Updated 07.11.2022

How To Buy Data on Telkom

Anyone can go insane when they receive a low internet bundle message alert while having fun browsing. You quickly regret purchasing expensive internet packages from other internet and mobile network service providers, but Telkom has bundles that are affordable and easy to buy in various ways. You can manage this as long as Telkom mobile internet bundles are still available. 

Below we will share with you various ways to buy data for Telkom users like yourself. 

How Do You Buy Bundles Through Telkom Mobile? 

It’s simple to purchase data for your number using Telkom airtime. Please take these actions:

  1. Purchase a voucher for airtime, then dial *188*Voucher Card Number#. For more airtime, tap the call dial.
  2. Select your desired bundle deal by dialing *180*. To finish, tap the dial for the call. If your data purchase transaction is successful, Telkom will text you to let you know.

How To Buy Data On The Telkom Self-service Portal 

It would be beneficial if you also learned how to use Telkom’s self-service portal to purchase data. First-time users can easily comprehend and utilize the system’s UI without assistance.

You must select the ‘load data’ option and follow the system’s instructions.

How To Buy Telkom Data On Your Mobile Banking Apps

Learn how to use the bank’s app to replenish your Telkom data. Here is a little how-to for you:

  1. Log in to your bank’s mobile app. Choose “Buy Airtime”
  2. Select Telkom
  3. Put in your phone number or the phone number of the individual for whom you purchase Telkom data packages. Your desired budget for internet bundles should be entered.
  4. Input your pin.
  5. Touch send/buy.

Please be aware that bank app interfaces vary. Additionally, you may purchase airtime and turn it into internet bundles using the mobile banking app.

How To Buy Data On Your Telkom App 

These procedures can be used to purchase data on the Telkom Mobile app:

  1. Get the app from the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Log in to the app after registering.
  3. Select “Load Data” from the menu.
  4. Choose a data plan.
  5. Select how many internet bundles you want, then pay. Data will be immediately credited to your line.

You might also buy airtime through the Telkom Mobile app and turn it into data.

How To Buy LTE Data

Additionally, since you can always prepare, learning how to purchase LTE data on Telkom would be helpful.

  1. Turn off mobile data on your phone and connect it to a hotspot or Wi-Fi network.
  2. Then, adhere to the following instructions for purchasing Telkom LTE data:
  1. Go to the main dashboard by opening the Telkom app.
  2. Choose a user account.
  3. Select “Buy” in the menu.
  4. Choose data packages.
  5. Select the LTE/LTE-A once-off package option. Select a package size, such as 2GB + 2GB.
  6. Select a payment option.
  7. Select continue when a confirmation alert pops up on your screen. A notification that your bundle order was successful will show up on your screen.
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