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How To Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

There are several car insurance providers in South Africa making it challenging to find the cheapest car insurance. However, you need to conduct extensive research to get an affordable provider. While you are at it, ensure that you look out for both big and small insurance companies. This is because most people ignore small insurance providers and go for the big ones, which turn out to be expensive.

In the end, nobody wants to pay more in car insurance. But getting lower rates isn’t a walk in the park. So, today we are going to discuss several ways of getting the cheapest car insurance in South Africa.

Clear the Thought that Any One Insurance Car Company Is Cheap

Many car insurance companies in South Africa spend plenty of money on commercial advertisements to convince you they have low insurance rates. There is no single insurer that offers low prices than all the other companies. Most of the time, the company that boasts of low insurance might be the most expensive through hidden rates.

One insurance company can cost cheap in one city but be expensive in another. So, it is crucial to compare rates from different insurance companies to get the lowest rate possible.

Take Advantage of Multi-Car Discounts

If you own a fleet of cars, get a quote from one auto insurance company that insures all your vehicles. This will save you some money compared to insuring every car with a different car insurer. Many car insurance companies in South Africa offer discounts on bulk rates on vehicle fleets. Some even go to the extent of giving you a good deal if you bring them more business.

To clear the air, inquire from your insurance agent if you qualify for any discounts. Ensure that the discounts apply to multi drivers. You still qualify when you jointly own a fleet of cars with your family members.

One of the best discounts provided by car insurance companies in South Africa includes homeowner’s insurance. In one state, the insurer offers a 10% discount car insurance discount and 30% homeowner’s insurance discount when combined. To get such deals, check what car insurers in your city offers.

Consider Local and Regional Insurers

As earlier mentioned, every car insurer is essential. There are no big or small car insurance companies or local and state insurers. All that matters is the price of their insurance policy. In most cases, you will find out that local and regional car insurance companies offer you better customer services than national insurers. In the long run, when you compare their prices, you will find out that most local insurers offer low-priced car insurance. So, when you’re not keen, you might end up following big car insurance companies with exceptionally high rates.

Sign Up for A Defensive Course

Many car insurance companies in South Africa give discounts to car owners with complete and approved defensive driving courses. That means you have reduced points on your driving license, and you can drive well on South African roads.

However, before you join a defensive course, it is wise to confirm with your insurer if it will have value for money or benefit you in the long run. 

Downsize Your Vehicle

Owning an big SUV car is thrilling for the rides but overwhelming in car insurance. You will pay more for a big car compared to a compact car. Many car insurance firms in South Africa offer significant discounts for hybrid vehicles. 

Work on Your Credit Score

Your credit score plays an essential role in the nation’s car insurance quotes. Your credits directly relate to how you make insurance claims. Poor credit scores escalate your car insurance rates by hundreds of Rands annually. So, if you improve your credit, you gain lower insurance rates. You can do this by ensuring that you pay your bills on time and clear any other debts with your bank.

Avoid Collision and Comprehensive Covers for Old Cars

Several car insurance companies try to convince you to take collision and comprehensive coverage for your old car. But the truth of the matter is that car insurance companies have a maximum payout limited by the car’s value. So, an old vehicle may have very little value to qualify for such coverage. 

Collision coverage pays for repair damages caused to your vehicle by other vehicles and objects. Comprehensive coverage covers vehicle repair for damages caused by fire, crashes, weather and car theft.

Remember, the maximum payout under the two covers depends on your car’s value as per the time it gets stolen or got damaged. That means if your car is old, its market value is generally low, and it might not sound wise to take such coverage.

Pay Annually

Like any other product, paying in installments is expensive in the long run. The same applies to car insurance when you pay monthly. You end up paying for more insurance premium. So, form a habit of paying annual car insurance if you can afford it.

Avoid Modifications

Owning a car is exciting, and you may get tempted to change it according to your taste. You may ignorantly decide to upgrade your vehicle by styling it and adding speakers, escalating the insurance price.

So, avoid making any modifications such as adding alloy wheels and performance upgrades that might attract people with bad intentions. In the end, your quote for your stolen car with upgrades may be more expensive than the original make.

Note Administration Charges

Some car insurers have hidden charges on car insurance. For example, if you change your car, address, or job, they charge you some Rands. So, it is vital to research various car insurance administration charges before signing up for a policy with them. That way, you will save plenty of money in the long run.

Car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still get one or two cheap ones or instead find a way of reducing the amount you pay for your car insurance. With the explanation above, you will get the most affordable car insurance in South Africa.


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