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Finance Quotes

Finance Quotes

Finance Quotes provides quotations on a lot of financial products including home loans, car financing, bike financing, business financing, and personal loans in South Africa. They also offer help to find loans to finance emergency situations like hospitalization and accidents.

They have a team of dedicated specialists who can assist with your loan requirements. They can help you compare quotations and give financial advice using the knowledge they gained from years of experience in the business.

Finance Quotes is not an actual loan provider. Instead, they help clients get through lending institutions, acting as a bridge to connect to them easier and faster.

They’re partnered with major banks and lenders in South Africa. Finance Quotes can act as your intermediary and forward your application to these partners. They ensure higher chances of getting accepted by lending institutions compared to directly submitting your loan request to them.

Finance Quotes short-term loans can help you raise the initial funding you need to get into a business. They can also lend you money to keep your daily operations running, invest in a new equipment, or add funds for expansion or renovation.

Getting Your Loan

To apply for a Finance Quotes personal loan, simply fill out the application form they have on their website. Provide all required information including your ID number, bank details, as well as your net salary. This information will be relayed to their partners to get quotations from them. Expect to receive a lot of offers from various lending institutions once your request is recognized.

The whole process will take only around 24 to 48 hours to complete. Take note also that upon submission of your personal loan application, you agree to have the lender do a credit check on your profile.

Interest & Fees

Since Finance Quotes is partnered with various lenders, there are no fixed rates they can guarantee. Fees and rates may vary depending on the financial provider you’ve chosen to deal with.

Repayment Schedule

The same with fees, the repayment schedule and terms may vary from one lender to another. The only thing for sure is that you have to provide them with the same bank account where you receive your monthly salary. This is to automatically debit the amount you owe them as stated in your loan contract.

If you want to know how much it will take you to loan a specific amount of money, you can use the online loan calculator available on the Finance Quotes website.


Their online application form requires you to provide basic information regarding your financial situation. If there are other documents that need to be submitted, they’ll contact you immediately.

Contact Details

If you need to get in touch with them, you can fill out the query form they have on their website. They’ll respond back using the email address you’ve provided on the query form.