Updated 11.06.2023

Best Online Clothing Stores in South Africa

South Africa, like most countries across the globe, has seen a steady rise in the number of internet users in the recent past. This phenomenon is attributed to the increased internet connectivity in South Africa and availability of affordable internet enabled devices. As a result, many South Africans spend most of their time online, forcing most business to establish an online presence, including online clothing stores!

Apparel businesses, both local and international, have established an online presence in South Africa in a bid to expand their market reach in South Africa. They provide a wide array of products including clothes. Some of the online clothes shops in South Africa sell trendy and fashionable designer clothes, allowing the locals to access high quality clothes with a click of a button. The stores also facilitate online payments through various payment methods, making it easy for international clients to purchase South African made clothes and other products.

Online Clothing Stores in South Africa

Walking into malls for shopping is increasingly becoming less desirable, especially with online stores delivering products as an after sale service. Most South Africans prefer opening their favorite online clothes shop, select a product, pay for the product and wait for it to be delivered. However, for you to have a great online shopping experience, you need to shop with the right online store. Here are some of the best online clothes shop in South Africa.

online clothing stores South Africa


Zana is one of the best online clothing stores in South Africa. It boasts of trendy clothes that are made and designed in South Africa for South Africans. Zana serves many clienteles from retail, wholesale to boutiques. 

The online shop has a catchy website that is easy to navigate through. Once you log in to their website, you immediately recognize where you are. The website has a well laid down explanation on one side on delivery and payment information. You also find some information about product shipment delays and the history of the company.

From contact information to shopping carts, you find every detail that you need at the top and center of their website. When you visit the product page, you come across lifestyle pictures that give you a fabric feel and design work on different attires.

Once you place an order with the shop, you must make payments via Snap Scan or Pay fast. These are apps you can easily download on your phone. After payment, the shop uses Fastway to deliver orders within Cape Town and Courier services outside Cape Town. If Zana uses courier services for delivery, they ensure they give you a tracking number that you can use to track your order after disbursement.

Label collections

Label collection is another outstanding online clothing store in South Africa. The shop stores luxurious, quality, simple, and decent women’s clothes. If you love chic, long-lasting clothes that reflect your confidence and versatility, then Label collection is the online shop to place your order in.

The store boasts a locally produced collection that is showcased on their website. This is a favorite site for pregnant women as it boasts a variety of maternity wear. The shop also displays its clothes on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Label collections have the best online customer care services that make it one of the best online clothes shops in South Africa. Their customer care agents respond within several hours, and they do delivery within 48 hours upon your first deposit. 

Makoya Brands

You can never go wrong with Makoya Brands. This is an online clothing store that deals with luxurious, high-quality, and stylish clothes. Their online stores boast of genuine clothing brands from all over the world and South Africa designers. This is where you find all kinds of designer clothing, from Gucci, Burberry, Guess, Michael Kors, Brunomagli, and Miu Miu. Their products range from shoes, polo shirts, bags, dresses, hoodies, and jeans.

What makes Makoya brands one of the best online clothing stores in South Africa is its simple website, with properly displayed items. The store website is easy to navigate through a pleasant checkout process that calls for repetitive buying. 

Makoya brands often hold product promotions and sales annually. If you are a frequent visitor to their site, you notice they keep sales products and featured products in a prominent spot.


Zando is a South African online clothing store that has grown to become one of the best in the country. The store is part of the Jumia Group, a leading e-commerce online platform in Africa. It boasts of over 1 billion customers as of 2022. 

Zando makes your life easier because you can shop and pay for your favorite products online at affordable prices all over South Africa. It has also created various opportunities for SME growth because it sells to retailers, wholesalers, and individuals. The online store has employed over 500 tech-savvy employees to handle its sales with utmost diligence and professionalism.

Zando boasts of the coolest and modern fashion trends. Their app is easy to download on all Android, iOS, and Mac phones. With the Zando app, you can access a wide range of deals and styles with over 800 brands.

The store also offers one of the best customer services. Their customer agents are available for 12 hours a day, from Sunday to Sunday. They have well trained and handle your cases and queries with the utmost professionals. They also respond to emails, live chats, and calls in the shortest time possible.

Another factor that makes Zando one of the best online stores in South Africa is its website. The company boasts an easily navigable site that allows you to access online fashion. Shopping is also straightforward with a click on the button at the comfort of your home. They categorize fashion clothing according to gender and age, and getting what you are searching for becomes hassle-free.

Their website is interesting in that they allow you to put everything you like on a wishlist. You can then check out your favorite items in the future from the wish list you created. The store also gives you a chance to choose the payment method you wish to use and your preferred delivery and pickup point.

Jo Borkett

This online clothing store deals with unique office attires and beautiful dinner gowns for night occasions. If you want to slay any day and any time wherever you are in South Africa, the store will get you sorted.

The online clothing store has an attractive website that is easy to scroll through. You can search for your favorite gown and add it to your wish list, which you can later check out. Jo Borkett offers you the best services at affordable prices. Once you check out your items, you can choose your payment and delivery method, and the shop will sort you out in a few days or hours, depending on your location.

There are several online clothing stores in South Africa other than Jo Borkett, Zana, Zando, Makoya, and Label collections that offer equally good services and quality products at an affordable prices. These online clothes store also boast of easy-to-use websites, good customer service and a variety of payment methods.



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