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MTN Night Data Time

MTN night data time is a product aimed at lowering the cost of internet in South Africa. But you need to know how to take advantage of it for you to enjoy it. So what time is MTN night data? How long is MTN night data? Read on as we unpack this internet product.

MTN Night Data Time
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Budgeting for internet and data costs has become part and parcel of most South Africans. Even though data rates have dropped considerably recently, internet user are looking for deals. Most consumers are looking for data options that will help them access the internet without breaking the bank. One such option is the MTN nighttime data bundle.

Night-time data bundles give consumers the opportunity to:

  • Browse their favorite websites,
  • Stream movies, and
  • Upload and download files at a fraction of the cost of daytime data bundles.

This makes it an ideal bundle option for youths.

What is MTN Night Data?

MTN night data is a data bundle that MTN subscribers can use at night on any day of the week. MTN provides this service through its product called Night Express. While night express data does not function during the day, it offer affordable night bundle rates. Since not many individuals are awake late in the night, MTN affords to provide the data at significantly low costs.

MTN night data works the same as daytime data. It also maintains the same internet stability and speed experiences between 5 am and 12 am.

What Time Does MTN Night Express Start?

Previously, MTN subscribers could use the Night Express data bundle between 12 am and 6 am. However, MTN recently increased the night data time. It currently lasts longer since it ranges between 11p.m to 6a.m. Consequently, it enables their users to access and enjoy the internet more, at affordable rates.

Who is the MTN Night Express Target Market?

Night data is intended for individuals who are looking to cut down their data consumption costs. Data rates might have been reduced in South Africa over the recent past, but they are still high nevertheless. Consider subscribing to the nighttime data bundles if you:

  • Are looking to cut down your data costs,
  • Are a student who need to access the internet for online learning material,
  • Night owls who enjoy streaming their favorite shows and making video calls, and
  • Businesspersons who need to upload or download large files.

The MTN Night Express internet bundles offer users a gateway into the vibrant world of data. With the highly competitive rates, MTN prepaid subscribers can browse the internet for longer time. They can also stay connected to family and friends on social media platforms without any worries about rising bill.

MTN Night Plan Code

Before you activate the MTN night plan code, you need to familiarize yourself with the MTN product called MTN Pulse. The MTN Pulse refers to a tariff plan that enables MTN users to enjoy multiple other benefits. The MTN night plan code is one such benefit that users under the MTN Pulse program may enjoy. Provided you are an MTM Prepaid user, you can enjoy the pulse plan. 

How Much Does MTN night Data Cost?

For a monthly subscription rate of a R10, MTN users will receive 100MB worth of data to browse the internet. Users can also use the bundles to connect to their chosen social media platforms. This data is valid for 30 days. MTN prepaid subscribers may opt to either make a one-off purchase or subscribe to the Night express internet bundles.

At R25 per month, MTN users will receive a monthly allocation of up to 300 Mb of data. A R35 monthly subscription warrants a subscriber to 500MB worth of data. Subscribers who are heavy users may opt for an:

  • R59 monthly subscription. This bundle will give them access to 1GB worth of data,
  • R109 Night Express bundles that will give them 2GB, and
  • R139 that will provide them with 5GB of data.

Night Express Terms and Conditions

All bundles are valid for a period of 30 days but may be renewed by buying another bundle. Any unused value will expire at the end of the one month duration. At the end of this validity period, if you’ll not have a recurring bundle, your internet usage will be depleted from your existing bundle. In case you have subscribed to a 24-hours daily nighttime bundle, validity will expire after 24 hours.

If the user exceeds the inclusive applicable data limit, they will be billed in terms of the internet bundle loaded. They can also be billed at their base price plan data rate. If the user has an existing MTN internet bundle or loads another MTN internet data bundle, the lowest bundle rate relevant to the last subscribed once-off data bundle, valid recurring data bundle or price plan out of data bundle rate will apply.

While MTN customers are not able to cancel a once-off Night Express bundle, they are allowed to cancel a recurring Night Express bundle. However, they will not receive the value of the applicable data on the recurrence date the following month.

MTN night express will not take responsibility for interrupted or failing network services for any reason.

You will be able to access MTN night express services only when you’re in South Africa. More specifically, if you are in areas covered by the MTN network.

You will be responsible for all the services and products offered through Night Express. MTN will take no responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from your access through your bundles. Some of the things MTN won’t be responsible for include your sim card. If you misplace or lose your device or card through theft, you will have to replace them at your cost. However, you can request MTN to block or suspend the sim card as you report to the South African police.


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