Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa

How to Make Money Online in South Africa

Earning on the internet has to be the most convenient way to bring home the bacon in South Africa right now. Good news: it’s a perfectly realistic goal. If you have basic computer literacy, you can make money online fast.

In this article, we’re going to describe some popular, reliable ways to make money online. There’s something here for everyone. After that, we’ll give pointers on what you need to make sure your online earning strategy is a success.

# Move Your Shop Online

If you have a physical shop that sells food, clothing, hardware or any other goods, now is the perfect time to set up an online shop where customers can browse from home and order at the click of a button, and have their order delivered to their door.

Shopify and Amazon are two sites that are highly popular when it comes to selling goods online. Etsy is a site that specifically sells unusual, crafty, handmade goods. Or, you can set up a custom site using a platform like squarespace.com or Wix Stores. These are easy to use and often surprisingly affordable.

If you’re not allowed to sell your goods at the moment, seize the moment to start the process of setting up shop online for when your sales pick up again. Experts predict that the virus will stick around for a couple of years (before a cure or vaccine is developed), and having an online platform to sell goods from will benefit you enormously.


# Join a Freelancing Site

If you sell skills and expertise instead of physical goods, sign up for an account on a good freelancing site. The possibilities are endless: from bookkeepers, lawyers and programmers to musicians, writers and animators, anyone can find a site where potential clients want what you’ve got to offer.

In most cases, you’ll need:

  • a portfolio (many of these sites have a portfolio tool that’s designed to help you make your portfolio look good)
  • excellent communication skills
  • to be available for work at unusual times of day
  • a professional-looking headshot of yourself (some sites may have specific guidelines for this).


# Teach Online

There’s an array of sites that connect teachers with students from around the world and allow teachers to earn by the hour. English is possibly the most popular subject at the moment. Not everyone qualifies for setting up on top-paying platforms (you may need a university degree and several years of experience), but if you do, you may end up enjoying it more than your regular job! And if you don’t qualify for these sites but still have skills to teach, you can find students who’ll pay for your time on sites like cambly.com.


# Sell Photographs

If you have an eye for a good shot, there are a variety of platforms online where you can sell your pics or even video clips and make cash online. Generally, the earnings off one photo purchase is quite small, so keep these tips in mind.

  • Quantity is key.
  • Learn to light the environment, pose your models and compose your shots in a way that looks polished and professional.
  • Keep up with trends and buzzwords, particularly those popular in the business world.


# Build an Affiliate Marketing Platform

Affiliate marketing is a system where companies remunerate marketers for bringing in clients. To become an affiliate marketer, you’ll usually need to start up a blog or review site where you can market goods in a helpful, informative way. You’ll need to develop excellent writing and marketing skills. Commission earned off this type of marketing can be anywhere between 5% and 30%. The pricier the product you advertise, the higher your earnings.

Some people aggressively market affiliate marketing itself and make wild promises about vast sums of money that can be made in weeks. Although it’s possible to drastically improve your financial situation via affiliate marketing, this is very unusual. Most people simply use this online earning method to supplement other forms of income. So don’t quit your day job just yet!


# Consult Online

Doctors, lawyers, computer technicians, vets, plumbers and other professionals and experts can get paid by the hour for answering questions online. Consultations are generally conducted via phone or video call. To start, take a look at consultancy sites like justanswer.com or liveperson.com, and apply via their online processes.


# Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants remotely help entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals with business-related tasks. They may do many different things, from acting as a PA, to organising events, to marketing the business online.

Virtual assistants can earn well, but to start out you’ll needs tons of patience and persistence. In order to land clients, you’ll need to create a website, network, and build a following on social media.


# Become an Online Influencer

If you have a colourful personality, an interesting story or something valuable to say, you can earn money as a Youtube or social media star. YouTubers generally earn money via paid ads that show up on their videos. Apart from that, any online influencer can get paid by advertising products to their followers. In fact, building a following on social media can be an incredibly effective way to market your own products or services, too.

Similar to becoming a real-life celebrity, becoming an online influencer takes creativity, passion and a small helping of luck. However, success comes with significant rewards.


How to Be Successful When Earning Online

Although you generally get to pick your own hours when you’re earning your living from the ‘net, it’s still a real job that demands dedication and hard work. The online marketplace is huge and flooded with competition. Here’s what you’ll need to be a success.

  • Decent internet: you need to be able to smoothly upload data and have a video conference without interruptions.
  • Decent hardware: if you’re earning via your PC and computer accessories, make sure these don’t let you down. A computer that takes minutes to open a simple program and can’t handle multiple programs at once will cause you immense frustrations and hours of wasted time. You’ll probably also need a well-functioning camera and mic that help you look and sound professional.
  • A quiet, uncluttered spot for meetings: this is especially true if you share a home with other people. A noisy online meeting with frequent interruptions is unprofessional, as is a messy, cluttered background.
  • Ability to grow and learn: the online world changes often and fast. Adopt a flexible mindset to change with the times, use trends to your advantage, and learn new skills. Make a commitment to continuous learning via tutorials, articles and news sites, so that your offerings can stay fresh and relevant.
  • To cultivate marketing skills: with most online jobs, you’re essentially marketing yourself and landing your own work. Even platforms that support your profession often require you to put in proposals to win clients. No matter what you’re doing, marketing yourself will help you build a successful online career.

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