Updated 23.02.2023

Orlando Pirates Players’ Salary List

Orlando Pirates is one o the most popular soccer teams in South Africa. It is, therefore, not surprising that they can afford to pay their players handsomely. They have the best prices because they have what it takes to sustain them in the team. Below is a list of some of the best-paid players from the team.

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This list is pretty impressive for a team that does pretty well nationally and regionally. You will be pleased to know that some of your favorite players are well compensated for their efforts. Keep reading to uncover more and determine how much your favorite player earns and if it is worth the effort, they put into ensuring your team is always winning. You will be equally pleased and surprised.

Deon Hotto

Starting the list as the best paid in the team would be Deon, who earns R500,000 per month. The player is originally from Namibia and is one of the highest-paid players in the South African football league. He has earned his spot in the game because of his prowess and ability to play excellent soccer. He has been part of the Fifa games and has been instrumental in ensuring that Namibia moves steps closer to the top. His spot with Orlando is well deserved as he remains one of the most instrumental players the team has.

Ntsikelelo Nyauza

Coming a close second with a monthly salary of R400,000 is Nyauza from South Africa. His team discovered the player while playing a friendly match with his former team Platinum Stars. He is a valuable asset to his team since he brings age and exhibits lots of experience in the game. Therefore, it is not surprising that he is one of the biggest earners the club has today. As the third oldest player, Ntsikelelo is well respected and valued by the team, a position he has proven time and again.

Richard Ofori

This Ghanaian international player was a target of Orlando from when he established himself as a star. The team looked out for him from his days with the Black Stars and Maritzburg United. He is one of the highly coveted goalkeepers currently playing for Orlando in South Africa and the Ghanaian national team. At Orlando, his salary is said to be R300,000 per month.

His career has been quite eventful as he first played for a second-division team back in Accra known as the Westland FC. He later moved to Wa Allstars. By 2016, the goalkeeper was linked to transfer to Europe and South Africa and went for a trial in Capetown in late 2016. Some of his achievements include being named the best goalie in 2015 and earning another nomination in 2016.

By 2018, he joined Maritzburg united and has posted impressive results. With the level of expertise that Ofori has as a goalkeeper, it is not surprising that his team is willing to pay handsomely to have him play for them.

Thulani Hlatshwayo

Thulani also makes it to the list as one of the highest-paid players in Orlando with a monthly package of R300,000. This does not surprise the fans, considering how great of a defender he is. He also plays for the South African national team. H is remembered for helping South Africa win big in an African qualifier game against Seychelles back in 2018. His impressive stunts on the field have earned him a spot at one of the country’s best teams and secured his paycheck.

Happy Jele

Jele earns about R200,000 every month from his team. He is also one of the oldest players considering he was born in 1987. He represents his team as a captain and defender. What’s more, he remains one of the longest-serving team members of Orlando, considering he has been with them since 2006. It is no wonder that his loyalty has earned him a comfortable space on the team.

Fortune Makaringe

This renowned attacking midfielder is loved and well celebrated by fans and his team. He earns a monthly;y package of R185,000 for doing his job perfectly. Besides playing for his club, he also plays for the South African national team.

Vincent Pule

Pule earns a monthly salary of R170,000. He is one of the top ten well-paid players on the team. The South African national was born in 1992 and successfully created a decent living out of their football career.

Lorch Thembinkosi

With a salary of R165,000 every month, Thembi is one of the most renowned players on Orlando’s team. They earned the title of South Africa’s player of the season in 2018/2019 and took the title of the Players’ player of the season. He plays the forward position for his team and features in South Africa’s national team.

His journey in professional football began in the Maluti FET College team, where he moved to his current team after Tshabalala gave him a call informing him of Orlando Pirate’s interest in signing him. Things moved swiftly, and he had his debut PSL game against Jomo Cosmos. He was playing on loan from Orlando Pirates, representing Chippa United. Generally, he remains a highly considered player since many people view him as one of South Africa’s finest.

Innocent Maela

Innocent earns R150,000 from his team, where he plays in the defender position. He is certainly one of the best full-backs in South Africa, a position he clenched after joining the club in 2017. Besides playing for Orlando, he also plays for South Africa’s national team. His football career did not come as a shocker considering his ancestry and background. Innocent is the son of a former professional footballer, Eric Masilela, and a half-brother to Tsepo Masilela, a footballer. Mela is one of the coach’s best investments to help his team reach the next level.

Gabadinho Mhango

This is another popular player earning a salary of R150,000 a month. He is a Malawian international whose performance on the team has elevated him. He has won the joint Absa premiership golden boot with Peter Shalulile of Mamelodi Sundowns. He also played for the Malawi international team in 2012. This is something he still does even today. His striker position is valuable to his national and South African teams. It is not surprising that he is one of the handsomely paid players on the team.

Linda Mntambo

The South African footballer earns a monthly salary of R150,000. He plays as a midfielder and has quite a story considering that he uses his skills to make several advancements in life. Besides being a great footballer, Linda established a foundation in his name to champion the causes of the community. He believes in giving back to society and does so through this platform.

His desire to become a professional footballer was so great that, in 2006, while playing for Black Poison, he doubled up as a packaging company worker and waiter to support his dream. Five years later, Rose United noticed him, which propelled him to start working for Chippa united in 2018. He is one of the most exemplary footballers whose heart is in the game and society.

Thabang Monare

Thabang is a professional South African footballer who plays the central midfielder position for the Orlando Pirates team. He has been successfully consistent in this position and successfully built a name for himself. He has built a strong fan base and even attracted lucrative deals his way. Despite the potion he plays, he has successfully showcased his prowess, earning himself a faithful fan base and attracting a reasonable remuneration from his club.

Zakhele Lepasa

This South African player plays for Orlando Pirates in the central forward position. He has showcased his unmatched skills ever since joining the team and continues to shine. He started his international football career by debuting in the Cpofasa Cup, which made him noticed by the Pirates back in 2019. He has also won the Ned Cup Player of the Tournament at some point in his career, making him a coveted player overall.

Tshegofatso Mabasa

Mombasa earns R120,000 from his Orlando Pirates team, where he plays as a striker. He has perfected his skills over the last six years, making him one of the greatest forces in South African football. He has also represented the South African team at the senior level in 2018 and won.

Collins Makgaka

Collins is a great midfielder playing for the Orlando pirates currently. He has always wanted to play for the Pirates and is living his dream. Besides that, he earns a monthly salary of R100,000 and has great potential to keep growing and improving his skills over time.

Final Thoughts

Orlando Pirates is one of the best football clubs in South Africa. It is clear that the club values its players and ensures that they are all adequately compensated for their hard work. Therefore, it is not surprising that most players stay loyal and continue giving their best for the team’s prosperity.