Just Loans South Africa

Just Loans

It’s not that hard to get a personal loan in South Africa. But if you have a bad credit rating, you’ll have trouble looking for a lender that will approve your request.

Luckily, Just Loans can help. They offer loans for blacklisted people and to those who don’t have a good credit rating.

What is Just Loans?

Just Loans is a company that specializes in providing personal and debt consolidation loans to South Africans. They also offer loans for blacklisted people and those with bad credit rating. Just Loans has dealt with thousands of customers for the past decade, including those with a history of delinquency in their payment.

Getting Your Loan

Just Loans offer personal loans for blacklisted people from a minimum of R2 000 to a maximum of
R50 000. Just Loans can issue an answer to your loan application within 2 hours from the time you submit the form online.

Just Loans and their credit providers may consult with the Credit Bureau to check your debt history and credit profile. They will not approve your loan request if they see that you can’t pay the amount on the agreed period.

All information you enter on their website will remain confidential. It will not be distributed to any third party entity aside from the credit providers affiliated with Just Loans. Cancelled applications are completely deleted from their database and all copies of it are destroyed to ensure information privacy.

Interest & Fees

Here are the rates Just Loans charge for the personal loans they offer:

  • R57 every month as service fee for managing your account.
  • APR of 32.10% to 60%.
  • The 14% VAT is already included in the computation of fees.

The initiation and admin fees Just Loan asks for are all within the bounds stated by the National Credit Regulator.

Repayment Schedule

Repayments are automatically made through the bank account you provided during the application process. If your bank account has insufficient amount to proceed with the automatic debit order, you’ll be charged an additional cost.

Just Loans will contact you via phone, email, and SMS message for the next 3 days to remind you to settle your debts. Continuous failure to repay the agreed amount on time will force Just Loans to take necessary legal actions. This will also reflect on your credit record, making it harder for you to get another loan in the future.

Just Loans may cancel the ongoing agreement in case you fail to notify them of any of the following circumstances:

  • You’ve changed your employer.
  • You become unemployed.
  • You changed your banking account details.
  • You changed your address.

You can be sued if you redirect your salary to another bank account without notifying Just Loans. The company also has the right to terminate your loan contract and you’ll be required to repay the remaining balance in full.

Just Loans may allow their clients to apply for another loan in addition to an existing one. If you’ve made the first instalment on your 1st loan, Just Loans may permit you to get another loan depending on the circumstances. The same rates will apply to the additional loan to make sure you can still afford to repay all of them on time.


You can apply for a Just Loans personal loan online using the form available on their website. You have to provide all the details required in their online application form. This will be the basis for qualifying your application. Missing a single item may cause the delay or even rejection of your loan request.

They may contact you for additional requirements so better be prepared to provide what they need.

Contact Details

If you want to clarify something about your loan or you wish to cancel your application, you can email or call them via the following channels.

Email: info@justloans.co.za

Phone: 087 802 6061 or 041 487 1969

Mobile: 076 622 7425

You can also visit them in their office located at the following address:

Office Address: 377 Govan Mbeki Ave, Port Elizabeth Central, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 6001, South Africa