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Markham Account Review

What should you know about the Markham account? Read on as we review this brand.

Markham is an impressive brand of men’s fashionwear. The shirts, t-shirts, coats and shoes from the brand are an appropriate clothing option for boys and men in their late teens and early adult. These clothes can be worn to different events and occasions. If you are a frequent shopper of the Markham brand, having a Markham account could give you access to discounts, promotions, and credit purchases in Markham stores countrywide.

The Foschini Group (TFG), the group that owns Markham, was founded in 1924. It made entry into South Africa in 1925 and has since developed into a formidable fashion retailer in the country. The fashion giant initially did so by making a series of strategic acquisitions. One such acquisition is the purchase of Markham in the late 1960s.

Recently in 2022, Markham was ranked among the 50 most valuable brands in South Africa. Since Markham Accounts are managed by TFG, all features, products, and purchases that were available on Markham accounts are accessed through TFG accounts.

Markham Brand

When Markham was established in 1873, it sold ladies’ wear. Under The Foschini Group (TFG), the brand has evolved into a men’s wear line. This evolution was done through a series of business decisions involving brand repositioning mostly in the 21st Century. In Markham Stores, you should expect to find men’s tops, bottoms, perfumes, accessories, and footwear.

Men’s Style Markham Clothes

Markham clothing targets 18- to 35-year-old boys and men. Their selection includes trendy clothes that are not over the top for teens who want to fit in with their cliques. This selection include denim, graphic T-shirts, bucket hats, and relay jeans. As the boys turn into men, their preferences become more personal. In their late 20s and early 30s, men discover the style that blends in with their personalities.

At this time, they are also budding in their careers. Consequently, they need official wear that will bring out their persona in the workplace environment. Markham’s Birdseye Knit Shirts, slim suit trousers, official jackets, full suits, and tuxedos are just some of the options available to choose from in the official wear section.

Markham Footwear, Accessories, and Fragrances

Casual boots like the Tan Hunter boot or official loafers like the Tan Rope Detail Tassel Loafer are part of Markham’s alluring footwear collection. They also have White Smart Court sneakers and even Relay Jeans Sport Flip Flops.

Markham accessories include belts, beanies, bags, and wallets while their fragrances stock brands like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and Tom Ford. Fragrances and accessories add to the metrosexual appeal of a man. Attention to these fashion items has grown over the years with the increase of the metrosexual persona in the workplace environment.

Markham Stores

There are several Markham stores in South Africa so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one near you. As of 2022, there were 348 outlets in the country. Alternatively, if you do not prefer going out to shop, with a TFG Account you can shop online.

A TFG Account allows you to shop at other TFG brand stores like @home, Archive, Fabiani, American, Foschini, Swiss, Extract, SodaBloc, Dial-a-bed, Volpes, Granny Goose, Jet, Jet Home, TheFIX, The Bed Store, G-Star Raw, Galaxy & Co, Coricraft, Totalsports, Hi, and Sterns. 

How to Apply for a Markham TFG Account

A TFG account can be applied online on the company’s official application page, on WhatsApp, or in-store at one of TFG’s stores. You will need an RSA ID to prove that you are a South African Citizen of above 18 years of age and proof of income running a 3-month period. 

If your application is successful, you will be sent an SMS message as confirmation and to indicate to you how you will pick up your new TFG Money Account credit card. The credit card obligates you to keep a close eye on your credit score or financial health in general. In case you get a bad credit score, your credit limit will reduce.

Every month you will receive the account’s statement in your TFG Account. The statement will include the debits, credits, interest payments, and any other charges on the account.

TFG Account Features

Each TFG Account owner will receive a TFG Money card that they can use to access TFG account services. Furthermore, family account owners can apply for extra cards so that all family members have their own TFG Money card.

You can add money to your TFG Account through debit orders. The account is charged a minimum amount each month for service costs, fees and charges, and debt repayment.

TFG Account fraud alert feature is also available for each account. It will cost you R 4.50 each month in service costs at this time. This charge will recur each month for two months unless you communicate your intention to cancel your account to TFG using their contacts in the “TFG Contacts” section below. After two months, TFG will suspend your account.

TFG Rewards

A TFG Account gives you access to TFG Rewards. With TFG Rewards, you save money in your account or get a discount on purchases when you swipe using the rewards card at TFG outlets. In order to receive a TFG Rewards card, you have to apply for the program. Additionally, you get access to competitions as well as vouchers from time to time that are exclusive to members.

TFG Lay-by

Through TFG Lay-by, account owners can reserve products and pay for them over a three to six-month period. This feature does not charge any interest on the purchased product. In order to access TFG Lay-by, you have to make a new application for this feature. It is not available as standard to TFG Account holders.

TFG Money Big Buy

TFG Money Big Buy is one of the account’s credit facilities. An account owner can pay for a purchase of at least R 5 000 for jewelry or household goods. The maximum amount allowed will depend on your credit limit. The individual will have three repayment plan options between eighteen, twenty-four and thirty-six month periods. TFG Money Big Buy is also not available as standard to account holders. To access it, you have to make an application.

TFG Money MoreTyme

In partnership with Tyme Bank, the TFG account lets you make a downpayment when buying goods in TFG stores and pay for the balance over a two-month period without interest. With MoreTyme, as it is called, you only need a third of the price of the goods you are purchasing.

TymeBank TFG Money

Frequent TFG retail store shoppers looking for a bank can take advantage of another service that the partnership between TymeBank and TFG provides. Shoppers can open TymeBank accounts that link directly to the TFG Money account and TFG Rewards program. Moreover, the account does not have a monthly service charge and the transaction fees on it are affordable.

Advantages of Markham TFG Accounts

  1. TFG Accounts have security measures to help prevent credit fraud. For instance, in case a purchase of more than R 100 is made using your credit card, TFG will send you a confirmation SMS message.
  2. Markham has a superb selection of official clothing and casual wear for men.
  3. A TFG Account lets members reserve goods and pay for them over a period of three to six months interest-free. This could be beneficial when used to purchase goods that will increase in price over the payment period.
  4. Through a partnership with TymeBank, shoppers can directly benefit from the standard features of a TFG Money Account through a TymeBank TFG Money bank account.
  5. The partnership with TymeBank also allows shoppers a two-month pay-in-bits deal in which a third of the purchase price at TFG stores is paid at the checkout and the rest is paid over the two-month period.

Disadvantages of Markham TFG Accounts

  1. TFG Money Account features like TFG Lay-by and TFG Money Big Buy require extra steps to access. They are not available by default to TFG Account holders, they have to be applied for independently. This makes the process more cumbersome.
  2. A TFG Money Account is not free, each month there are service costs and fees that are charged to your account.

TFG Contacts

You can contact TFG by writing to or visiting the physical address at P.O Box 6020, Parrow East, 7901, and Stanley Lewis Centre, 340 Voortrekker Road, Parrow East, 7500 respectively. You can as well call or send an email to 0860 834 834 and respectively.


Markham is a popular men’s fashion line brand in South Africa. It sells splendid high-quality clothes, footwear, accessories, and perfumes at good prices. The company that owns the brand, The Foschini Group (TFG) incentivizes customers by giving rewards, discount offers as well as credit loans in the TFG Account membership program. Through this account, shoppers can purchase goods on credit, pay in bits in other instances, and even link their TymeBank accounts for an easier and more rewarding shopping experience. 


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