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Paying Surveys in South Africa

Are paying surveys in South Africa a good way to earn extra cash? Well, paying surveys are among the most common ways to earn money online. It involves filling survey questions and other challenges in exchange for money or other incentives. These surveys differ in nature. As such, you need to find one that you qualify for to get started.

Paying Surveys in South Africa
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There are a number of paid surveys in South Africa that you can sign up for and earn an extra daily, weekly or monthly income. These sites offer cash rewards, bitcoins and other incentives to a surveyee. While these earnings won’t make you n instant millionaire, they’ll supplement your income and help you make ends meet.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need an internet-enabled device such as a computer or a phone and a dependable internet connection. Once you have these tools, you need to define your end goal to find a site that’ll help you meet your goal. For instance, if getting extra cash is your goal, you should take surveys on sites that pay cash. Conduct extensive research on each site before signing up with them.

Paying Surveys in South Africa

Typically, companies pay online survey sites to conduct research for them through surveys. These companies expect you to be honest when taking the surveys. Therefore, only consider signing up to sites where you can provide value.

Here is a list of paying survey sites in SA that you should consider signing up for.


Lifepoints is one of the most reputable and high-paying online paid survey sites in South Africa. It is user-friendly and provides both web and app platforms for surveyees to take surveys. Their app works well on iOS and Android phones.

LifePoints bridges the gap existing between business services and consumer habits. Essentially, people who participate in the surveys offer their views and opinions, which in turn influence the direction that global brands take when developing products and offering services to consumers.

The site offers numerous surveys for participants to take. For this reason, you will be able to cash out within the first seven days of participating in the surveys. Typically, each survey takes less than ten minutes, after which you earn redeemable points that’ll earn you rewards such as an e-gift card and PayPal cash. In case you don’t qualify to take the LifePoints survey, you will automatically enter a sweepstakes draw.


SwitchedOn is ideal for anyone who is keen on entertainment, sports, technology and current affairs. The platform seeks the opinion of entertainment enthusiasts with a knack for all types of entertainment and current affairs content. Furthermore, the company seeks to weigh your opinions, interests and preferences on these subject matters. People signing up on this platform should be suckers for entertainment to provide credible answers when tackling the survey questions.

Surveyees are rewarded with different prizes, including airtime, cash, or shopping vouchers. What is more interesting, the site conducts weekly round draws to reward its community for taking part in the surveys.

To join and win prizes on SwitchedOn, you need to follow a simple 3 step procedure. First, you need to register by filling out and submitting a registration form. A verification link will be sent to your email address. Click on the link to verify your registration. Second, take surveys on the site, and finally, win prizes for successfully completing the survey.

Univox Community

Univox Community is a well-established online survey site that rewards contributors with cash prizes and gift cards. The site has different payout options, including PayPal, Amazon gift card, and virtual master card.

The community is constantly looking for contributors across the globe, including paying surveys in South Africa. The platform has a straightforward signing-in process and a user-friendly interface. Once you are in, you can earn by taking part in free contests, filling out paid surveys, and earning referral points each time you invite new participants to the platform.

New members receive a sign-on bonus of $2 and have a payout threshold of $25. However, as you advance your membership level, this threshold is revised downward – to $10. To do this, you need to be an active member of the site. You’ll also receive more benefits as you advance.

Survey Now

Survey Now offers instant account activation, exposing you to numerous paid online surveys on your phone – through a mobile app – or on their web platform. Both platforms are secure and easy to navigate.

The site offers different prizes to participants. These rewards include vouchers, cash, competitions, and gift cards. To join the platform, you need to follow a simple free-to-sign-up process that involves filling out a short registration form on the site’s home page.

Once you are on the platform, you need to take surveys. Some surveys might be short, taking 2 minutes, while others might be longer, taking more than 5 minutes. Fortunately, the amount of reward you get is determined by the difficulty and length of a survey. Each participant has a dashboard on their research panel where all completed surveys and periodic rewards are recorded for easier tracking.


SurveySavvy offers the most favourable cash-out option in the market. Participants only need to have $1 in their accounts to cash out.

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But how does it really work?

Essentially, you sign up by completing a member profile. The site collects your data and uses it to match you to jobs. When your member profile meets the minimum requirements for a job, the site will send you an email inviting you to take the survey. The invitation states the amount you are likely to earn from the survey. To take the survey, you’ll have to undergo a screening process to determine your suitability for the task before proceeding to complete the body of the survey. When you finish, the amount quoted in the invitation will be credited to your account. Based on their job allocation metrics, the number of surveys you can take is not guaranteed. You will only be invited to the jobs that match your profile. In the same vein, there is no limit to the number of invites that you can get.

To earn more on the platform, it is prudent for you to ensure your member profile is up to date. Do this by completing a voluntary portrait survey. You can also increase your earnings through referrals. Essentially, you join Surveysavvy’s referral program and invite new members into the platform for a reward. The platform offers links that you can share on your social media pages, in private messages and through email.

Surveysavvy also has an app dubbed the SavvyConnect, which permits market research companies to see data as your surf the internet. This data is then processed and used to analyze user behaviour online. The company is able to find trends in entertainment, shopping and online searches.

Toluna South Africa

Toluna South Africa provides a great opportunity to South Africans who are ready and willing to take paid surveys. There are numerous surveys that you can take on a weekly basis, both on Toluna’s web or mobile app platform. The mobile app makes it easy for you to earn while on the move. However, you must log in to the platform occasionally to check if there are surveys for you to take at any given moment.

The platform offers paid surveys as the main way one can earn. However, there are other ways you can earn on the platform. For instance, Toluna allows members to create content that other participants can vote for. In addition to this, the platform runs numerous contests announced on Toluna’s South African blog or on the platform itself. Participants can also apply for product testing, where they’ll be given free products to test. The platform has set $10 as the threshold to withdraw. Once you meet the threshold, you can withdraw in three ways, including PayPal, products, and gift cards.


MindSwams offers a video survey that helps top brands in advertising, tech, retail, entertainment, and health care understand the position and emotions of clients. The platform has options that brands can choose from. These are:

  • DIY – this is a DIY research platform that allows brands to swiftly surface insights that they need for innovation. Here the brand provides participants while the platform offers AI tools and a user-friendly video survey for research.
  • DIY + Recruit – the DIY + Recruit option is for brands that know their target audience but need assistance finding them. It combines the platform’s DIY option and recruiting expertise with a database of 250 000 end users.
  • Full Service – this is ideal for brands that want to get valuable consumer insights without lifting a finger. The platform provides its team of expert researchers who will help design the research, recruit and write reports on a brand’s study.

As a survey participant, you will be able to take video surveys. While this may not be ideal for a camera-shy participant, it rewards well surveyees who can do it. The platform rewards $50 per survey to participants who take a 20 minutes survey. This amount is credited to your PayPal account after the completion of your survey.


Formerly known as ClixSense, ySense is a worldwide platform offering numerous earning options to participants. The platform has a steady number of daily surveys that participants can take. Even so, you might need to try more than one time before landing a survey that fits your profile. Other than taking surveys, you can earn by inviting friends to the platform and taking online offers. The platform also provides daily bonus rewards to anyone who meets a certain level of activity in their account.

South Africans who join this platform can take free paid surveys, review products and refer people to the platform for cash. When your earnings reach $5, you can withdraw it through your Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer account or as a gift card.


Timebucks offers numerous paid surveys. You can take these surveys through different providers as long as you are logged into the platform and receive payment through your TimeBucks account. Most surveys provided to you on this platform are offered through offer walls and survey routers. This system makes it easy for you to land survey tasks from different countries across the globe. However, you might have to wait a while before you land a survey gig that you qualify for.

Creating a TimeBucks account is open to everyone. South Africans can earn on this platform in more ways than one – other than taking surveys. These other options include watching videos, mining cryptocurrency, watching online content, and sharing content on different social media pages. The payment options on the platform vary from Skrill, Bitcoin, Payeer, Neteller, and Bank Transfers.

The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a big survey platform available to participants in many countries. The site offers South Africans an opportunity to earn income in more ways than one. This platform uses participant information to aid clients in market research. In exchange for this information, clients pay the platform, which then pays participants for taking surveys on the platform.

The Panel Station has a web platform and a mobile app which users can use to take surveys and receive payments. When you take a survey and complete it successfully, you earn points. Most of these surveys are taken through the company’s mobile app.

Surveys take an average of 12-15 minutes, making it easy for you to earn points. These points can be exchanged for rewards. Participants usually earn 500-500o points in every survey. Therefore, you should choose the right surveys to earn significant points.

When joining the platform, you will have to complete your profile to gain access to surveys. Therefore, you should keep your profile updated for a chance to get more surveys. The platform also allows you to choose whether to receive your surveys through WhatsApp.

These are some of the most reliable and high paying surveys in South Africa. All have a free sign-up option and numerous paid surveys you can take weekly. So create an account on any one of the sites and start earning now.


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