Updated 22.04.2021

Absa Instant Loan

The Absa Instant Loan makes it easy for you to borrow cash anytime you need it. As long as you have online access or you can get a hold of an Absa ATM, you can apply for a loan immediately.

ABSA Instant Cash Loan

The Absa Instant Loan is simply the best, quick cash solution for emergency purposes. If you’re waiting for your salary to be deposited but you’re in urgent need of cash to buy food, medicine, or to pay for an accident, you can quickly access extra funds without having to worry about the massive interest rates.

Due to popular demand and the success of the product, Absa has since increased the maximum amount offered through Absa Instant Loans. Now, you can borrow money from R250 up to R5 000 without having to go through a tedious application process.

With Absa Instant Loan, there’s no need to wait for long queues when you visit a branch, nor wait for days to get your loan application approved. You can access the extra cash as if it has always been in your account.

Getting Your Loan

You can access the Absa Instant Loan online or on any Absa ATM you can find. The process is like any normal bank transaction, except this time, you’re borrowing money that you can receive in an instant.

Before you get access to Absa Instant Loans, you must pass the pre-qualification process first. Only pre-qualified and cheque account clients will be able to take advantage of the instant loan.

The Absa Instant Loan’s accessibility also has its limits. Although you can get the loan anytime, you won’t be able to apply for it every so often. You’ll be temporarily barred from getting another Absa Instant Loan even though you’ve paid all outstanding balance. Usually, it will take 4 to 6 months before you’re allowed to apply again.

Interest & Fees

A one-off initiation fee will be applied on your loan; that’s 10% of the loaned amount excluding VAT.

For instance, if you take a loan of R300 and repay it within 35 days, you’ll be paying at least R330 because of the initiation fee.

There’s no interest on Absa Instant Loans amounting up to R3 000. However, interest rates and service fees may apply on loans exceeding this amount.

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Repayment Schedule

The maximum repayment period for an Absa Instant Loan is 35 days. Exceeding this period will incur interest and associated penalty fees.


The requirements to get an Absa Instant Loan are much simpler compared with other loans. All you need to ensure is that you have/are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A good credit record
  • An active Absa bank account where your salary is regularly deposited
  • A monthly income of at least R250

There is no requirement on how long you should have been banking with Absa to get your instant loan application approved. As long as you have an account with them and satisfy the above requirements, you’ll have access to Absa Instant Loans.

You must have an Absa bank account registered in your name to access the loan. This loan offer is not available in other teller machines from a different banking company.

Contact Details

If you have queries or concerns regarding the Absa Instant Loan, you can call Absa’s consultants at 0860 100 372 or you can visit the nearest Absa branch in your area.