Updated 25.03.2022

Online Black Friday Deals in South Africa

Black Friday is around the corner and as a world, and a country a little bit of retail shopping will help to brighten our moods and get us in the festive season spirit.

Due to the fact that a lot of us are still scared to go to the shops and spend lots of time exposed to other people that we are not sure about, we are giving you a list of brands, companies and shops that are running Black Friday specials online!

Please keep in mind that the shops and brands are in no particular order.


Takealot Online Shopping

Takealot is known for their Blue Dot sales. Throughout the month of November, they release deals on a daily basis. You can get up to 50% and more on certain items.

The best part about Takealot, is that if you download their App through your App store, you can get early access to their full range of Black Friday deals. There is limited stock for some of their items so if you have your eye on something, see if Takealot has it and I suggest you buy it before they run out of stock!


Superbalist: Online Shopping

Superbalist is the sister company to Takealot. They have lots of clothing, shoes, Pjs and other items for you to choose from. They are having a great sale which means that you can buy a whole new wardrobe for summer and your wallet will not cry whilst you do this!

They offer clothing in all shapes and sizes so there is something for everyone on this site which is nice. The payment process is easy and hassle free and delivery is quick and efficient.



If you are looking for a computer, laptop or something for gaming, then Evetech is the site that you want to go to! They are your one stop shop for all your PC and computing needs. I love this site because when you buy one item, it often comes with a bonus such as a travel bag for your laptop and so on.

To keep their staff safe, they no longer allow walk in clients or pickups so your items has to be bought online which is safe and they will deliver it straight to your door.



Clicks have sales throughout the year and Black Friday is no exception. You can get deals such as buy 3 items from the same brand and get the cheapest one free.  Clicks will help you stock up on stocking fillers for the festive season as well as stock up on your skincare products, suntan lotion and more. You can receive up to 50% off on electrical items.

They also have a lot of items that are online sales only so check your apps or visit their website to find out more. So hurry! You do not want to miss out.


cotton on south africa

Cotton On & Co has awesome items on sale! If you are part of the perks program, you gain early access to their Black Friday sale. You can get up to 25% off.

If you are looking for clothes, sun glasses, items from Typo (which let’s face it, we always need more of Typo items in our lives) and anything else that might tickle your fancy from the Cotton On & Co brand, then log onto their website now and find out more about what is for sale and how soon you can get your hands on these items!

Pick & Pay

pick n pay stores

Pick & Pay are offering daily deals that you can order online and collect or you can go in store. They have items on sale from their baby aisle to their electronics.

You can get items such as:

  • Full cream milk 2l, 3 for R 58.00 when you swipe your Smart card.
  • Weet-bix family pack (900g) 2 for R 70.00 when you swipe your Smart card.

Every day the deals change so check in daily to see if there is any household items that you might need or want, order and you are good to go!



Makro has been a life saver for a lot of people. Buying in bulk allows some of us to keep food on the table and they have extended their Black Friday deals!

Their Liquor special is running from the 23rd of November till the 27th of November. You get discounts on some of their beers, wines, gins and other products. You can also get any 4 on certain brands for a discounted price such as Namaqua sweet range of wines, any 4 for R 90.00.

Makro are also running Black Friday specials on their electrical products such as TVs and items for your kitchen. You can get gorgeous new items for your home at discounted rates so do not hesitate, have a look at their catalogue and buy online now!



A phone contract as well as buying a phone has been hard for some people this year. MTN has seen this and they are here to help!

You can get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy A30 for only R 249.00 per month. This contract comes with 1GB anytime data as well as 25 minutes all-net minutes. There are loads more cell phone deals as well as data deals that MTN is providing us with this year.

These are just a few of the stores that we have in our country that have sent out emails as well as launched Black Friday sales for their online stores as well as in-stores.

Happy Shopping!

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