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Makro Credit

Makro retailer has partnered with RCS Group to offer credit card financing, and other finance options to its shoppers. The three solutions they offer are cash loans, product finance, and Makro Credit. Makro credit lets you shop without cash and pay for items on credit. There are also small incentives like rewards to encourage you to sign on. You will learn the important things that Makro Credit has to offer from this article.

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How to Apply for Makro Credit

You can apply for a Makro Credit either online or in-store. Both options have the same minimum criteria for applicants. You must:

  • Be aged 18 years old and above,
  • Have a South African ID or driver’s license,
  • Have an email address,
  • Be employed, and
  • Be earning a minimum monthly salary of R2,000 (note that proof of your income will be required).

Features of Makro Credit

Compatible Stores

The Makro Credit allows you to shop in any Makro store in the country on credit. Additionally, you can also shop using the card at any store in the RCS Shopping Network, including Cambridge Food, Game, and Builders.

mCard App

You can access the credit solution from Makro Credit using the mCard App, a smartphone app from Makro. It is available for download from Play Store or Apple store. Online shopping via the App earns you an extra 1% reward for your mWallet. This is in-app money that cannot be withdrawn. It can only be used to shop at a Makro store or transferred to another mWallet.

Free Delivery

Get free delivery on your 1st in-store purchase of R50000 or more.


Makro sends a cardholder monthly statements for free via SMS or email. Additionally, you get an SMS message each time your card is used to make a purchase.

Self Service

Self service account management can be accessed via the Makro site or by downloading the Makro Credit App from iOs, Android or Huawei devices. You can use it to check your available credit, access cash, pay your outstanding credit debt, view and download your Makro Card statements, request frequent e-statements, and change your email address.

Customer Protection Insurance

Every Makro Credit Card has Customer Protection Insurance, which has:

  • A death cover that completely pays off your outstanding Makro Credit Card balance in case you pass away while indebted
  • A permanent disability cover that settles all your debt if you get a permanent disability while still indebted to Makro from the Makro Credit Card
  • A temporary disability cover that pays your monthly installments for up to 12 months while you recuperate
  • A loss of income cover pays your monthly installments for up to 12 months following your loss of employment

How Much the Makro Credit Costs

Makro does not specify how charges are levied on the credit facility they provide with the Makro Credit. During your application for one, you will be told the charges. However, there are two costs that you should expect. First, there will be a flat monthly service fee and an added interest rate on every credit card purchase.

Repayment Options

To settle the Makro credit account, you can use one of the following options:

Debit Order Payment

You can pay through a debit order. Monthly payments are deducted automatically from your bank account on the day you get paid.

In-store Payments

Alternatively, you can visit a Makro store and make payments in person because in-store payments are allowed for Macro Credit accounts.

ETF Payments

You can pay through Electronic Fund Transfer (ETF). You can also use the 19-digit number on the Makro Credit card for EFT payments. The details permitted for use are:

  • Account Name: Makro
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account name: RCS Cards
  • Account number: 061234745
  • Branch code: 051001
  • Account Type: Current Account
  • Pre-defined bank beneficiary: Makro Credit
  • Beneficiary Reference: Card / Account Number (19 digits)


Makro credit is a store card option for anyone with a regular income who might need it. The lack of information about the costs you will incur while using this card leaves a lot to be desired. Before deciding, contact Makro using the contact details on their site for additional inquiries. The store also does not take responsibility for your credit debt upon itself. You are supposed to keep checking and scheduling payments to ensure you don’t miss any.

Conversely, it is beneficial that you can use the card in select stores countrywide. Also, Makro Credit is rewarding if you use Makro’s mCard App while making payments at compatible stores. Furthermore, there is no mention of a credit check as part of the considerations for the card. Therefore, people with bad credit are not disqualified from making applications for Makro Credit.


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