Updated 20.09.2021

Nedbank Internet Banking – How to Open? – Features and Benefits

Nedbank internet banking provides a number of great benefits. It lets users meet their banking needs no matter the time or location. Most importantly, Nedbank’s online banking solution is safe and effortless.

Most businesses have a growing online presence. This is to serve the modern-day population who want everything on demand. As a result, banks have levelled up their technology. Many Banks today provide their services online. As a result, bank transactions and activities can take place online. Nedbank offers an internet banking service for their users to bank online. To use the online banking, you first have to open a Nedbank account online.

How to Setup Nedbank Internet Banking

There are two online banking options for Nedbank clients. Internet banking – where you create an online account on Nedbank’s website. Or you can create an account via the Nedbank money mobile app.

To register for internet banking, you have to:

  1. Go to secured.nedbank.co.za on your browser and click “Register”
  2. Key in your South African government-issued ID number. Or a foreign passport number
  3. The bank will send an approve-it message to your registered phone. Accept it, and proceed to the next step
  4. Create a unique Nedbank ID username for your account, and a password
  5. Use your PIN, profile number, and password to link your profile

Setup on the Nedbank Money App

Furthermore, you can also create an account or register on the Nedbank mobile banking app using the below process:

  1. Go to your phone’s Google Play store or Apple App store and download the Nedbank money app
  2. Once the app is downloaded successfully, open it
  3. Click on “Log in”
  4. Choose “Personal profile”
  5. Key in your ID number (for South Africans). Or your foreign passport number (for non-South Africans)
  6. The bank will send an approve-it message to your registered mobile number. Accept it to proceed to the next step of the registration process
  7. Create both a unique Nedbank ID username and a strong password
  8. Finally, you have to link your money app profile. Do this using your unique profile number, password, and PIN. Or use your card and PIN

To create an account in the Nedbank Money app or internet banking, you first need your Nedbank login details. Follow this process to create your Nedbank ID:

  1. Load secured-id.nedbank.co.za on your browser and click “Register” on the website’s homepage
  2. Key in your ID number (for South Africans). Or foreign passport number (for non-South Africans)
  3. The bank will send an approve-it message to your registered phone. Accept the request to proceed to the next step in the process
  4. Finally, create a unique Nedbank ID username and a strong password

Unlike login credentials used by some banks, Nedbank uses a Nedbank ID. It uses this ID to secure online transactions with third parties. This ID therefore makes it easy to track your digital interactions with the bank.

In conclusion, Nedbank ID an easy way to remember online bank login details. It’s secure, easy to create for all clients and ensures a good client experience.

Nedbank Internet Banking Login

Login to Nedbank Internet Bank online here: https://secured.nedbank.co.za/#/login

Or alternatively use one of the below links to download and login to the Nedbank App:

Nedbank App Google Play
Nedbank App Apple Store
Nedbank App Huawei AppGallery

Features of Nedbank Internet Banking

Nedbank provides a safe and secure comprehensive online banking solution that allows you to manage your online accounts remotely. As a result, it allows you to transact online by paying for goods and services received. It has multiple online banking functionalities, including:

  • Nedbank investment account holders can readily access their loan information on Nedbank online banking without a linked transactional account
  • Prepaid top-up from your computer or mobile device at any time and any location
  • Nedbank home loan account holders can readily access their loan information on Nedbank online banking without a linked transactional account
  • Customers from different banks can readily verify their payments from Nedbank through the online banking website
  • All the payment notification information is captured at the beneficiary level. Therefore, you do not have to key in beneficiary details each time you need to send notifications
  • You can view and correct all failed prepaid transactions on Nedbank’s internet banking
  • See the transaction history of all the accounts linked to your internet banking account
  • View the account balance of all the accounts linked to your internet banking account
  • Select your preferred statement delivery option e.g. through email, or to your physical address
  • Download all your Nedbank statements to your laptop
  • Transfer money across all you Nedbank linked accounts
  • Complete different types of online payments, including Vodacom M-pesa, prepaid service providers, and payment to your beneficiaries

Additional Administrative benefits:

  • Nedbank online banking uses SMS authorization as a security feature to protect the most sensitive transactions
  • Capture and save the contact details of all your common beneficiaries for quick payment processes
  • Multiple transfers and payments per click, about 20 transactions simultaneously
  • Set future transfers, payments, and prepaid recharges, up to 12 months in advance
  • View and print beneficiary history payments
  • Process UIF and Tax payments registered on SARS eFiling through the internet banking
  • Search your Nedbank’s transaction information as far as 12 months back
  • View daily foreign exchange rates
  • Process real-time or live payments to customers with different bank accounts
  • Manage all your administrative and personal information through your online profile
  • Create and manage a diversified investment portfolio through your internet banking
  • Be informed about all the activities on your current and savings accounts through eNotes

Benefits of Nedbank Internet Banking

Nedbank’s internet banking allows you to perform multiple banking functions online. For example, you can:

  • Make once-off instant payments or make a government, multiple, or single payment
  • Download your bank in different formats
  • Add and manage your recipients
  • Download your provisional bank statements
  • Create recurring payments
  • Download and share your proof of payment through SMS or email address
  • Automate your payment notifications
  • Share proof of your account
  • Purchase prepaid electricity, data bundles and airtime
  • Purchase lifetime vouchers such as Spotify, Uber, Xbox, Hollywoodbets, and Google Play
  • Talk to a banker through a live chat feature
  • Purchase Powerball/Lotto tickets

Nedbank Cellphone Banking

In addition to Nedbank online banking, you can use Nedbank’s USSD banking option to complete your online transactions. With this option, you neither need to download an application nor sign-up for an online account. Instead, you need to dial *120*001# on your mobile phone to do all your cellphone banking activities.

Some of the banking transactions that you can do through cellphone banking include:

  • Check balances without logging in
  • Login to view balance and the last 5 transactions
  • Make payments
  • Transfer cash
  • Send cash through the Send-iMali
  • Buy Powerball, Lotto tickets, airtime, data & SMS bundles, and Hollywood vouchers
  • Unblock, freeze or block your Nedbank cards

Therefore, online banking offers you the convenience of safe online banking without the risk of data leakage. Through its simple registration process, all Nedbank users can create and use the internet banking features in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Nedbank Private Wealth

Nedbank offers a separate Nedbank Private Wealth mobile app for their online wealth services. Again, this self-service banking app can be used for international payments, foreign exchange and transactional banking. It helps you keep track of your wealth goals and provides easy communication with your wealth manager. You can find out more about the Private Wealth app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reverse money using the Nedbank app

  1. Login to the Nedbank App with your Nedbank ID password, PIN or fingerprint.
  2. Select the account for which you would like to reverse the money from.
  3. Go to Features in the menu and select Debit order.
  4. Then choose Reverse or Stop for the debit order.
  5. Provide a reason as to why you are reversing the debit order.

How to get proof of payment from the Nedbank app

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Select Pay in the top menu.
  3. Select the required transaction listed in Your recent payments (applicable for payments made in the last 90 days).
  4. Select Share Proof of Payment
  5. Choose Email or SMS
  6. Enter the email address or phone number
  7. Click Send

How to get bank statements from the Nedbank app

  1. Login to the Nedbank App with your Nedbank ID password, PIN or fingerprint.
  2. Select the account for which you would like to get a statement for.
  3. Click Statements and documents in the Features section.
  4. Select any of the statements available in list (available in PDF, CSV, OFC and OFX formats).
  5. Download the electronically stamped statement to your device.