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Best High Schools in Durban

What are the best high schools in Durban?

Durban city in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa is the third most populous city after Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

It is known for its tourist attractions. It also hosts a plethora of exemplary high schools. 

Education in Durban is good and as such, parents are constantly trying to get their children enrolled in the best high schools in Durban.

In this article, we compile a list of the best high schools in Durban. This list comprises both private schools and public schools in Durban city of KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa.

high schools in durban

St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls 

St Mary’s Diocesan Girls School was established more than 115 years ago. The school has managed to remain relevant by constantly innovating. They have consistently updated their teaching techniques over the years, keeping up with the ever-evolving modern education standards.

This girl’s school accepts learners from grades zero to grade twelve and currently accommodates more than a thousand girls. However, the boarding facility of the school only allows grade 8 to 12 learners. The school participates in the IEB tests and takes pride in achieving a pass rate record of 100% for over 40 years.

St Mary’s Girls is very particular about the type of educators their students learn from, which pushes them to recruit only those who are passionate about instilling moral values and knowledge in the girls. Their teachers are therefore committed to building learners with high emotional intelligence.

It is noteworthy to add that the school is religiously affiliated with Christianity. Consequently, the school encourages learners to build a healthy life in Christianity by participating in at least one Christian activity such as Holy Communion, kids praise, Bible fun club, and God girls’ Bible study, among others.

Al Falaah College 

Al Falaah College is the 1st independent Islamic-based school in South Africa. Based in Durban, the school was established in 1984.

The school accepts learners from grades 0 to 12. It employs the CAPS curriculum which requires the institution to provide subjects like English home language, business studies, physical sciences, mathematical literacy, mathematics, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Life Orientation, Geography, Engineering, Accounting, and Graphics & Design.

It is important to note that the school is religiously affiliated with Islam and employs an Islamic curriculum. As such, Al Falaah offers Islamic subjects such as Islamic Studies (Oral), Islamic Studies (Theory), Arabic, and Hifz (memorization of the Quran) optional.

Al Falaah boasts of being among the best high schools in Durban with 3.1 distinctions per student and a 100% bachelor’s degree pass rate. Since the inception of the school, they have recorded a whooping 100% matric pass.

Eden College Durban 

Eden College Durban was established back in 2007, however, the school was founded in 1974. Eden College has two branches; the first and head branch is located in Lyndhurst, Ransburg, and Johannesburg, while the second branch is in Durban. Durban College has less than 500 students.

The school enrolls learners in pre-primary, middle school, preparatory, and college high school. Since the high school was established in 2007, learners have consistently recorded a 100% pass rate. It has also religiously participated in NSC examinations since its inception. 

In 2010, the school’s matriculating set recorded an average of 91.9%, and each student scored at least 4 As. Eden College offers 20 matriculation subjects to its learners.

St Henry Marist Brothers’ College 

St Henry Marist Brothers’ College is ranked among the best high schools in Durban due to the academic prowess of its learners, as well as the school’s facilities and uniqueness.

Founded in 1929 by the Marist brothers, the school was initially a boy’s day school, however today the school accepts both girls and boys. The school is religiously affiliated with Catholicism and emphasizes the Christian religion. They also emphasize family spirit and discipline.

Like other top-ranking high schools in Durban, the school records a 100% pass rate. Even though the school employs the national curriculum, it also takes part in the IEB examination. Learners of grades 10 to 12 are required to take 7 subjects and are allowed to make their selections from the 14 subjects the school offers.

The school offers the services of a psychologist who provides mental support to learners and staff, helping them function at their peak. The school is equipped fully with a state-of-the-art learning resources center which encourages optimal learning. Some of the school’s facilities include a computer room, library, classrooms with smart boards, an audio-visual room, gymnasium, laboratories, and playground.

Kearsney College 

Located in Durban, Kearsney College strives to be a world-class boys’ school that offers holistic education, empowering boys to achieve their full potential. The high school is achieving this goal by providing a fully equipped library, laboratories, and classroom facilities.

The school emphasizes the importance of learners cultivating core values that drives them to become better individuals in their society. These core values include fairness, humility, honesty, integrity, empathy, team spirit, servant leadership, and respect, among others.

Kearsney College enrolls learners from grade 8 to grade 12 and has 4 boarding dormitories and 3 senior houses.

The school matriculating students have recorded a 100% pass rate as well as a 100% bachelor’s degree pass rate.

Besides academics, this high school also focuses in inter curricular activities to bring forth holistic individuals. The school engages in clubs, public speaking, athletics, music, and nurturing talents at a tender age.

Maris Stella School 

Maris Stella is among the best-ranking schools in Durban. It is a girls-only school with a mission to educate the girl child and instill skills and faith-based values founded on romantic ethos. They aim to build girls that will contribute positively to society.

Even though the high school upholds the Roman Catholic ethos, it admits learners from all denominations. However, parents should know that their children will be taught about Roman Catholic doctrines and faith since the school emphasizes personal and spiritual growth.

Other notable high schools in Durban city of KwaZulu- Natal South Africa include Durban high school, Glenwood high school, Clifton high school, Breton wood college, and Thomas More College.


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