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How Long Does Shein Take to Deliver to South Africa

Shein is an online company that has become very popular in South Africa lately. It has a long history as a reputable global shop thanks to its range of attractive, functional, and, most significantly, affordable merchandise. The next question you might ask is how long does it take for Shein to deliver in South Africa?

In this article, we will be answering that question as well as why your package can take you six weeks to be delivered. 

How Long Is Shein Shipping To South Africa?

Shein ships to South Africa mainly through Aramex or Buffalo Logistics. Shipping times are given for each item as well as for the entire purchase, with a timeframe of three to four weeks from the time the order is placed (we will look more into what influences the timeline of your order below).

Typically, the items requiring additional processing time are the reason for your delivery taking longer than expected. Canceling the items may allow the rest of your order to be shipped out right away while the other items in your order are canceled for a refund.

What Influences Your Delivery Time?

The majority of items arrive without incident, but there are four reasons that can affect the estimated arrival time. Below are the four factors that are going to influence the amount of time it takes for your order to be processed and delivered to your doorstep or post office.  

1. Processing

The moment you place your order, the company will begin processing it. Shein claims that processing takes 1-3 days. However, that delivery is frequently completed in less than 24 hours.

Four elements will influence the processing time:

  • Your shipment’s dimensions
  • The products’ availability
  • Peak shopping season
  • International vacations

Larger orders typically take longer to process. It all comes down to the reality that there are more things to prepare, pack, and send for shipment.

Items that are out of stock or unavailable may cause your package to be delayed even further. Even though all of your items appear to be in stock, some may become unavailable before your order is processed. Shein will advise you of the unavailable item and prepare the balance of your order for dispatch in this situation.

Finally, purchases placed during the holiday season or during peak sale periods may take an extra day or two to process. Overall, it should take 24 to 48 hours to process your purchase. Even if your package is late, it should not take longer than three days to arrive.

2. International Shipping

Shipping from overseas to South Africa takes some time. Shein claims that standard delivery can take up to 29 days to reach customs at the time this article was written.

As a result, international shipping can take up to four weeks to arrive. You won’t be able to choose the logistics company, but it will either be Aramex or Buffalo Logistics. Shein does not use any other type of delivery service.

You must notify Shein within six months of placing your order if your package does not arrive due to customs delays. If you don’t, Shein may refuse to accept your query, and you’ll have a hard time getting a refund.

3. Customs

Customs laws are overly complicated, and there’s no way of knowing when your shipment will be cleared. The ITAC will inspect your cargo once it arrives at customs.

You will have to pay the following once it’s approved:

  • Clearance
  • VAT
  • Custom Duty
  • Disbursement Fee

The customs invoice will be roughly 30% of the entire package cost. It usually takes longer to clear heavy packages. Once more, public holidays can cause the shipment to be held in inspection for a more extended period of time, but it usually only takes a few days.

The shipping company may take a long time to provide you with the customs invoice, causing additional delays.

Your shipment will be cleared and on its way to the post office or your doorstep when you pay the invoice.

4. Local Shipping

Local shipment takes no more than 48 hours to arrive at its destination. Non-working days may cause a delay in your shipping, but there should be no additional issues.

You will receive an email from the shipping agency advising you of your order’s arrival if it’s scheduled to arrive at your local post office. Your package will move through ten phases before arriving at its destination, according to the tracking page:

  1. The delivery has been confirmed. Getting ready to be picked up
  2. The international warehouse has received the package.
  3. Sanitized, checked, and processed packages
  4. The package was delivered to the supplier’s warehouse (Aramex or Buffalo Logistics)
  5. Parcels are sent outside of China.
  6. South African customs received the package.
  7. At customs, the package is awaiting payment.
  8. The box was cleared and delivered to a warehouse in South Africa.
  9. The box is on its way to its final destination.
  10. The package was delivered.
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