing body positivity and self-acceptance movement while also broadening your personal wardrobe. Explore the world of plus-size fashion in South Africa and let go of the restrictions imposed by conventional fashion norms. You deserve to feel and look fantastic in an outfit that is made specifically for you.


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