Updated 09.03.2022

Unifi Loans

Unifi loans are loan products offered to employed individuals living in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is available to clients across a number of countries including South Africa. You can get a personal loans online at Unifi. Each of the loan products at Unifi comes with its unique set of requirements, benefits and methods of applying. In this piece, we will explore how to apply for the Unifi personal loans, what you need for the loan application, the period it takes for your loan to be approved and everything else you need to know about Unifi loan application.

Unifi Loans
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Applying for a Unifi online loan is fast and easy. Other than this, it also has a lower interest rate than loans applied in-person in a bank. You can apply for the loan anywhere and at any time. Applicants can access flexible loans as low as R2000 to as high as R8000 with a repayment period of six months. The Unifi online loan allows you to solve emergency problems by availing funds immediately after your loan is approved. So, how do you apply for the Unifi loans?

How to apply for a Unifi Loan?

In order to qualify for a Unifi loan, you first have to:

  • Have a good credit score
  • Meet the minimum age requirement
  • Provide your latest three months bank statements and/or payslip
  • Have a valid South African Identification number
  • Provide proof of address

If you meet these requirements, you need to proceed to the next steps in your application process. You can request loans via the website, the steps are:

  • Load the Unifi loan application page on your browser and sign up. You will key in your ID number and create a strong password
  • Complete the Unifi loan application form online
  • Attach all the necessary documents i.e your three recent bank statements or payslips
  • The results of your application will be made known immediately
  • You will then need to agree to the terms of the loan agreement and then the processing of your cash loan can begin
  • If you qualify, the loan amount you applied for will be sent to your registered bank on the same day

How long do Unifi Loans take to approve a loan?

Unifi loans do not take long to approve loans. After filling in an online application, you will receive an immediate response to your loan application. If the response is positive and you qualify for a loan, the payout will be made to your bank within 24 hours. It will be quicker if you have a good credit record

Applying and getting approved for Unifi loan is fast and easy. You do not have to deal with papers, or queue or attend meetings to qualify. Instead, you fill an online form and money is sent directly to your bank account when you are deemed a worthy debtor. However, you have to repay the loan within six months.

Unifi Credit

What are the Unifi Loan Fees?

The Unifi Loans have an initiation fee which will depend on the amount you are borrowing. Then there are also monthly service fee of R69 per month.

What are the Unifi Loan Terms?

Unifi offers a loan term of up to 6 months.

Unifi Loans Login

You can access the Unifi Loans Login and manage your online account by going to https://unifi.credit/za/ and entering your South Africa ID Number and Password.

Unifi Loans Contact Details

Unifi Whatsapp scam warning! – Unifi does not use Whatsapp and so will not sure it to ask for your banking details or any personal info.

You can contact Unifi loans using any of these means.

Loan Enquiries phone number: +27211100600
Loan Enquiries email address: clientcare@za.unifi.credit
Corporate Enquiries contact number: +27211110888
Corporate Enquiries email address: info@unifi.credit

Email address: infor@ultimatefinance.co.tz

Physical address:

Unifi Credit (PTY) LTD
Level 2 Block A, 
The Vineyard,
1 Devon Valley Rd,
South Africa.

Unifi loans offer fast and easy services. Customers do not need to undergo any hassle other than the minimum requirements set by the lender and credit union to get the loan. Follow these steps to complete the personal loan application and get approved for the Unifi loan in South Africa.