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Top 10 Online Fabric Stores in South Africa

Looking for ways to buy textiles online? Are there online fabric stores in South Africa where you can do this?

Whether you’re a hobbyist doing personal projects, a company looking for textile supplies for office use, or a business that manufactures new apparel for the market, there are online stores that can cater to your needs. 

Here are the top 10 online fabric stores in South Africa to check out:

1)    Abie’s Dress Fabrics

Abie’s Dress Fabrics has been around since 1992, long before online shopping became popular. Today, they’re one of the most trusted online fabric stores in South Africa and neighbouring countries for wholesale and retail orders.

Abie’s Dress Fabrics

Abi’s Dress Fabrics specialise in traditional fabric, silk, fleece, fur, cotton, nylon, spandex, and a lot of other textile materials. 

Payment options:

Payments can be made through the built-in e-wallet on the site or through PayFast.

Contact details:


2)    Bargain Fabrics

Bargain Fabrics is focused on delivering textile to the clothing, catering, curtaining, home, and upholstery industries. They make fabrics for dress, fashion, curtain, upholstery, and heavy-duty textile products. The online fabric store also offers tailoring and haberdashery materials.

Bargain Fabrics

You can download their catalogue online and send them a message regarding your orders. It’s recommended to subscribe to their page to get the latest updates on new fabrics they post online.

Payment options:

After deciding your order, you can ask for a price quotation for the item. Once satisfied with the offer, you can pay using a credit card or through EFT. 

Contact details:


3)    Fabric Fox

Fabric Fox South Africa

Fabric Fox has been offering quality fabrics since 2014 through its online fabric store in South Africa. They’re the go-to shop of many textile buyers worldwide for having a good range of ready-made and bespoke products. They have a line of curtains, linings, upholstery, masks, wallpapers, and sheers and voiles to choose from.

The company prides itself on providing a 48-hour turnaround time the moment orders are placed. 

Payment options:

Fabric Fox accepts Visa and Mastercard payments.

Contact details:

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4)    Fabric Superstore

Fabric Superstore is an online fabric store in South Africa that aims to make different brands, styles, and designs accessible to everyone in the country. They want to make it painless for customers to order textile needs online through a simple purchasing process.

Fabric Superstore

Fabric Superstore caters to both residential and commercial customers. They offer a wide range of textiles for curtaining, cushioning, and upholstery services aside from selling fabrics, rugs, and wallpapers.

Payment options:

You can pay through EFT transfer. Fabric Superstore also has a PayPal account for processing Visa and Mastercard payments, but you have to contact them first before proceeding with your purchase.

Contact details:


5)    Global Unique Fabrics

Global Unique Fabrics is your one-stop online fabric store in South Africa. It caters to both retail and bulk orders. 

The company features 3 departments for handling different textile needs, making it easier for you to do business with them.

Global Unique Fabrics

Under the Interior Décor Showroom, a vast range of upholstery fabrics are showcased. You can also request for customised curtains, blinds, and cushions from them.

Under the Knitting and Crochet Lounge, you can choose from the wide selection of yarns, wools, and knitting and crochet materials for your hobby or business. 

Under the Sewing and Dress Fabric Studio, you can find all the essentials for crafting projects.

Payment options:

Payments can be made through ETF, or Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Contact details:


6)    Habby and Lace

Habby and Lace is an online fabric store in South Africa that also offers an extensive range of textile needs. They have every kind of fabric for curtaining, haberdashery, bed linens, carpets, blinds, wallpapers, and dress patterns. Aside from textile supplies, the shop also offers quality décor, kitchenware, and homeware.

Habby and Lace

The site is full of up-to-date apparel to make sure you can easily keep up with the trend. Located in Gauteng, SA, Habby and Lace cater to customers throughout Africa, so rest assured they can deliver products right on your doorstep. 

Payment options:

What makes Habby and Lace different from other online fabric stores in SA is how it doesn’t accept credit card payments. Instead, you’ll only pay through e-bank transfer after receiving the quotation for your order. 

Contact details:

  • Website: habbyandlace.com
  • Email: info@habbyandlace.co.za
  • Phone: +27 16 422 5400

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7)    Lowry

Lowry is a known textile designer and fabric manufacturer in SA for more than 20 years. They offer a range of bespoke fabric designs that are loved locally and abroad. Their prized collection is the ShweShwe range that’s produced by locals. 

Lowry Fabrics

This online fabric store in South Africa ships products to anywhere in SA, Asia, UK, and the US. They’ve partnered with Courier Guy for local deliveries and DHL for international shipments to make sure orders are delivered safely and conveniently.

Payment options:

Lowry accepts major credit cards with Visa and Mastercard symbols. 

Contact details:

  • Website: lowry.co.za
  • Email: info@lowry.co.za
  • Phone: +27 21 462 2039


8)    MHC

MHC is a store that has been around since the 1940s. Aside from being an online fabric store in South Africa, the shop also sells home appliances, electronics, décor, furniture, and homeware. 

MHC World

MHC sells textile products for curtaining, haberdashery, and dress wear. They also provide services like measuring carpets, floorings, curtains, and linens. They also offer custom-made upholstery and dresses to customers.

Payment options:

Payments can be made through ETF.

Contact details:


9)    SK Textiles 

SK Textiles is one of the few progressive online fabric stores in South Africa because of its fast adoption of the latest trends in fashion and technology. The company has been supplying both small and large retailers in SA for more than 20 years already.

SK Textiles

SK Textiles offer a wide range of fashionable fabrics in printed and plain variants, suitable for each season. They offer very competitive prices even among other online stores in SA.

Payment options:

Payment is done through ETF after the order confirmation has been received.

Contact details:

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10)   Supreme Textile and Trims

Supreme Textile and Trims is an online fabric store based in Pinetown, South Africa. They offer the best prices for fabric and garment-related accessories like zippers, buttons, and linings.  They also sell ready-made apparel like shirts, jackets, and fleeces. 

Supreme Textile and Trims

Supreme Textile and Trims also sells a wide range of trim accessories and fabric prints in plain dyed and printed categories. The shop also offers apparel patterns which are unique products designed for aspiring sewers and hobbyists. 

Payment options:

Supreme Textile and Trims accepts Mastercard, Visa, and EFT.

Contact details:

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