Updated 24.04.2022

How to Send Telkom Please Call Me Back

In this article, we will show you how to use the Telkom Please Call me feature and how to send these call back messages on the Telkom mobile network. Telkom is the largest telecommunications network provider in South Africa, providing voice, SMS and data services to over 10 million South Africans.

Telkom Please Call Me

What is a Telkom Please Call Me?

The Telkom Please Call Me feature allows people to send a free message to someone else using a USSD code which requests them to call back on the number from each the message was sent. These can be sent by any mobile phone and does not require any internet access. It is one of many USSD codes (sometimes also known as ‘quick codes’ or ‘feature codes’  or service request) offered by Telkom.

How to send a Please Call Me message

  1. First, dial the Telkom call back phone number / Telkom USSD – *140* receivers number #” (without the spaces) and then press send.
  2. You can also edit or personalise the “Please Call Me” text, but only up to a limited number of characters.
  3. Once you have sent the please call me, you should soon receive a message to confirm that the message has been sent successfully.

Other USSD Codes

As well as the call back message, there are some other service query USSD codes offered by Telkom which you might find useful. Please see some of the most popular ones below:

*1# to view your own Telkom phone number

*#06# to view your mobile phone IMEI number.

*188# to check your current airtime balance inquiries

One of the good things about using these USSD codes is that they work on all mobile phones, whether you’re using a new smartphone or any older phone. Mobile phone users across all African networks can also use the USSD codes and SMS service without needing any internet access, this make them great for locations without internet service. 

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