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iWYZE Car Insurance Review

iWYZE is a short term insurance from Old Mutual. All claims to iWYZE are therefore underwritten by Old Mutual.

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Old Mutual Assurance South Africa is a reputable and reliable insurance partner. It opened for business on 17 May 1845. iWYZE, on the other hand, was started in 2010. iWYZE is currently only available to South African citizens.

Foreign nationals working and staying in South Africa do not qualify for any of the iWYZE insurance plans. However, the cover works in Southern African countries, including South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. 

iWYZE Car Insurance Plans

iWYZE Car Insurance has three plans at this time. They include:

  1. Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance
  2. Third Party Car Insurance
  3. Comprehensive Car Insurance

Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance

This plan includes:

  • Cover against theft or hijack or consequences of attempted theft or hijacking.
  • Insurance cover against third-party claims arising from legal liability for injury to people, damage to the claimant’s vehicle, or damage to the claimant’s property.
  • Cover for damage or loss of your vehicle due to lightning, fire break breakouts, or explosions. 

Third Party Car Insurance

Third-Party Car Insurance from iWYZE covers third-party claims arising from legal liability for injury to people, damage to the claimant’s vehicle, or damage to the claimant’s property.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers both vehicle loss and vehicle damage. It is the only plan on iWYZE that does. As part of the criteria for qualification, your vehicle must have a tracking device. If it doesn’t, you will have to install one within 15 days before getting the comprehensive vehicle cover. Its features include:

  • It covers against loss of or damage to your vehicle due to accidents.
  • Protection against theft or hijacking or consequences of attempted theft or hijacking
  • Coverage against vehicle damage from theft, fires, or natural disasters
  • Protects against third-party claims arising from legal liability for injury to people, damage to the claimant’s vehicle, or damage to the claimant’s property
  • It provides coverage for road emergency services, offering round-the-clock roadside support throughout the year. The roadside support will cover up to a maximum 2 incidences every year or R 4 000, whichever comes first. This cover includes flat tires, electrical or mechanical damage, dead car batteries, running out of fuel, locked-in car keys, towing services, and sending urgent messages.

Optional Car Insurance Inclusions

For an additional amount to your premium, you may opt for the following inclusions to your coverage:

  1. Coverage for car hire services if you cannot use your car while undergoing repair or awaiting compensation for a lost or written-off car.
  2. Credit shortfall cover (or gap cover) against loss or theft.

How to Submit a Claim for iWYZE Car Insurance

For any of the insurance plans above, you may have a claim if your car gets lost or stolen in a scenario that is part of the coverage provided in the various descriptions. Ensure you confirm with iWYZE what qualifies for a claim before entering the insurance contract.

  1. Immediately you have an incident that qualifies for a claim under your contract, reach out to iWYZE. Their contacts are included in one of the topics below. Failure to do so will disqualify you as a claimant.
  2. Provide them with the requirements needed to submit a claim. The insurer requires that you provide all the details of the occurrence and any other information they may require. They will also require your vehicle’s details, like its value statement, proof of your ownership, and any other information they may specify. You must submit these requirements within 2 to 14 days after the incident.
  3. Additionally, iWYZE will require that you provide them with any documents (legal or otherwise) or correspondences that relate to your claim.
  4. The vehicle involved in the incident will be required by iWYZE. They will inform you how to do so, depending on your coverage and the nature of your incident.
  5. You must get a claim number to confirm that your claim has been registered.

iWYZE’s terms and conditions state that you must notify the police of any incident involving crime or accident involving traffic. They further state that you should not admit to any wrongdoing, make promises, or offer compensation without their written consent. If your claim is accepted, your vehicle may be repaired or replaced, or you may be reimbursed for its value in cash. You may also be reimbursed using more than one of the above or all of them.

Benefits of iWYZE Insurance

  1. iWYZE is from Old Mutual Group, a reputable insurance company that has been in the insurance industry for 177 years. Thus, you can trust it as an insurer. 
  2. They offer cover against fires, theft, and the third party claims. They also have a comprehensive cover.
  3. Vehicles can be compensated for up to R 75 000.

Drawbacks of iWYZE Insurance

  1. iWYZE does not provide insurance to people with foreign passports. It is currently only available for South African citizens.
  2. iWYZE Car Insurance does not cover vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) above 3500 Kg. It also does not cover business vehicles.

iWYZE Contact Details

You may reach out to iWYZE locally using the phone number 0860 93 94 93. Internationally, you can call them at +27 (11) 5566 101. Alternatively, you may reach iWYZE through their official website, where you can apply for new car insurance or submit a claim.


Note that when making applications to iWYZE, ensure that you provide correct information. Failure to do so can result in rejection of your claim, cancellation of your policy, voiding the policy from its Cover Start Date, or even recovery of compensation that has already been paid out. Your premium may be refunded if you have a maximum backdated refund period of 12 months. The amount refunded will be minus the cost incurred by iWYZE. In case the information you provided changes, inform iWYZE immediately.


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