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Old Mutual Rewards

Old Mutual reward program provides you with a number of benefits for being a frequent customer. We look at how the Old Mutual rewards program functions. And such consideration had compelled us to draw the basic guidelines that work as counseling for you to analyze the flow of your finances, getting its valuable return or profit depending upon the program you get yourself affiliated with. It is similar to some other credit card reward schemes out there.

How Does Old Mutual Rewards Work?

Old Mutual Rewards can be regarded as a financial Reward program that gives you quick, efficient, and online access to manage your financial flow. As a result, you earn some points. These points are then redeemed instantly for your convenience and shower you with the rewards of getting discounts or donating it to welfare or charity for a better cause. The core concept of such a program is to bring awareness among the people for valuing their money and investing it into something quite potential to enjoy a better return or contribute to the enhancement of the society. Moreover, it has been an effective medium to control your financial flow and saves the culture of national saving that is mandatory for the underprivileged and retired audience to get the handsome benefit. 

The authenticity of such a program is accountable as it is monitored by the local governing authorities, increases the credibility for your finances, and helps you in getting control over it, Saving for the rainy days, and working toward your financial goals to stand in the stable position. That’s how Old Mutual rewards function. Following are some of the factors that are designed for your convenience. A few of them are described below:

  • Complete Online access to all the activities through portable devices such as mobile and Laptop. 
  • The primary concern that is made by the user is to observe less traffic at the time of surfing the program online And roam around the pages smoothly. Such regard is also brought into consideration, and the expected time for completing a task is not more than a couple of minutes. 
  • Although the effective program revolves around retired employees or senior citizens, it’s not mandatory to fall into the category. Anyone can get enrolled to avail benefits, be it of any age. More to the credit, you don’t have to obtain a long-term affiliation as a customer but can also participate as a frequent visitor. 
  • A vast pool of opportunities to avail of the rewards that you earn.

The first and foremost consideration that comes to mind is how we can earn Old Mutual rewards and avail its benefits? But prior to finding outcomes of making the rewards, one should get themselves enrolled into the program by logging in to the program. The procedure is quite simple and is discussed as follows :

How to Register for Old Mutual Rewards

You can register for Old Mutual Rewards by going to http://oldmutual.co.za/rewards and clicking the “Join Now”.

The enrollment process demands some basic information that is relevant for verifying your identity. This is a mandatory step and cannot be skipped. You can go through the surface information about the program but cannot land yourself on the service page until you are recognized by the old mutual reward programming interface. As it carries a considerable risk for your financial investment getting involved in the circulation, it makes sure to verify all possible approaches to attain authenticity. 

The Login process goes through a couple of procedures for a person who has the credentials for their existing accounts in the program. All they had to do was just input the valuable information and login details by surfing around the service page and go through a massive pool designed by the program. And avail yourself of the opportunities that best suit you.

Once you are done, all you have to do is fill up the credentials on the Login page and get yourself the tag for a successful member of the program. Surf the fantastic benefits of discounts, offers, traveling, and methods of earning the rewards and where to invest and opt for the one that best suits you. 

How to Earn Old Mutual Rewards?

Earning rewards is based on the financial behavior you portrayed in the program. Such portrayal is made in points that are purely based on the evaluation that you possess. Although a point might not affect you and such a consideration is also made essential by the program due to which you are constantly showered with multiple points. Ten points in a row lead to making a single coin that might work in the future for you to invest in some beneficial opportunity or donation. There are various ways to earn Old mutual rewards/points. 

  • Unlocking the Knowledge 

Unlocking the paths of knowledge is the primary consideration for earning the reward. It is essential for an individual to have a basic understanding of the program that involves finance. And to analyze such a factor, the program hits you with general quizzes, articles, and assessments. Which evaluates your credibility and rewards you with the points accordingly. 

  • Financial Empowerment

Set the mark for what you aim to achieve, perceive them through your smartness, be it being evaluated in quizzes or analyzing the financial risks through various approaches. Make a budget and financial goals to attain the achievement and make your position financially empowered. 

  • Earn more points through various approaches

For making your position credible, it is essential for you to find an alternative way to earn rewards despite sticking to one, As the aggregate for such a method is relatively low as compared to the one that pays premiums, makes investments through savings and boosts your tier level high by investing on product categories. 

Once you are credible enough to meet the criteria, you will be given authorization to the pool of brands and products that the program is affiliated with.

The below points table shows how many rewards you can earn for different tasks:

Refer a friend200
Speak to an adviser250
Complete MoneyVersity courses50
Use financial tools and calculators20
Complete financial assessments20
Request a credit report100

How to Spend Old Mutual Rewards

There are massive pools of brands that are affiliated with Old Mutual rewards. The majority are pretty prominent and hold an impact on our daily lives. Apart from it, you can even transfer your credits to the local card you own, but the difference would not be as handsome as being within the program. We have a massive class of reward partners that can be an authentic platform to invest in for the discounts and trending offers. Apart from it, you can even play a vital role in enhancing welfare by donating your reward to charity. This approach would increase your credibility and lead you to a pathway to earn more points through your credible position. 

  • Investing your reward on Buying Vouchers 

A massive class of audience is observed buying vouchers to save their points for later use. There are specific categories for which you can save your reward by buying vouchers. Among them are retail shopping, entertainment, Health facilities, Traveling, Food, and fueling is included. 

  • How to buy airtime with old mutual rewards

Airtime and mobile data are the most frequent investments that are observed among the users. If you are a casual visitor, you get rewarded through playing quizzes and appearing on assessments. Then buying vouchers and spending on travel or donating would not be your primary focus. You would end up buying airtime or data to spend your points. 

  • Old Mutual Travel 

To attain peace of mind, you might be a frequent traveler, But by booking your flight tickets domestically and internationally through Old Mutual Rewards, you could get a hefty discount on your traveling, making it convenient for you. 

  • Spending in Stores

Stores are basically Old reward partners who work as the major platform to get the maximum points by the user. Spending on stores comes with an additional benefit of attaining the loyalty of those stores, which multiplies the discount through being in affiliation with the old mutual rewards and the store itself. 

  • Donation 

If you are keen on contributing to the welfare, Old Mutual rewards platforms are the right choice for you as they not only lead you to donate but do increase your credibility in the program among various users and moreover shower you with exceptional points making equivalent or little less to the amount you donated. 

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