Hippo Loans - South Africa


What is Hippo?

Hippo.co.za is a website where you can compare the rates of personal loans and insurances from various providers of financial products across South Africa.

Customers used to call and talk to a service assistant just to get a quotation for their products. This can take a few minutes to an hour, depending on the speed and efficiency of the other person on the line in gathering the required information.

With hippo.co.za, you can compare the rates and prices of a wide range of lenders in South Africa and have the results consolidated for you. Hippo quotes can compare rates of home, motor, health, and business insurances, as well as personal loans in an instant.

The quotes Hippo provides are sourced directly from partner lenders, so rest assured they’re accurate and informative.

Getting Your Loan

Go to their website and complete the step-by-step guide that will help match your needs with Hippo loan partners. After submitting the form, you’ll be presented with a list of lenders capable of accepting your loan request. Once you’ve selected a lender you’re interested in, Hippo.co.za will get you in touch with the chosen lender so you can directly talk to them the details of your request.

There’s no fee involved in using the Hippo website. The company makes money by charging their partners for the advertisement and service they provide.

Once your lender finishes processing your application, the approved amount will be deposited to your bank account. Make sure you provide all the requirements they need to avoid delays in the approval process.

Personal loans may be secured or unsecured, depending on the matching lender. The amount you can borrow ranges from R100 to R150 000. The available amount will depend on your credit rating, so the better your rating is, the larger amount you can borrow.

Available repayment terms range from 1 day to    5 years. If you plan to repay the debt within a period not specified in the form, you can select the “Other Term” option which will allow you to input a custom timeframe.

Interest & Fees

Interest rates vary, depending on the selected lender. Some may charge fixed rates while some may charge varying rates that go with market fluctuations.

You can use the Expense Calculator available on the Hippo.co.za website to get an estimate of how much you need to save in order to pay your debts monthly.

Repayment Schedule

Repayments terms will depend on the lender you’ve chosen. Most of them will likely have repayments done through automatic debit from your bank account.

Remember that the bank account you’ll provide must be the same account where your monthly salary is deposited into.

Clients who earn fortnightly or weekly are not barred from applying for a loan. The repayment terms can be readjusted with your lender to suit your salary schedule. Most of them will require you to submit the last 4 payslips you had if you’re a fortnightly earner; weekly earners must submit their last 2 payslips.

Not paying on time will affect your credit rating and make it harder for you to apply for a loan the next time around.


Whoever lender you choose to deal with, the following requirements are usually the minimum they need you to satisfy to get your loan request approved:

  • A South African citizen who works in the country
  • The client must be at least 18 years of age

Lenders will also look for the following documents, so better prepare them in advance:

  • A copy of your green ID with its barcode visible
  • Three months’ worth of bank statement
  • Proof of residence
  • Most recent payslips

Partners of Hippo Finance will need to verify your monthly income.

Some lenders require clients to be employed by the same employer for the past 6 months. Some will only look for your source of income and make sure you can regularly earn an amount that’s enough to repay your monthly dues.

Contact Details

You can contact Hippo by filling out the online form available on the Contact section of their website. If you want to call or email them, take note of the following details:

Phone: 086 100 7371

Email: info@hippo.co.za


If you want to visit them at their office, take note of their address and office hours:


Office address: Auto & General Park, 1 Telesure Lane, Riverglen, Dainfern, Midrand, Gauteng, 2191, South Africa

Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sat: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM