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Most Expensive Schools in South Africa 2023

Expensive schools in South Africa 2023 offer quality education to those who can pay. Most of these schools are private. Read on as we explore the most expensive schools in South Africa 2023.

Every parent strives to offer the best education to their children. But, over the years, the cost of quality education, especially in the private sector in South Africa, has continued to rise significantly. Even so, most of the reputable expensive schools in South Africa have ensured that students have wider access to teaching and learning resources, better learning facilities in terms of infrastructure, and are taught by the best teachers that the country can offer.  

It is worth noting that the education system in South Africa, just like any other fast-developing country is divided into two: boarding schools and day schools. The day schools are less expensive than their boarding counterparts due to the charging of boarding fees. It is also essential to know that the South African government is keen to abolish school fees in the poorest places where parents cannot afford the school fees. We will take a look at some of the most expensive schools in South Africa 2023 that have a five-figure boarding and tuition fee.

Hilton College

Hilton College is reputed as the most expensive school in South Africa in 2023. It is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province. It is a private boarding school that offers luxurious lifestyle treatment to those that attend it. The current fee structure of the Hilton college stands at 369,920 South African Rands as of now. This is a 7.8% increment in school fees as compared to last year. This is attributed to the rising inflation that has been affecting South Africa. This would mean that parents that can no longer meet the fee standards of this school would have to take their students to other schools where the school fees are less. However, in as much as this school has a school fee structure that most parents dread, it has some of the best facilities and a vibrant environment for students to unlock their full potential.

St. Andrew’s College

St. Andrew’s College is also one of the most expensive schools in South Africa that are located in the Makhanda region in the Eastern part of Cape town. Its annual fee currently stands at 320,064 south African Rands as of 2023. That is a 4.8% increment from last year. The school was founded in 1885 and it is a pure Anglican church school that houses 450 students from all over the globe. It runs from grade 8 to Matric and is reputed for producing students that have exemplary individual talents.

The school ensures that each student is catered to their own individual needs. It also puts itself on top of the table as a school that produces students that have strong character and who have a strong will to fight and survive whatever life throws at them. Students at St Andrew’s College in South Africa have a strong Christian foundation too. It is also a very innovative school that has the capacity to embrace new ideas.

Michael House

Michaelhouse, South Africa is located in Balgowan in the KwaZulu-Natal province. It is a full private boarding school for the senior boys that is reputed for its dire need to produce men that are holistic, that is, men of thought, understanding, and culture as the founder of the institution had desired 125 years ago. It has a vibrant environment that offers both educational and recreational facilities for the betterment of its learners. It is diverse in culture and instills the need for its students to embrace their unique characters for the growth of society.

There is an aura of a sense of belonging and inclusion that hangs around the environment of this particular school in south Africa. It advocates for close friendships among students that will bring about a sense of independence in them. The school has over 7500 alumni. The current fee annually for Michaelhouse is 328,000 south African rands, a 5% increment from last year’s annual fee.

St Mary’s 

St Mary’s is probably the most expensive girls’ school in South Africa. The current annual fee as of 2023 stands at  293,050 South African rands, a  4.5% increment from the previous year’s annual fee. The prestigious school is located in Waverly, Gauteng in Johannesburg. It is a girls’ school that is fully devoted to the Anglican church’s way of mannerisms. It was established in 1886 making it the oldest school in the whole of Johannesburg.

Although it is one of the oldest schools, it offers state-of-the-art education. It is keen on ensuring that the girls it produces are fit enough to camouflage and fit with the needs of 21st-century workers. It gives admissions to students from all over the world, catering to both their individual and communal growth. It offers a wide range of knowledge in sports, politics, science, business, and arts, at both the local and international levels. It is known to produce students that are independent, friendly, and confident.

Bishop College, Cape Town

Bishop College is a full-boarding Anglican Boys school that is located in cape town. Its current annual fee is 289,700 south African rands. It is currently estimated to have 1440 students and runs to grade 12. It is dedicated to ensuring that its learners are all-rounded. It has a good pastoral activity that ensures the students follow the religious path. Its education activities are further upheld by the availability of modern technology in the school environment. Bishop college also offers psychologists to their students for their overall well-being. It also provides global lessons in sports and academics.

St Andrew’s for Girls, Johannesburg 

St Andrew’s for Girls’ current yearly school fees for this school stand at 287,850 south African rands. It takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities and good governance. It offers high-quality education that is supported by modern technology and a holistic education environment. It accepts students from both the local and international levels. It is fully staffed to ensure that the needs of each individual learner are met.

St Albans College

St Albans College is a prestigious school located in Pretoria and has a current annual boarding and tuition fee of  287,850 rands. It has a wide range of activities that are keen on producing all-rounded students in both academics and sports. It has three boarding houses that are home to 590 students. It strives to produce students that are passionate and confident in the things that they do.

St Stithians, Johannesburg, South Africa

St Stithians is currently the 8th most expensive school in South Africa that has an annual fee of 277,920 Rands. It allows for both day scholars, boarders, and online learners from grades 8-12. It is a Methodist church school that has an eco-friendly learning environment that allows students to have an outdoor learning experience. The school is keen on ensuring that the needs of each individual learner are met. It also takes pride in promoting the spirit of “Ubuntu.”

Kingswood College

Kingswood College is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. As of 2023, the yearly school fee is 276,950 South African Rands. It is a Methodist church school that was established in  1894. It has a wide range of academic and Co-curricular activities that are aimed at producing all-rounded students. It’s reputed for producing students that have good character, respect, and high moral character. It also has pastoral programs that ensure the students grow up to be God-fearing students. Moreover, the school offers mentorship programs that ensure its students fit perfectly in the current job market. Inter-house competitions ensure that the spirit of cooperation is upheld.

Diocesan School for Girls

Diocesan School for Girls is located in Makhanda, Eastern Cape. It falls under the top ten most expensive schools in South Africa as its current annual school fee for both boarding and tuition stands at 276,930 South African Rands. It was established in 1874 making it the oldest south African school for girls. The school is built on five major pillars: Culture, sports, spirituality, academics, and community. It takes pride in producing women that are capable of having great problem-solving abilities. Graduates from this school also understand the need to have a social responsibility towards their communities and countries at large. The school is also known for its high innovation and invention skills. Finally, the school does not charge any admission fee, making it unique from the others. 

In conclusion, with the rise in the cost of living, there has also been an increase in the cost of education to cater to facilities and resources for students in both the private and public sectors. Schools like Hilton College, St Mary’s Andrew’s, Bishop College, St Albans college, and Kingswood college have gone the extra mile to ensure that their students get nothing but the best in terms of both academics and extracurricular activities making them some of the most expensive schools in South Africa 2023.


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