Updated 29.08.2023

MoreTyme Buy Now Pay Later Review

MoreTyme buy now pay later payment option offers flexibility in payment of goods.

TymeBank partnered with The Foschini Group (TFG) group to provide customers with a payment option in which they can pay in installments at TFG stores countrywide. This payment option can be helpful in instances in which you find a good deal for a desired good that you can afford by combining months of future income.

MoreTyme buy now pay later

Features of MoreTyme

TymeBank is a digital-only bank and as such, you should expect all transactions to be done online. The Foschini Group owns several brands and retail stores that provide affordable and high-quality goods like clothing, homewares, and furniture. While MoreTyme was initially used at TFG stores, TymeBank has partnered with more stores to make this payment option available in their stores. Stores which allow payment using MoreTyme include:

  • Jet,
  • Exact,
  • PicknPay, 
  • PicknPay Clothing, 
  • @home, 
  • TheFix, 
  • Archive, 
  • Markham, 
  • RJ Relay Jeans, 
  • American Swiss, 
  • Foschini, 
  • Galaxy Co, 
  • RFO Renegade Fashion, 
  • Sneaker Factory, 
  • Sterns, 
  • Sportscene, 
  • Totalsports, 
  • Aldo, 
  • Cellucity, 
  • TFG, 
  • The Cross Trainer, 
  • Guess, 
  • Pringle of Scotland, 
  • Supaquick, 
  • Wefix, 
  • Freasers, 
  • Mr.Tekkie, 
  • Call it Spring, 
  • Xkids, 
  • Dynamic Vision Oprometrists, 
  • NWJ Jewellery, 
  • Subwear, 
  • Epic Deals, 
  • S.P.CC. Raru, 
  • Elevenpast, 
  • NetDecor, 
  • Discount Décor, 
  • Canine&Co, 
  • Rackelton SA, 
  • Cape Coffee Beans, 
  • DermalHealth, 
  • Loka Jeans, 
  • Ace Sports Distribution, 
  • Delbro, 
  • Geen & Richards, 
  • Pollywog, 
  • Cape Union Mart, 
  • Old Khaki Unrestricted, 
  • JAM, 
  • Car Service City, 
  • Poetry, 
  • France Ceccato, 
  • Tread+Miller, and
  • Dodo’s.

MoreTyme lets you pay for a purchase at any of these stores in three installments. At the time of the purchase, you should be able to afford a third of its value because you will have to pay a third of the purchase price while making the purchase. As such, you will have to top up your bank account or link a debit or credit card. The remaining amount, two-thirds of the purchase price, can be paid for within two months after the purchase is made without any interest.

The bank’s website lets you do certain things. However, there are things you will have to download their mobile app to be able to do. In this instance, to register for MoreTyme payment option you must have the mobile app. It is downloadable on the Google Playstore, Huawei App Gallery, and Apple App Store.

How to Apply for MoreTyme

  1. If you are not already a TymeBank customer, you will have to apply for a TymeBank bank account. It is easy to do online either on the official Tymebank website or simply by using the TymeBank mobile app. The registration process requires your official name, ID number, and your contact information. Always remember to keep any PINs and passwords you use with your bank account private.
  2. On the mobile app, you can activate MoreTyme by selecting the “MoreTyme Card” option on the home screen and then tapping the “Activate” button.

How to Make a Purchase Using MoreTyme

You can either use MoreTyme online or in-store. While making online purchases, you can access MoreTyme using the TymeBank app’s MoreTyme section. You will then be able to make the purchases there. On the other hand, while in a walk-in store, you will have to scan a QR Bar Code while paying at the checkout to use it.

Advantages of MoreTyme

  1. MoreTyme lets you pay for your purchase using three installments instead of all at once.
  2. Unlike credit card purchases, MoreTyme does not charge interest. 
  3. MoreTyme does not charge any fee for having this type of bank account. However, other fees and charges may apply where you also use the same account for other purposes.
  4. Activating MoreTyme is free.
  5. TymeBank’s mobile app is intuitively easy to use.

Disadvantages of MoreTyme

  1. MoreTyme is not a credit purchase payment option and as such you still have to pay for a third of the price of the purchase you make using it.
  2. Although the payment option is free to use, if you do not fulfill your installment obligations in the two months, a default penalty fee of R 75 is charged along with a weekly payment of R 75 for the next three weeks.


MoreTyme is a payment option from TymeBank that allows customers of selected retail stores to buy products and pay for them in three installments. The first installment is paid immediately while the rest is paid within two months after the purchase date. This option can be beneficial in instances where you feel you need the product urgently but can only afford it over the next two months. It can also be a good way to save money you will lose on products whose prices are projected to increase with time.