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KeyHealth Hospital Plan Review

You can define the Keyhealth hospital plan in one of two ways. One is an insurance policy that pays directly to the hospital when a member is hospitalized. Two is a cover that makes specific payments into a member’s account for each day spent in a medical facility. 

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Essentially, hospital plans work similarly to a typical medical scheme. However, it does not feature day-to-day and out-of-hospital benefits. Many of these plans begin paying after two or three days of hospitalization and they pay limited amounts.

What does a hospital plan include?

A hospital plan covers medical and treatment costs when an insured person is hospitalized. In some cases, it fully covers unlimited treatments and procedures at network hospitals. In the same vein, the limited cover is offered on costs pertaining to physical rehabilitation, mental health, blood tests, kidney dialysis, and scans. 

Characteristics of Keyhealth Hospital Plan

  • Centered on possible hospitalization
  • Only covers costs incurred when you are hospitalized.
  • It does not pay for prescription medicine or visits to GP. In the event they do, they offer capped yearly allowances on select items.
  • They are not as flexible as a normal medical aid.
  • In most cases, hospital plans allow you to see practitioners and visit centers from their prescribed list.
  • It is among the affordable hospital plans in South Africa. However, it offers limited services to patients/clients.

Keyhealth Hospital Plan as Part of a Medical Aid Scheme

Keyhealth hospital plans are what you need to safeguard yourself and your family against medical emergencies and hospitalization costs. However, these products are tied to medical aid products.

However, these plans do not work like insurance or cash pay-out plans. Instead, the amount payable is debited to a service provider following the benefit structure of a member. Additionally, you have to obtain authorization for given procedures and hospitalization. Unlike other hospital plans, the pay-out starts on the first day of hospitalization. It includes payment for emergency care. 

Essence Keyhealth Hospital Plan

Essence cover offers great value at an affordable price. It is ideal for people who are starting out or for people who are looking for emergency and unforeseen medical expenses.

Essence features an unlimited private hospital plan that caters for 26 basic chronic medical issues.

Monthly Contributions

  • Principal Member: R1697
  • Adult dependant: R1360
  • Child dependant: R612

Platinum Option Hospital Plan

Platinum option offers the best medical coverage. It is ideal for some looking for a health insurance solution today and into the future. This option comes at a premium price and offers great value for money.

Under the platinum cover, you will access an unlimited hospital plan. It also offers:

  • Cover for 55 chronic medical issues
  • Coverage of Out-of-hospital mental health
  • Unlimited benefits of prosthesis and oncology

Monthly Contributions

  • Principal Member: R9624
  • Adult dependant: R6747
  • Child dependant: R2031

Origin Option Hospital Plan

The origin option is a comprehensive cover ideal for people with simple hospital needs for themselves and everyone they care about. It’s affordable and offers great value for money.

This cover features a private hospital plan. It also provides day-to-day benefits on select conditions and covers 26 basic chronic medical conditions.

Monthly Contributions

  • Principal Member: R1939
  • Adult dependant: R1381
  • Child dependant: R631

Equilibrium Option Hospital Plan

The equilibrium option offers both stability and additional security. Like the origin option, Equilibrium comes with an unlimited private hospital plan. In addition to this, it offers benefits for 29 chronic diseases, dental cover, and unique day-to-day cover. It also has a savings plan for extra security.

Monthly Contributions

  • Principal Member: monthly contribution, R2 196, monthly savings, R172 and total monthly contribution, R2 368
  • Adult dependant: monthly contribution, R1 357, monthly savings, R106 and total monthly contribution, R1 463
  • Child dependant: monthly contribution, R674, monthly savings, R53 and total monthly contribution, R727

It is important to note that Equilibrium charges a maximum of three child dependents.

Silver Option Hospital Plan

The silver option is ideal for families and individuals who are looking for an extraordinary product. Packaged to offer all benefits you’d want in a health insurance product, it has a fair price for the value it provides. 

The silver option offers an unlimited hospital plan and improved day-to-day protection. Additionally, it covers 29 chronic diseases, three extra doctor visits for your child’s dependents, and dental cover.

Monthly Contributions

  • Principal Member: R4 084
  • Adult Dependant: R2 197
  • Child Dependant: R852

Gold Option Hospital Plan

The gold option is a premium product offering security and extended health coverage. It offers great value to families and individuals looking for a high-quality product. 

This cover features an unlimited hospital plan and high-quality day-to-day cover. 

In addition, it covers 44 chronic diseases, out-of-hospital mental coverage, increased savings, and dental cover.  

Monthly Contributions

  • Principal Member: monthly contribution, R5 380, monthly savings, R597, and total monthly contribution, R5 977
  • Adult Dependant: monthly contribution, R3 638, monthly savings, R404, and total monthly contribution, R4 042
  • Child Dependant: monthly contribution, R1 056, monthly savings, R117, and total monthly contribution R1 173

Hospitalization Authorisation

Members seeking hospitalization need authorization before being admitted to a hospital. If the Member cannot do it by themself because of unavoidable circumstances such as an accident, a friend or family member needs to make official contact with the insurance provider on their behalf. The friend or family should provide all the necessary information about the Member. Failure to do this the Member might not receive the benefits.

Keyhealth Contact Details

You can contact KeyHealth to get more information about their hospital plans and other services through 0860 671 050 or email them at Should there be a need for a walk-in, visit them at PPS Centurion Square, Cnr Gordon Hood & Heuwel Roads, Centurion.

This Keyhealth hospital plan review will get you started in your journey for signing up to a dependable health cover.


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