Updated 30.05.2021

How to Get the Nandos Voucher Deal using Vodacom

Now, it is quite painless and easy as pie to enjoy Nando’s meal on credit with the facility to pay after 30 days on absolutely 0% interest. Nando’s originates from South Africa with the uniqueness of Portuguese-African food that allows people in many countries to cherish a distinct food chain.

Vodacom, a South African mobile communication company that provides services to more than 55 million of customers, has developed an application for the convenience of its customers. Nando’s food vouchers can be bought through Vodacom application and Vodacom customers can utilize Voucher Advance Service to enjoy Nando’s food on credit. Voucher Advance Service provides Nando’s food vouchers in multiple rang from R25 to R75 and customers can get bonus credit from 8% to 10% on each voucher according to its value. 

Vodacom’s prepaid customers, top-up subscribers, and even contract customers can avail vouchers through voucher advance service that are absolutely interest-free. Their validity lasts for 3  years from the date of issue. The customers, active for 6 months on Vodacom network can only be considered as qualified for voucher advance along with their track record of buying air time, etc. According to Vodacom’s chief officer of financial and digital services Vodacom’s customers are allowed to relish their food from Nando’s only on 0% interest to be paid later on within 30 days.

The voucher buying process through Vodacom application is rather simple and effortless. On Vodacom Application users (post-paid subscribers) can find “buy now” option to buy Nando’s vouchers through a credit card. Once a voucher is bought a QR code is generated which is to be used by customers at Nando’s outlet. You must click on “more” in the menu bar at the bottom of the app and select “vouchers”. An option is shown to choose among “retail” or “food”. You can Choose “food” and proceed to buy Nando’s voucher. The voucher of worth R25, in fact, provides R27. The voucher of worth R50 provides R55 and R75 provides R82 accordingly. These are the vouchers currently available on application for Vodacom post-paid subscribers.

You can visit any Nando’s outlet with a voucher loaded with e.g. R82 and place an order of your desired food from the list. Having done with your meal at the time of payment you can make cashier informed about using Vodacom voucher. A cashier can guide you to the camera PayPoint for your QR code to be used. If meal expense exceeds R82 then after deduction of R82 you will have to pay the remaining in cash otherwise in case the expense is less than R82 then reaming amount will virtually be shown in your voucher for the next use. 

You will experience a simple and easy mode of payment after enjoying your meal at Nando’s. Thus, one cannot help appreciating the voucher advance service by Vodacom that has invested a great deal of laborious expertise in building a system to allow its privileged customers to have a great experience of fulfillment without any payment issues. One can easily find this voucher advance service for Nando’s food vouchers working exactly as promised by Vodacom.

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