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How to Check Telkom Balance

Telecommunication companies have made it easier for people to effectively communicate with each other by ensuring they develop easier ways to load and check both airtime and data balances. One such company would be Telkom. If you are a South African resident using Telkom, you will be interested in knowing how to effectively check these balances and know when to reload your phone. This article explains different ways of achieving this goal.

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Checking Airtime Balances with Telkom

The multi-national company has made it easier for its users across Africa to check airtime balance. This ensures convenience when it comes to effective communication. Below are some of the ways you can check your balance with Telkom.

Using Balance USSD Code

Using the USSD code is the fastest and easiest way to check airtime balance whenever you are in South Africa. For example, use the code *188#, and the airtime balance will be displayed on your phone’s screen. You can decide if it is time to load more airtime or use the one you have until it is depleted.

Checking Balance Using the Telkom App

This is an app that the telecommunication company has come up with to conveniently enable users to access different services offered by the company. Note that you can access all your airtime consumption details on the app, which means knowing the balance remaining using the app.

Users with Android phones need to visit the Google App store to download the app and install it, while those with iPhones should go to the Apple Store, where they can download the Telkom app for convenient use. Once you have downloaded the p, follow the prompts and register your mobile number; then, you can easily proceed to use the app. Every time you log into the app, your airtime balance and other related details will be displayed so you can always tell when to top up.

Using WhatsApp

To interact better and more with its users, the Telkom company launched a company WhatsApp customer service agent. Users can send their queries to this number directly and get quick responses. This is also one of the effective ways to get answers on anything, including airtime balance. All you have to do is add the number 0811601700 as part of your contacts and continue chatting directly with the company.

Visiting the Company Website

If you prefer using web services, you know that you can check your airtime balance on Telkom’s official website. This is one of the last resorts one can turn to if any of the already mentioned options fail to work. Go to the company’s website and log in first. However, you should first register before doing anything else. The moment you register and log in, all the details regarding your airtime will be displayed on the web page.

Checking Data Balance

You can also check your data balance on Telkom. This is important if you are a heavy data user as it offers convenience and allows you to organize your data expenditure since you will not be caught unawares. In addition, your ability to check data balance offers convenience and makes it possible to browse different sites without interruptions; below are different ways to do this.

Using SMS

Like you did with the airtime balance, you can also check your data balance via SMS. Send an empty SMS to the number 188 and wait for a response. This is by far the most used technique when checking data balance. Once you send the SMS, you will receive a response from Telkom with all the details on your data. This message comes almost immediately.

Checking Online

You can also check your data balance on the website. The online check requires that you have some data bundles left to access the website. Once you open the company’s website, register an account if you haven’t done this before. Next, log in to your account and check all the balances you need. All the details will be displayed on the page for you to see. If you forget your Telkom website account password, do not worry too much. All you have to do is send an SMS with the word password to the number 0123210215, and the company will send you the right password to log into your account.

Using a USSD Code

You can check your data balance using a simple USSD code. It is also one of the commonly used methods for data balance checks by most Telkom customers. Dial *188# on a device that contains a Telkom sim. Once you dial the code, details of your data will be displayed on the screen, and you will be able to tell how much data balance you have.

Use the Telkom App

You need to first download the app from Google App Store or Apple Store, depending on your mobile device. Once downloaded, proceed to register and use the app conveniently following prompts to check data and airtime balances. You can also access other services via the app.

Use the IVR Menu

You can use the IVR menu to check your data balance conveniently. This is quite straightforward. All one has to do is dial the number 188 on their phone. This will activate a voice menu that directs Telkom to check the data balance. Keep following the prompts and you will be fine.

Checking Data Balance on the Telkom Router

Besides checking the balance on your phone, it is also important to understand how to check the data balance on your router. This is important for large data users who need more than the phone’s capacity. It is always important for such people to keep up with their data consumption to ensure uninterrupted service. To check balances, all they have to do is log into the Telkom service portal and check their data balance since details will be displayed there. Alternatively, users can send an SMS by the modem dashboard to 188 and wait to receive details of their data balance.


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