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GEPF Login and Self Service App

GEPF self service or Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) login & App are online platforms aimed at helping members gain access to their information and perform necessary updates on their profiles. Additionally, it makes it possible for members to track their pension and other linked benefit claims. As a result, members will not have to spend money or time traveling long hours to access the GEPF login services.

GEPF Login
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Benefits of GEPF Self Service Website & App

  • Access to up-to-date benefit statements
  • Update your contact & address information. Other forms of updates can be made manually for security reasons. Some of these updates include changing marital status and surname. To make these changes, you need to fill out the Z864 form. Once you complete filling out the form, you will need to submit the form to the nearest GEPF office alongside supporting documents for the changes to be made on the GEPF self-service portal.
  • Access recent notices about GEPF processes, services, and benefits
  • Nominate and change/update your beneficiaries
  • Access recent and historic (up to five years) tax certificates (IT3B, IRP5, IT3A)
  • Trace retirement and resignation benefit claims. It is important to note that GEPF will make it easy for members to track all benefits claims in the next phase. Some of these claims include funeral benefits, child’s pension benefits, death benefits, spouse pension benefits, and divorce claim benefits. 
  • Access proof of payment
  • Check banking details available on the GEPF system. If you need to change your banking details, you will have to do it manually for security reasons. You will have to fill out the Z894 banking particulars form. After successfully filing the form, you will have to submit it manually to GEPF offices near you to update your information.
  • You can request “Please Call Me” on the platform if GEPF is experiencing a technical problem or when you want help with information.

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Who Can Use GEPF Self Service Website & App?

Any South African or non-South African registered on the platform can access these services. You can fall into any one of the following categories:


GEPF pensioners are ordinary pensioners who have retired and receive periodic monthly pensions. In addition, some pensioners get special pensions, military pensions, disability pensions, or medical pensions.


Employers can make monthly contributions to their employees. Some employers from the public service might enroll automatically in GEPF, while others have to apply. These employers fall in either Schedule 2 or Schedule 1 of South Africa’s Public Service Act.


GEPF works with Public Investment Corporation (PIC) to invest money on its behalf. PIC is a government asset manager. GEPF invests long-term using both passive and active investment strategies. PIC manages core portfolios, while specialist managers can manage satellite portfolios.

Requirements for Registering in GEPF Self Service Website & App

For South African Citizens, you need the following:

  • South African ID number
  • Email Address
  • Phone number

For Non-South African Citizens, you need:

  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Country of origin
  • Email address
  • Cell Phone number

South African citizens whose verifiable mobile number, ID number, and email address do not match personal information held by GEPF will be taken to a self-registration questionnaire page. On this page, you will have to provide your South African ID number, which matches what’s held by GEPF. If it is successful, you will have to answer several questions to authenticate your identity. Make sure to answer all the questions correctly.

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Does GEPF have a self service portal?

Yes. GEPF has a self-service portal geared towards ensuring ease of conducting business when dealing with GEPF. You can access, update your pension information, and track your pension and associated benefit claims.

How do I register for GEPF self service app?

South African and non-South African citizens can register on the GEPF self-service app. You need a South African bar-coded ID or passport number for non-South Africans to create an account on the App. Follow this procedure if you have a South African ID:
– Load the GEPF website on your browser or download the App from the app store
– Select the “South African Citizen Option”
– Key in your details, that is, your Republic of South Africa ID number, cell phone number, and email address
– Click on “create my profile.”

If you are a non-South African:
– Select the “non-South African Citizen” option
– Key in your details, that is, your passport number, date of birth, country of issue, cell phone, and email address
– Click on “create my profile.”

Please note the details you key in must match the information held by the GEPF. If everything checks out and your registration is approved, you will receive an OTP code on your phone or email address. Submit the OTP code for verification. If it is approved, you will be registered. After that, you will receive an SMS and email containing your username and temporary password. Use these details to log in and reset your temporary password to a more secure password. 

About GEPF Login

GEPF is a well-structured benefit fund responsible for managing pensions and associated benefits on behalf of South African government employees. It was set up in 1996 and is the biggest pension fund in SA. In addition, GEPF is one of the largest pension funds in Africa and the world.

GEPF has enlisted the services of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and Government Pensions Administrative Agencies (GPAA) to carry out its investment and administrative duties, respectively.

GEPF self service website and App has made it easy for you to access GEPF services online. Once you have set up your account following the procedures explained above, you’ll need to load your browser to access the website platform or download GEPF app to access the platform on your mobile phone.


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