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King Price Car Insurance Review

When it comes to car insurance in South Africa, King Price Car insurance stands out as a reliable and customer-centric provider. It offers thorough coverage and extra perks that make it a popular option. It also has a variety of vehicle insurance policies designed to satisfy the various needs of drivers. 

King Price Car Insurance

In general, customer feedback is good with most people touting the car insurer on its excellent service. On hello peter, King Price has a four-and-a-half star rating from 54,604 reviews. This stellar customer rating performance is a testament to how well the insurer’s product delivers in terms of customer satisfaction, fulfillment of policyholder needs, and solving of risk to vehicle-related problems.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This option covers accidental damage, theft, hijacking, and various incidents like hail damage, roadside assistance, towing and storage, legal liability, and more. While it provides extensive coverage, intentional loss or damage and certain reckless behaviors are not covered.

Theft and Write Off Insurance

This coverage is specifically designed for theft, hijacking, and total loss of a vehicle. It includes accident assistance, towing and storage costs, legal liability, and coverage for theft or hijacking incidents.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

This policy focuses on third-party damage caused by your vehicle, including liability for damage to other people’s property resulting from an accident. It covers theft, hijacking, attempted theft or hijacking, and legal liability.

Third-Party Only Car Insurance

This option covers accidental damage caused to other people’s property, allowing you to focus on your own vehicle’s issues while ensuring legal liability is taken care of.

Collectable Car Insurance

Specifically designed for classic and high-value cars, this coverage provides protection against accidents, theft, third-party liability, and various other incidents.

Optional Extras

King Price car insurance also offers optional extras that can be added to your policy for an additional fee, allowing you to customize your coverage according to your specific needs. These optional extras include:

Car Warranty

Car warranty optional extra covers the repair or replacement of car parts that break.

Credit Shortfall

In the event of theft or write-off, this add-on compensates the difference between the value of your car at the time and the amount still owed to the bank.

Car Hire

While your automobile is getting fixed by one of King Price’s mechanical service providers, car hire cover will provide you with a car for 30 days as part of its coverage.

Personal Accident

Personal accident optional extra provides coverage for the policyholder and their family in the event of a permanent health impact due to an accident.

Scratch and Dent

Scratch and dent cover minor repairs to the outer body of your vehicle.

Sound Equipment and Other Accessories

Sound equipment and other accessories optional extra covers the car’s music system and any additional extras you’ve added.

Advantages of King Price Car Insurance

  1. One of the key advantages of King Price car insurance is its distinctive pricing model. Starting at a competitive monthly premium of R 199.00, King Price’s premiums decline each month in proportion to the declining value of the vehicle from wear and tear. As a result, policyholders are rewarded with reduced premiums over time, making the car insurer an attractive option for cost-conscious drivers.
  2. Policyholders who insure two or more vehicles with King Price car insurance can benefit from up to a 20% premium discount, adding further value to their coverage. This multi-vehicle discount makes it convenient and cost-effective for families or individuals with multiple vehicles to insure.
  3. Optional extras can be added to enhance your policy and provide additional protection.
  4. King Price offers multiple coverage options, allowing customers to choose a policy that best suits their specific needs.
  5. The insurer lets policyholders make claims online. This feature provides a hassle-free experience for customers.

Disadvantages of King Price Car Insurance:

  1. Additional premiums for covers other than comprehensive and collectible car insurance: Some covers may require additional premiums to include all the benefits of comprehensive coverage.
  2. Higher premiums for new license holders: Individuals with new licenses may face higher premiums compared to experienced drivers.


King Price car insurance is an excellent choice for South African motorists looking for comprehensive coverage and additional benefits. With its unique pricing model, customizable options, and a variety of car insurance plans, King Price caters to different needs and ensures that policyholders receive the protection they require. Whether you own a collectible car or need coverage for everyday vehicles, King Price’s car insurance solutions are designed to provide peace of mind and financial security on the road.


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