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How to Check SASSA Status

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) was established in 2001. It has been a significant player in providing social security services to South Africans. Therefore, every South African needs to know how to use SASSA services to enjoy all the benefits that the organization has to offer. One of the essential lessons you need to learn is how to check SASSA status. 

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How to Check SASSA Status

There are two ways for checking SASSA status online at the convenience of your living room. One is by going to your online banking under the MasterCard section and two is by searching “SASSA Status Checker” on your web browser.

When you check your current SASSA Status under the “MasterCard” section on your online banking, you need to follow these steps. With this, you will find out if it has undergone processing:

Step 1: Log in to Online Banking and select the “MasterCard” icon

Step 2: Locate the “SASSA Status” information and click on this link for more details about what you need at a glance

Step 3: If your card is still showing as PENDING, then please call our Customer Care Department for help

Alternatively, you can use the SASSA status checker. To do this, you need to:

  1. Type “SASSA Status Checker” into your search bar.
  2. Find the SASSA Status Checker page. It’s the first one listed, so it should be pretty easy to find!
  3. Enter your ID number or surname in the text box called “ID Number.” You can also choose to enter a person’s full name if you know it. But if their documents get lost, they will have reported this themselves, so there is no need to check for them
  4. If you enter an ID number, then click ‘Ok.’ This will bring up a list of people holding valid cards and temporary identity documents. It will also show those who do not hold any documents at all. If someone does not contain a document, then it is likely that they have lost their records and will need to report this to SASSA.
  5. If you entered a surname, click “Ok,” and the results of your search will get displayed:

The page also shows how many people in South Africa share the same name as you.

Highlights of Your Application Regarding Your SRD Grant as Released by SASSA

In all SASSA applications, there are highlights that you need to look out for. These highlights include:

Status Application Complete

This means that you have completed the reapplication process, and SASSA will verify to you each month for payment of your SRD R350 grant. As a result, check to see if verification has been successful on an official website every thirty days.

In Progress

If your status shows up as ‘In progress,’ then you will not receive any money from SASSA. This is because SASSA needs to verify some things about you before they can make a payment.

For example, the need proof of identity/address/working status before paying out your grant. If they do not have this proof at hand, they will most likely investigate it and provide the result on their verification page for you to view when applicable.

Note: You can track your application by checking with an official website every 30 days. If it shows up as ‘in progress’ or “unprocessed” during that time, then you may know that there’s nothing wrong with your application and that SASSA is just being slow or waiting for some information.

Reapplication Pending

It means that SASSA has not received your application. You should apply to their website.

Your SASSA card is still valid. If you plan to be outside the country, it’s recommended to find someone responsible to assist you with your application while away. You can also request a temporary card. This will cost R25, and you should apply using the paper form found on the SASSA website.


Once you have become verified as a beneficiary, the status will change to ‘Processing,’ and then it will say “Beneficiary Received.” Then you should check back every 30 days again to see if your status has changed to ‘Processed.’ If not, there may be an issue with your application.

Note: It could also mean that SASSA owes you money but is still processing it (so far only me).


When your verification goes through successfully, the status of your application should change to ‘Registered.’ This means you’ll be able to view the payment schedule on their official website.

Once you change your status to ‘Registered,’ it could take 1-2 weeks for SASSA to process your application. So, it may be best for you to check back every 1-2 weeks until your status changes from “processing” to ‘Registered.’

As soon as your status shows up as ‘Registered,’ the verification is complete, and you should have money in 2-5 business days.

You will receive an SMS and email from SASSA as soon as you have money in your account. Your card should be active immediately after the payment completes processing. If you do not see any activity on your card, it could mean that there is a problem with either your application or bank account. In such an event, contact SASSA ASAP because they need to verify your application before making a payment.

Bank Details Pending

It means that SASSA received your application or reapplication. But did not receive any banking details or preferences. It is an alert that you should submit your banking details via the website.

Unpaid grants get paid over to the Master Welfare Grant Administrator (MWGA) at the National Treasury. That is after 72 hours from the time of grant approval if they receive no bank account details from social grant beneficiaries and grant administrators. If a beneficiary does not want their grant to get paid over to the MWGA, they should contact their local SASSA office to update their banking information. Implementation plans are in place for processing within SASSA so that beneficiaries do not have to go through updating their banking information with SASSA if you already registered them with Banks.

August Pending

It means that SASSA has not yet verified your application for the August period. The platform advises you to check back later for an update.

August Approved

It means that SASSA has verified your application for the August period. You will receive the benefits through your bank. Please note that if SASSA overpays, you must refund the extra payment by 1 October.

August Denied

If your account shows ‘August Denied’: You will not receive any payment for this month. If it is simply a case of incorrect information, you can still correct it and resubmit your application before September to receive payment in October.

Why Should You Check SASSA Status online

Many advantages come with checking your SASSA status online. They include:

  1. The possibility of faster results
  2. Accessibility to SASSA status anytime, anywhere
  3. Reduction in the number of unnecessary trips
  4. Relieving oneself from stress and anxiety
  5. Checking one’s SASSA status online is a better and more convenient option than visiting an office physically. But, if your situation requires urgent help or attention, we urge you to visit a nearby office personally for professional support.

Why Should You not Check SASSA Status Online

  1. Increased possibilities of identity theft
  2. Difficult to prove someone else has used your ID for malicious purposes
  3. Requires a strong internet connection and data plan.
  4. Not all personal information is available on the SASSA website (i.e., marital status, physical address, etc.)
  5. Achieving fast results requires SMS notifications (which can be unreliable)
  6. Supposing you are using it for an application – if you are not comfortable sharing your account details with another party, there are still limitations to what type of help that person can give you
  7. Checking one’s SASSA status online is not a good option. If you are eligible for benefits or have queries, visit your local SASSA office in person instead.

SASSA Rebranding

For you to enjoy SASSA services, you first have to identify it. The agency is currently undergoing rebranding. The rebranding aims to create a new identity that will engage with stakeholders and deliver an improved customer experience. SASSA’s old logo, which depicted two hands shaking as if at the end of negotiations, no longer reflects their core values. So, they have undertaken this process as part of their commitment to improving service delivery through better branding and marketing strategies.

The new logo for SASSA features six keywords:

  • Empowerment
  • Partnership
  • Inclusion
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Integrity

These words symbolize the ideals that SASSA strives for in its work. They aim to strengthen citizen-centered social security in South Africa by empowering services. They hope the services will improve relationships with beneficiaries.

SASSA also intended the new identity to engage more closely with

  • Partner institutions
  • Increased accountability
  • Greater service delivery integrity

The old logo featured no wording other than the name SASSA. However, the new logo features a tagline: “Your Future Is Our Focus.” The tagline emphasizes their commitment to providing better services to citizens and focusing on future efforts towards improvement.

To check SASSA status through an online process is straightforward. All you need to do is to provide your information, and wait for the system to generate a response on the progress of your SASSA application. This guide will help you check your SASSA status easily and clear any doubts you had about the process.


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